How Much Does A Beginner Surfboard Cost

It is a common question that most people new to surfing ask themselves.

There are different types of surfboard brands on the market, and they all have different price ranges.

The amount of cash you can spend on a surfing board depends on the option you are going for.

The surfboard market is vast, and every manufacturer targets beginner surfers.

It is common to come across a high-end model that is advertised for both experts and beginners.

So, it is easy for a first-time surfer to buy a very expensive surfboard, which may not be a very convenient choice for his or her novice surfing skills.

Which Brand Offers the Best Deals for Beginners? 

There are so many surfboard brands that offer good deals for beginners, such as:

South Bay Board Company 

When it comes to the ultimate beginner surfboard brand, the South Bay Board Company is the real deal.

This brand has a steadfast reputation for manufacturing boards that are specifically designed to meet the needs of new surfers.

The company’s mission is to provide premium performance shapes and the highest quality materials.

They want to make sure that you will never regret investing in a South Bay Board surfboard.

The company’s beginner boards are focused on user-friendliness, superior buoyancy, and stability.

You’ve got four high-performing choices that you can buy right away.

Here are the beginner boards and their approximate prices from this brand:

South Bay Board Co. 6-Foot Guppy Beginner Surfboard 

This is a great first-time surfboard that is available at approximately $190.

The Guppy is an exceptional soft-top beginner surfboard for pre-teens and small kids who weigh under one hundred pounds at three inches thick, twenty-one inches wide, and six feet long.

Its thickness and volume of forty liters give you the perfect combination of buoyancy, floatation, and stability.

This is a great investment that will help you learn new skills faster.

South Bay Board Co. 8-Foot Guppy Beginner Surfboard 

If the 6-foot Guppy is too short, you could always choose the 8-foot Guppy that is available at approximately $310.

Being three inches thick, twenty-two inches wide, and eight feet long, the 8-foot Guppy is a suitable choice for lightweight adults, teenagers, and kids weighing up to one hundred and sixty pounds.

It is incredibly thick and extremely easy to paddle when chasing waves.

South Bay Board Co. 8-Foot Verve Premium Beginner Surfboard 

At approximately $460, you can get into this water sport and learn to surf like a pro with this mini mal surfboard.

At eight feet long, twenty-three inches wide, and three inches thick, the Verve Premium is a great soft-top mini mal for beginner adults weighing up to two hundred pounds.

This board combines the volume and stability of a longboard with the manageable size of a smaller surfboard.

The upgraded fin boxes and fins are designed to provide a whole new level of control, maneuverability, and speed.

South Bay Board Co. 7-Foot Ruccus Premium Beginner Surfboard 

At approximately $440, the Ruccus gives you the best beginner performance. The board’s attention to detail is worth every dollar.

The Ruccus is 2.85 inches thick, twenty-two inches wide, and seven feet long with a volume of forty-nine liters.

This board is a great choice for teenagers and adults weighing up to one hundred and eighty pounds.

The funboard or mini mal shape keeps things as easy as possible for first-time surfers.

Wavestorm Surfboard Company 

Another great company that offers great beginner surfboards at budget-friendly prices.

The mission of this brand is to make sure that more and more people join the surfing community without the need for a very big budget.

In fact, this brand manufactures surfboards that you can grow with as you learn how to surf.

You’ve got a variety of sizes and shapes uniquely designed to meet the needs of a new surfer.

You also get the essentials items needed in surfing, including fins and leashes.

You’ve got many choices from this brand, but the best ideal ones for beginners are:

Wavestorm 8FT Classic Surfboard 

At approximately $200, you get this incredible soft-top mini mal for beginner surfing.

The board is 3.25 inches thick, 22.5 inches wide, and 8 feet long. The board has a large volume of eighty-one liters, which provides you with superior buoyancy and floatation.

This makes it a great option for learning thanks to the fact it has more paddling speed and stability.

For around two hundred US dollars, you get a strong EPS construction, graphic film technology, and high-density slick bottom.

Wavestorm True Wave 7FT SSR Surfboard 

This high performing beginner board is available at approximately $400. You get the best foam layered construction for the money.

With a width of 25.375 inches, a thickness of four inches, and a length of seven feet, the True Wave 7FT SSR is a great option for beginners.

It is one of the thickest beginner surfboards that offers superior buoyancy, floatation, and unmatched stability.

The domed deck profile comes with steady, fuller curves for confident standing. You’ve got two colors to choose from, navy and apple green.

Wavestorm Storm Blade 6FT6 Junior SSR Surfboard 

This junior model is one of the best options for teens and lightweight adults available at approximately $330.

When it comes to surf school surfboards, this model is worth every dollar.

It has a very generous template with a wider width and higher volume for superior drive and floatation.

For around $330, you get a strong EPS core and a high impact bottom for extended durability.

You’ve also got a fuller outline that makes the board easier for beginners to handle and learn how to surf.

Wavestorm True Wave 4FT10 Funboard Surfboard 

At approximately $240, this model provides youngsters with real surfing equipment.

It is a beginner surfboard that can be used at the beach, pool, or lake to the wild waves.

At 2.9 inches thick, 19.4 inches wide, and 58 inches long, the True Wave 4FT10 provides the ideal buoyancy, floatation, and stability junior surfers need when learning how to surf.

