The 8 Best Water Shoes for Paddle Boarding (2021 Reviews)

Water shoes with non-slip traction are good for paddleboarding, watersports, and other water-based activities.

The best water shoes for paddle boarding are lightweight, flexible, and fit like a sock. Wearing water shoes will give you more traction on the paddleboard and when walking out of the water.

Most water shoes are designed to drain water quickly. As a result, they dry as you walk, unlike regular shoes.

The choice of water shoes, however, is huge, and not every paddleboarder can make the best buying decision.

So, in our top eight selections, we took into account all the important features you would want your paddleboarding water shoes to have.

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Top Pick

NRS Kinetic Water Shoe is our top pick for paddleboarding.

This amazing aqua footwear is made from high-quality neoprene for a sock-like fit and warmth in cold water.

It offers exceptional non-slip traction for the best paddleboarding experience.

The Best Water Shoes for Paddle Boarding Are:

NRS Kinetic Water Shoe

Have you been looking for the best water shoe for paddleboarding? Look no further than the NRS Kinetic Water Shoe.

This incredible shoe’s upper and insole are made from three-millimeter neoprene to help keep your feet warm and comfortable in cold weather.

It features a super low profile design, which is excellent because it provides you with a thin and sock-like fit.

The shoe has a one and a half millimeter rubber sole with a two-millimeter plastic shim that not only protects your foot but also provides non-slip traction during paddling.

The toe box is uniquely made, providing you with a non-binding, roomy fit that allows your toes to stretch when paddleboarding.

You will appreciate the armor patches on the shoe, considering the added abrasion resistance and protection they provide.

This amazing footwear is also fitted with stretchy rubber bands, which is great because they improve lateral stability as well as hold the shoe in place.


  • Neoprene upper and insole keep your feet warm in cold water
  • The toe box is non-binding, roomy, and very comfortable
  • Textured rubber sole provides superior traction and stability
  • The drawcord helps you customize fit and performance
  • Armor patching improves abrasion and scratch resistance


  • The available shoe sizes tend to run small
  • The insole is fixed

Evernovel Aqua Water Sports Shoes

This shoe is uniquely designed, making it the perfect choice for men, women, girls, and boys. It is a great choice for paddling, surfing, and swimming, among other activities.

The upper of the Evernovel is made from a high stretch fabric material, which is great because it has superior wicking performance.

The upper has reinforced stitching craftsmanship that does not tear easily. It comes with an elastic shoe mouth that is extremely easy to put on as well as take off.

The shoe comes with a non-slip sole that provides superior traction on the deck pad of your paddleboard. The sole is innovatively designed to absorb shock when you hit strong waves.

You’ve got ten holes in a v-shape pattern that improve the shoe’s drainage. Another good thing about the sole is that it is foldable and extremely easy to wring out. The insole is fully perforated for increased drainage and breathability.

Evernovel also included two pull tabs, one at the tongue and the other at the heel counter for easy put on and took off.


  • Elastic mesh fabric provides a tight and sock-like fit
  • The non-slip sole offers superior traction
  • Perforations on the outsole and insole improve drainage and breathability
  • The sole is foldable and extremely easy to wring out
  • Elastic mouth and pull tabs allow for quick put on and take off


  • The available sizes tend to run small
  • It is possible to receive a pair with quality control issues

Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boot

Have you been looking for the best wetsuit boot for paddleboarding? This incredible boot from Neo Sport fits the description.

The upper is made from synthetic material (neoprene) that stretches easily to conform to the shape of your foot for a sock-like fit.

The neoprene is also stretchy, UV ray resistant, and abrasion-resistant. The heel and the toe are strengthened with heavy-duty rubber to enhance protection against wear and tear.

The boot is fitted with a heavy-duty #10 zipper, which is great because it is larger and stronger. It opens and closes smoothly.

There is a water entry barrier behind the separating zipper, which does a great job of preventing water seepage. Apart from the zipper, the boot comes equipped with a Velcro tab for fit customization.

You’ve got a strong rubber sole that is innovatively grooved for superior traction and slip-resistance. The sole is also puncture-resistant.


