The 5 Best Womens Wetsuits (2021 Reviews)

If you have ever done any water sports activities in the ocean, you will appreciate the importance of a wetsuit.

The best women’s wetsuits will help keep you warm, comfortable, and well-protected when surfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, paddling, among other water sports.

You will not run short of womens’ wetsuits on the market. But you wouldn’t know for sure which model is ideal for you until you do a little research.

So, in our top five selections, we considered all the important features you would want your wetsuit to have.

Top Pick 

Cressi Morea 3 MM Women’s Wetsuit is our top pick. This model comes equipped with functional panels like a sharkskin chest for warmth and protection and knee padding for added durability.

The design is super elastic and provides flexible and unrestrained performance in all water sports.

Here are Our Best Womens Wetsuits Reviews: 

Cressi Morea 3 MM Women’s Wetsuit 

Have you been looking for the ultimate best women’s wetsuit for tropical water exposure? Look no further than the Cressi Morea.

Key Features 

  • Anatomically correct shape
  • Flat sewing assembly
  • Dorsal YKK zipper closure
  • Smooth neoprene exterior
  • Female-specific design and fit

This is a full-length women’s wetsuit that is made of three-millimeter neoprene. It is a great choice for spring and summer waters. It is going to protect you from the chill you experience when you get into the water.

The neck of the Cressi Morea is made of glide skin material, which is very effective at sealing against your skin to slow the entry of water into the suit.

You’ve got big open panels around the suit with flatlock stitching for superior flexibility and durability. Minimal stitching improves stretchability and flexibility.

The wrist cuffs have rolled neoprene, which creates a slightly tight seal against your skin to slow down water entry into the suit.

The knees of the Women’s Cressi Morea are reinforced to reduced common wear and tear. The ankle cuffs are also fitted with rolled neoprene to help slow down the entry of water.

At the back, you have a YKK zipper with a really nice long leash for easy donning and doffing.

There is an adjustable Velcro closure around the neck that allows you to customize the fit to your liking.

This means you can make the neck feel as tight or loose as you want. Underneath the zipper, you’ve got a flush guard that slows the entry of water.


  • It is anatomically correct to contour to your body
  • It is available in large sizes to fit plus-size women
  • The chest has rubberized neoprene for added durability
  • The female-specific design fits optimally
  • The YKK zipper allows for easy donning and doffing


  • Some of the sizes tend to run small


The Creassi Morea has a modest and elegant design that is perfect for women. It is anatomically correct for superior fit and flexibility.

Bare Women’s Elate 3/2 Wetsuit 

The Women’s Elate from Bare combines flexibility, warmth, comfort, and fit for superior multi-sport performance.

Key Features 

  • Anatomically correct 3D patterns
  • Neoprene and laminate blend
  • 3/2 mm thickness
  • Heavy-duty back zipper
  • Armor-flex knee pads

Bare says Elate’s anatomically correct design was inspired by the highly flexible, comfortable wetsuits favored by multi-water-sports fanatics.

Whatever the inspiration, Elate has proven to be among the best thanks to its form-fitting cut and high-stretch material. The suit is designed to move with you and not against you.

The suit’s ankles and wrists seals are basic neoprene rings surrounding the cuffs to prevent water entry. On the inside, the lining is relatively flat and smooth.

The suit’s body-hugging fit will keep linings and seals close enough to the skin to do their job.

Elate excels the most is comfort with its anatomical collar and wide smooth skin lining to the flexible fit throughout.

The smooth skin lining keeps water out and does an incredible job of preventing flushing when you jump into the water.

You’ve got armor-flex knee pads that are incredible at extending the life of the Elate. There is a heavy-duty YKK zipper at the back that is equipped with a pull tab for easy donning and doffing.

The Elate comes in seven different sizes to fit most women. But you’ve got only one color to choose from.

The Velcro closure at the neck is ergonomically designed for superior customization when adjusting the fit.


  • The anatomically correct collar contours to your neck
  • High-stretch material and form-fitting cut provide the perfect fit
  • The wrist and ankle cuffs are fitted with neoprene seals
  • The knees are reinforced with armor-flex padding
  • The heavy-duty YKK zipper allows for quick and easy donning


  • The Elate is only available in one color option


With unique 3D patterning, high-stretch neoprene blend, low profile collar, and armor flex knee pad, the Women’s Elate from Bare is the go-to wetsuit for multi-sport performance.

Synergy Triathlon Women’s Endorphin 5/3 MM Wetsuit 

Do you want to challenge yourself and improve your fitness? The Synergy Triathlon Women’s Endorphin will help you achieve your goals.

Key Features 

  • 5/3 mm thickness
  • Hydrodynamic neoprene
  • 680 percent flexibility
  • YKK back zip design
  • Dual smooth skin neck

This is an award-winning women’s wetsuit with all the best features women look for in a cold water wetsuit. It is a great option for all skill levels.

The wetsuit core is made of five-millimeter neoprene, which is great because it provides superior warmth and thermal protection.

The arms and shoulders are made of two-millimeter thick neoprene for maximum stretch and fit.

The back and the lower legs, on the other hand, feature three-millimeter thick neoprene for a good balance of stretch and warmth.

You’ve got a super soft low neck design with smooth skin on both sides, which creates a tight seal against the skin to prevent flushing.

The suit comes with an internal YKK zipper to minimize drag. The zipper itself is non-corrosive and highly durable.

The joints of this women’s wetsuit are heat-taped for added strength and durability.