For less than three hundred dollars, you get a superior EPS core, high-grade HDPE bottom, and outstanding flex.

Catch Surf Board Company 

This is a surfboard brand that knows what it takes for a beginner to learn how to surf.

You can stumble and fall repeatedly, but be rest assured that you will soon stand up and surf like a pro on a Catch Surf Board.

The company has some of the best prices in the industry ranging from $250 to $400.

Here are some of the best deals for beginners.

Catch Surf 4FT6 Thruster Surfboard 

You need approximately $270 to get the magnum-sized surfing performance in a compact design.

This is a high-caliber ripping board chock-full of features at a very reasonable beginner price point.

At 2.5 inches thick, 19.75 inches wide, and 54 inches long, the 4FT6 Thruster offers the perfect buoyancy, floatation, and stability a junior surfer needs to master the sport.

Its vee out the tail design and deep entry concave provide exceptional responsiveness and speed for new surfers.

Catch Skipper Basic X Jamie O’Brien Pro Surfboard 

This is undoubtedly a good deal for beginners with a budget of approximately $280.

For less than two hundred and eighty dollars, you can get the X Jamie O’Brien Pro Surfboard in either hot pink or sky blue. It is one of the best beginner boards for ladies.

The construction of this board is mainly focused on learning and having fun.

Its floatation and stability give a new surfer the confidence they need to take on small or medium waves with ease.

Not to mention that you’ve got three separate sizes under the same price tag.

Catch Surf Blank Series Fish Surfboard 

This is one of the cheapest beginner surfboards from this brand that’s available at approximately $250.

As the name suggests, this is a blank board that allows you to customize the board with your desired graphics.

You can learn how to surf while presenting yourself with a unique board on the water.

You’ve got three sizes to choose from for the same price point. You get superior floatation for easy paddling and wave catching.

KONA Surf Company 

This is a surfboard brand that truly knows what a beginner needs to learn surfing.

You can get a surfboard that offers the perfect balance between floatation and stability.

The brand considers all the important features beginners look for in a surfboard, including volume, weight, maneuverability, and control.

You’ve got a wide range of surfboards to choose from, including performance, grovelers, fishes, mid-length, and longboards.

Here are the most popular beginner surfboards from this company:

KONA Surf Co. Malibu Softboard 

This incredible Malibu is priced at approximately $250, and it is available in five sizes and colors.

This is a classic mini mal that has enough volume and a rocker for superior paddling speed and wave catching.

It comes with a heavy-duty, slip-resistant IXPE deck that is designed to improve the confidence of a novice surfer when balancing and surfing.

For the price, you get the board, a set of three two-tab fins, and a high-quality leash.

KONA Surf Co. 4-4 Short Softboard Surfboard 

This is one of the best value surfboards from KONA with an approximated price point of $200.

The board features a two and a half-inch rocker, which is perfect because it provides superior lift and drive for beginners.

It is fifty-two inches long, nineteen and a half inches wide, and two and a half inches thick with a volume of twenty-seven liters.

A new surfer can learn new skills on average beach break waves or short breaks.

KONA Surf Co. Custom Groveler Shortboard Surfboard 

This groveler is designed to offer the best performance for beginners with a hefty budget.

The approximated price point of this incredible board is $600.

This versatile hybrid board is fun, fast, and easy to learn. It is a great beginner choice for all kinds of ability levels and surfing conditions.

You might hesitate to spend six hundred dollars because of the small size of the board.

But this high-quality groveler is loaded with volume and personality for catching different waves and learning new skills.

Easy paddling will help you learn to surf as quickly as possible.

KONA Surf Co. Everyday Surfboard 

This is an all-around beginner hybrid board that is available at approximately $500.

With lots of glide and volume, you will get the best beginner performance from this surfboard.

It comes with a mid-entry rocker with just enough kick in the nose that will prevent pearling.

But with enough flat section to give you that drive down the line. When you look deeper into the design, you will appreciate the price of this model.

The outline of the board is full from the nose to the tail, giving you the much-needed volume for stability.

It allows a new surfer to shift his or her weight forward with ease.

What is the Cost of Surfboard Accessories?

A surfboard is not complete without the necessary accessories, such as fins, leash, deck pad, bag, wax, and cover.

Most beginner surfboard brands, such as the aforementioned ones, provide surfboards with original fins and leash. But you should not expect the accessories to be of the highest quality.

At some point, you will have to replace them with high-quality parts.

  • The price of aftermarket surfboard fins may range from as little as $40 to as expensive as $150, depending on the parts’ brand and quality.
  • The price of surfboard leashes ranges from $20 to $40.
  • Traction pads, on the other hand, cost as little as $40 and as expensive as $50.
  • Surfboard bags are usually expensive, ranging in price from $90 to $400.
  • The price of surfboard covers ranges from $50 to $80.
  • Surfboard wax is usually the cheapest, with a price range of $2 to $5.

Final Thoughts 

Becoming a surfer is not as expensive as you would have thought.

There are so many beginner surfboards from several brands that are budget-friendly and ideal for beginners.

Beginner surfers with a tight budget can settle for a board with a price range of $190 to $200.

Those with a hefty budget, however, can consider anything from $200 to $700.


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