  • The stretchy neoprene upper conforms to the shape of your foot
  • The zipper is strong, durable, and easy to close and open
  • Rubber patching on the upper and heel counter improves durability
  • The sole is non-slip and puncture-resistant
  • The toe box is roomy for improved balance and comfort


  • The normal sizes tend running small

Simari Mens Womens Water Shoe

Whether it is for paddling, surfing, or swimming, this incredible water shoe from Simari is uniquely designed to deliver the best performance.

Simari knows that different paddleboarders have different preferences and that is why the brand provides this shoe in numerous colors options.

The most popular ones being black, light gray, white, orange, black/green, purplish-blue, and green to mention a few.

The shoe is available in fourteen different sizes for both men and women to choose from.

The upper is made from polyester fabric, which is great because it features strong fibers that are highly flexible, wrinkle-resistant, and do not wear down easily.

The polyester fabric dries remarkably fast, making it ideal for colder waters.

It comes with a no-tie lacing system that conforms to your foot for better support and comfort.

This unique lacing system reduces pressure points, which means your foot will feel better when paddleboarding through waves or choppy waters.

The rubber outsole has a unique bump texture for superior slip-resistance. You’ve got eight holes at the bottom for better drainage and breathability.

The sole is also foldable and easy to wring water out.


  • Polyester fabric stretches smoothly to provide a sock-like fit
  • Eight holes on the bottom improve drainage
  • The No-tie lace system is super easy and quick to close up
  • Tongue and heel counter pull tabs make put on and take off easy
  • The tough, rigid design offers added protection when paddleboarding


  • You will have to size down since the sizes run small
  • Quality control may be inconsistent

Mishansha Mens Womens Water Shoe

Paddle through and across the water in style with this incredible shoe from Mishansha. The shoe is flexible and super lightweight.

The first thing that makes the Mishansha special are the numerous color options you can choose from, including black, spandex, grey, shamrock green, cobalt blue, smoky black, dark green, Persian blue, carrot orange, white, and red to mention a few.

Mishansha is also available in fourteen different sizes for both men and women.

The upper is made of spandex fabric. The advantage of spandex is its unique elasticity, strength, and its ability to regain its original shape after stretching.

This material also dries remarkably fast compared to ordinary fabrics. The upper is innovatively perforated for superior breathability.

The no-tie lace allows for quick and easy lacing. The elastic straps, on the other hand, allow for quick fit customization.

The heavy-duty rubber sole provides anti-slip traction when you step on the deck pad of your SUP board.

The outsole features seven holes to provide proper water flow, creating a healthier and cooler shoe environment.

The sole is also foldable and bendable, making it easy to wring out water when you want to dry out the shoe.


  • The spandex upper is strong, flexible, and elastic
  • It conforms to the shape of your foot for natural fitness
  • Perforations on the upper and sole improve drainage
  • Elastic straps and no-tie lace allow for easy fit customization
  • Easy to put on and take off, thanks to the pull tabs


  • Some models may come with a defective shoelace
  • Some normal sizes tend to run large

Hyperflex Pro Series Round Toe Surfing Boot

This is a great boot for surfing and paddleboarding.

There is a variety available in 3, 5, and 7-millimeter styles. The available sizes are 5, 6, 8, 9, and 13.

The boot has a minimalist design to give you more for less. This simple yet effective water shoe is designed for both warm and cold water conditions.

Built-in arch support allows for easy side to side movements. Reinforced seams that are blown stitched and glued ensure a comfortable and durable water boot.

The boot upper is made from high-quality neoprene, which is great because the material stretches seamlessly to conform to your foot for a sock-like fit.

The neoprene improves warmth with a focus on flexibility and comfort for a superior range of motion and control.

The GBS seams are blind-stitched and double glued to preventing seepage while maintaining a low-profile and highly flexible construction.

The mouth is reinforced with a tapered panel to help prevent cold water from flushing. You’ve also got a P4 thermal lining for cushioning, comfort, and heat insulation.

Another good thing about this boot is the diamond skin sole that provides exceptional slip-resistant traction on the deck pad.