The seams of the suit are chemically bonded and triple stitched for strength. You’ve also got a heel speed cut shape on the legs for quicker and easier transitions.


  • The suit is available in sixteen different women sizes
  • It is perfect for triathlon and cold water sports
  • It is anatomically shaped for superior fit and flexibility
  • the inner lining is super soft for comfort and warmth
  • The adjustable Velcro closure offers a customized


  • Just be careful not to receive a model with defective or damaged seams


Ladies! This is an excellent wetsuit for swimming in the open water. It is packed with all the possible features you could think of.

Realon Women’s Full 3 MM Wetsuit 

Built for surfing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water sports, Realon Women’s Full 3 MM Wetsuit has all the features you have been looking for.

Key Features 

  • Neoprene and nylon blend
  • 3/2 mm thickness
  • Back zip closure
  • Anti-abrasive knee pads
  • Compression-fitting construction

The Realon has compression-fitting construction, which is great because it is tailored made to fit the body of a woman. It contours to a woman’s body for maximum comfort and superior stretch without chafing.

Ladies who like various color options are in luck because the Realon comes in nine different colors. You can also get it in short-sleeve and shorty style.

Its size map is medium, but the brand provides up to extra-extra-large for plus-size women who love water sports.

It comes equipped with functional panels that perform remarkably well in different surface and underwater water sports.

High wear areas like the knees are padded for chafing and shredding resistance. The sharkskin material on the chest offers superior wind-resistance and is highly durable.

The underarms, ankles, and knees are made of ultra-soft stretch fabric for unrestrained stretch, making them ideal for all active water sports activities.

Ladies will appreciate the #10 heavy-duty back zipper that is highly non-corrosive.

The zipper is integrated with a neoprene gasket that ensures it doesn’t slip and also prevents flushing when you jump into the water.

There is an extended pull tab attached to the zipper for convenient and easy donning and doffing.

Another good feature that comes with the Women’s Realon is the detailed sizing chart. With the help of the chart, it gets super easy for plus-size women who weigh more than one hundred and eighty to choose the ideal size.


  • Delivers great warmth, stretch, and flexibility performance
  • Superior water buoyancy and wind-resistance
  • Sharkskin panels on the chest are highly durable
  • The ergonomically designed zipper allows for easy donning and doffing
  • The collar creates a seal to prevent flushing


  • Some models may have an extended crotch area


This wetsuit may be a bit long for some ladies, especially in the crotch area. But it is packed with high-quality features for multi-sport activities.

Homruilink Diving Skin Women’s 3 MM Wetsuit 

If you are that woman who loves diving, swimming, snorkeling, or surfing, then this great wetsuit from Homruilink is a great choice for you.

Key Features 

  • High stretch neoprene
  • 3 mm thickness
  • Anti-friction knee and chest pads
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Heavy-duty back zipper

This high-performing women’s wetsuit from Homruilink is made of high-quality three-millimeter neoprene, which is great because this material has superior thermal protection, good elasticity, and it is exceptionally form-fitting.

You’ve got heavy-duty flatlock stitched seams in the construction, which is great because they lay flat to reduce bulkiness and prevent chafing.

The flatlock stitching also reinforces the seams to enhance durability. The chest area and the knees are reinforced with anti-friction padding to reduce wear and tear.

The suit comes with a classic round neck that is flat-stitched for comfort. You’ve got a smooth skin material in the neckline that creates a seal to slow down water entry into the wetsuit.

There is a convenient Velcro cover that does a good job of preventing the zipper from sliding down when you are diving.

The YKK black zipper system at the back is highly ergonomic for quick and easy donning and doffing. The ankle and wrist cuffs are equipped with rolled neoprene, forming a slightly tight seal that reduces water entering the suit.


  • The neoprene offers great warmth and stretch performance
  • Flatlock stitching strengthens the suit and prevents chafing
  • The zipper closure is ergonomic for easy donning and doffing
  • The classic crew neck is skin-friendly and prevents flushing
  • It is designed to fit up to plus-size women


  • The fit may be a little bit tighter and uncomfortable for some women
  • Limited color options are available


This amazing women’s wetsuit from Homruilink has all the great features you need for different water sports. But make sure you choose a size that fits snugly and not too tight.

Things to Look for in Women’s Wetsuits 

Here are the most important features to look for in women’s wetsuits.


Start your search by considering the season you will be using the wetsuit. The weather and water conditions in spring, summer, and winter are not the same.

Women’s wetsuits designed for spring and summer are usually 2 to 3 millimeters thick. But the ones designed for winter have a thickness of 3 or more millimeters.

Size and Fit 

Women can choose to buy unisex wetsuits that are designed for both men and women. But these are not usually the best options. So, we recommend you look for a female-specific fit and design.

The most popular sizes for women are small, medium, large, extra-large, 2XL, and 3XL. You can easily determine your size on the sizing chart, which is usually provided on the product page.

High-Quality Craftsmanship 

Only a wetsuit that comes with high-quality craftsmanship will provide the performance and durability you are looking for.

The best model should have superior elasticity, firm stitching, anti-friction construction at the chest and knee pads.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Cressi Morea 3 MM Women’s Wetsuit. What makes this model stand out is its female-specific fit and design. The suit is anatomically cut to contour the natural curves of a woman’s body.

The material is solid but super flexible for movement. The comfortable neoprene construction will keep you warm and cozy.

The classic crew neck will help prevent flushing, while the YKK back zipper allows for easy donning and doffing.


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