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Reservations & Rates April 27, 2010

Please email us at or call 508-487-9442 for reservations. Delivery available!


  • If you go out on your own, you will be in a sit-on-top kayak. A one person kayak is $30 for up to 4 hours and a two person kayak is $50 for up to 4 hours. We close at 6:00, so you need to start your rental by 2:00 if you want to use the entire 4 hours
  • Overnight charge for sit-on-top kayaks is $25.00 per boat
  • If you go out with a guide, you will be in a cockpit style kayak. Please view the Kayak Tour Schedule for tour rates. Most tours are for 2 hours in the afternoon with times varying due to tides.


  • Paddle boards are $30 for up to 4 hours. We close at 6:00, so you need to start your rental by 2:00 if you want to use the entire 4 hours

We will ask for the following information when taking your reservation:

  • Name of one person in group
  • Amount of people in group
  • A phone number, preferably a cell phone
  • Choice of sit-on-top or paddle board rental or guided tour
  • Choice of one or two person kayaks
  • Date and time of reservation
  • Amount and ages of children in group
  • 50% deposit to hold reservation

Deposit Policy:

  • We hold reservations with a 50% deposit
  • The reservation may be canceled with a full refund up until 24 hours before the reservation
  • Once it is within 24 hours of the reservation, a refund is only given if we cancel due to bad weather or for any other reason


  • Protect yourself from the sun. Sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, sunglasses and a hat are highly recommended. Remember that the sun is strongest in the middle of the day.
  • We recommend that you wear fast drying clothing (not cotton) and understand that you will get wet!
  • Dry bags are included with your rental on a first come, first serve basis. We can not guarantee that items will not get wet and encourage you not to take anything of value with you. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your items. We also sell a variety of dry bags and dry cases.
  • High wind speeds and the direction of the wind can make it difficult to kayak. If you are a beginner or have young children with you, we suggest that you go out when the wind is low. If the wind is too high, we will not be able to provide rentals.
  • You must wear your lifevest (PFD) at all times!


21 Responses to “Reservations & Rates”

  1. Nancy E. Tozzo Says:

    Name of one person in group Nancy E. Tozzo
    Amount of people in group 2
    A phone number, preferably a cell phone 860-922-8292
    Choice of sit-on-top rental or guided tour
    Guided moonlight tour
    One or two person kayaks two person kayak
    Date and time of reservation Tuesday August 24th, 2010
    Amount of children in group 0
    50% deposit to hold reservation
    If there is availability I will call and give my credit card number

    My wife and I have not kayaked before but we have always wanted to. Two hours sounds like something we can handle.

    Nancy E. Tozzo

  2. susan mcgannon Says:

    What type of SUP boards do you rent? we are looking for displacement boards to rent in August when we visit P-town.

  3. Mary Beth Dynan Says:

    We’re looking to take SUP lessons during the week of August 12th. “We” is 2 middle-aged women who have never done SUP before. Are you willing to take us on??

    • venture921 Says:

      I think we can handle it! We have an instructor that you can schedule a lesson with. Just give us a call at the shop to let us know when you are available and we can set something up. We are at 508-487-9442. Thanks!

  4. Beth Says:

    How is your availability for two SUP rentals over Labor Day weekend?

    • venture921 Says:

      Hi- Good right now, but if the weather is good, we will probably have all of them on the water. We have a class on Sunday morning, so some will be reserved for that, but the class ends at 10am. It is definitely a good idea to make a reservation. Our deposit policy is on the web site if you want to take a look at it before reserving. Hope to see you at the shop!

  5. john Says:

    Are dogs allowed on two person kayaks?

    • venture921 Says:

      Hi- Yes, dogs are allowed on the kayaks. There is not that much space, so a smaller dog is easier to fit. Keep in mind that it can be difficult if the dog moves around a lot because it throws off your stability. A day with less wind will be easier and you can always give us a call to check on the conditions. We also recommend that your dog has a life vest. We have been very busy, so a reservation is a good idea. Thanks for your interest!

  6. Michael Says:

    Can u rent in the rain?

    • venture921 Says:

      Hi Michael- We do sometimes rent kayaks and paddle boards when it is raining, but usually only if it is warm and it is a light rain that may be coming and going. If there is wind or fog, we would not rent when it is raining. Today, we opened at 9am and the there has been off-and-on rain, but it is just not that warm, so we decided to close for the day. Ultimately, we just want our customers to enjoy themselves and not everyone enjoys rain! You can always give us a call at 508-487-9442 or email us at Thanks!

  7. Shayin Says:


    If I can verify my training and experience is it possible to rent a touring kayak (vs. a ‘sit on top’?)

    Thanks! -Shayin

  8. Polly Grandberg Says:

    Hi, Can a very athletic, baseball playing 10 yr old boy handle a paddle board on a calm day on the bay, with a lesson? His Mom ( also athletic ) wants to do a lesson and try with him. Do you ever rent for a week or just by the hour? I have a home on the bay in Truro and am trying to get information before they visit.

    • venture921 Says:

      Hi- On a calm day, that should be fine. We give basic instruction before we send people out or we can set up a lesson. Just schedule that ahead of time because we will need to have an instructor available. We rent in 4 hour increments, but we close at 6 pm, so you need to leave by 2 if you want the full 4 hours. We are open this Saturday and Sunday if you want to give us a call at 508-487-9442 to ask more questions!

  9. Jen Says:

    Hi there, we will be visiting Ptown this Summer and were wondering if we can take our then almost 2 year old son with us on a two person kayak? We will have a life vest for him. Thanks for the reply 🙂

    • venture921 Says:

      Hi Jen- Sorry for the late reply! Yes, you can take him out on a calm day, but we would suggest hugging the coast and not venturing to the middle of the bay. We have a very deep harbor in certain areas. If you go at low tide, kids have a blast exploring the sandbars. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  10. Jared Says:

    Hi there, I am planning my mom’s college reunion next year and was wondering if you have group rates? and if so, what is the limit for people that can participate? It will primarily be kids/teens ranging from 11-21 years old. Thanks!

  11. Anya Says:

    Do you have to be 18 to rent a paddle board?

    • venture921 Says:

      Hi Anya- You do not need to be 18, but if you are under 18, we prefer that you have someone over 18, like a parent or guardian, sign your paperwork. Hope you can visit us!

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