The small diamond-shaped grooves offer consistent grip performance in all directions. This pushes water away from in-between the SUP board and the boot.


  • Neoprene engineered upper is warm, flexible, and durable
  • Blind stitching and double gluing help prevent leakage
  • Soft microfiber lining improves heat insulation
  • The unique heel lock structure allows for maximum adjustability
  • Tapered panel limits flushing of cold water


  • The tight ankle top may make put on stressful for some people

Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

Whether you are paddleboarding, surfing, tubing, or just hanging out at the beach, the Speedo Surfwalker is the ideal choice.

You’ve got several variations of the upper for preference, including navy/blue, blue/black, grey/yellow, speedo black, and navy. The navy color variation is the sportiest in appearance.

This classic model is made with a breathable, hollow, four-way stretch neoprene upper that allows for maximum flexibility and air circulation.

The stretch fabric fits like a sock and it is very comfortable. The breathable mesh improves air circulation for maximum comfort. The mouth of the shoe has a stretch on and off fit that will hug your foot with each step.

It is nicely lined on the interior with a removable quick-drying footbed for in the shoe comfort that you can wear in and out of the water.

It comes with a high-traction rubber outsole with an s-trac design for maximum slip-resistance on the deck pad. The sole is also foldable, allowing your foot to move naturally when getting on and off the SUP board.


  • The stretch upper fits comfortably like a sock
  • The textile footbed is removable, breathable, and fast-drying
  • Stretch on and off fit allows for easy put on and take off
  • The heel pull loop makes put on extremely easy
  • S-trac outsole ensures maximum traction and drainage


  • It’s possible to receive a model with quality control issues

Seekway Mens Womens Water Shoe

It is hard not to like a shoe that is built for paddleboarding, surfing, swimming, kayaking, boating, yoga, and vacation.

What makes this water shoe so incredible are the numerous color options. There are all sorts of colors for men and women.

Female paddleboarders will love the wave point, tree shadow, white, stripe pink, pink leopard, mint leaf, and star.

On the other hand, male paddleboarders will love the black, grey, black shark, drop black, stripe black, stripe grey, and blue.

The smooth neck design allows for a comfortable slip-on fit, and it also prevents chafing. The polyester upper is stretchable and highly breathable.

The heel counter is strengthened to improve support and durability. There is a pull tab at the heel counter for quick and easy put-on.

The sole is made of rubber with exceptional slip resistance and air permeability.

The bottom of the sole is ergonomically molded to improve traction performance on different deck pads. It is also great at shock absorption and superior comfort.


  • Too many color options to choose from for men and women
  • The upper is stretchable, breathable, and sock-like fitting
  • The sole allows for superior air permeability and slip resistance
  • Reinforced heel counter improves support and stability
  • The pull-up tab at the heel allows for easy slip-on


  • Quality control seems to be an issue with the insole

Things to Consider When Looking for Paddleboarding Water Shoes

Even though most water shoes look similar, they are not designed the same. So, here are the key features you have to look for.

Stretchy or Flexible Upper

It would be best if you had water shoes that are stretchable and flexible, which means you need to select footwear made from neoprene, polyester, or spandex fabric.

These unique materials are naturally stretchy, flexible, and they conform easily to the shape of your foot.

Non-Slip Traction

Any water shoes will do you no good on a paddleboard if they are not slip-resistant.

They must provide non-slip traction on the deck pad for the best paddleboarding performance.

Drainage and Breathability

When you choose shoes that are not watertight, then make sure they have adequate perforations or holes in the sole to improve water flow and drainage.

Also, the upper has to be highly breathable.

Final Thoughts

NRS Kinetic Water Shoe is the overall winner of this roundup.

This water shoe is highly versatile. You can use it for paddleboarding, surfing, fishing, swimming, boating, beach walks, and so on.

The fit, protection, warmth, and traction provided by this shoe are exceptional. The shoe is comfortable in the summer and winter.

The non-binding neoprene upper fits like a sock and it stretches to fit your foot’s natural shape.

The rubber sole provides the best slip-resistant performance you need on the deck pad of your paddleboard. The unique and innovative design of this shoe also does a great job of filtering gravel.


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