Best Beginner Wakesurf Board (2021 Reviews)

Wakesurfing continues to ride the waves as a growing segment of towed water sports.

Nowadays, it is a great way for people to have fun on the Lake.

All you need are the waves generated by the boat and the best Wakesurf board to enjoy the sport.

You can choose between surf and skim style board for the ultimate Wakesurfing experience.

Choosing a high-performing board; however, it requires you to take into account several design and performance features.

So, in our top Wakesurf board selections, we took into consideration all the important features.

Top Pick 

South Bay Board Co. Rambler Wakesurf Board is our top pick.

The unique aesthetic design and custom materials provide unmatched performance as well as value over conventional models on the market.

With the Rambler, all those epic aerial maneuvers and hard fast turns you have imagined are possible.

Here are Our Best Wakesurf Board Reviews

South Bay Board Co. Rambler Wakesurf Board 

This world-class Wakesurf board is ingeniously designed for epic riders with its high-speed maneuvers and carvings.

Key Features 

  • Polyurethane resin core
  • Hard rails
  • Wax-free EVA traction deck
  • Slight nose rocker
  • Custom marble graphic inlays

At 20.8 inches wide and 52 inches long, and one inch thick, this high-performance Wakesurf board supports a true rider out on the water.

It is polyurethane compression-molded, which basically means this board goes through a compression process during manufacturing to give you a sleek and high performing design.

This unique construction is very strong and long-lasting.

The Rambler features a very cool and unique fingerprint texture on the top deck, which is great because you don’t need wax to improve its slip-resistance.

You’ve got a raised tail kicker that’s very effective at stopping your back foot from slipping out of the board.

The kicktail also improves maneuverability when making critical turns in big waves.

Moving from the bottom to the top, you will see that the board features what we call a twin-is design that enables the Rambler to be a very performance-focused Wakesurf board.

The small size allows Wakesurfers to hit epic aerial maneuvers and hard, fast turns with ease.

At first glance, you will observe that the board has a relatively flat rocker profile throughout the center part for smooth gliding.

You’ve got a little bit of entry-level rocker on the nose, which ensures you don’t hit pumps for better cruising performance.

You have a slight exit rocker at the tail that gives the board superior release and swift turn through your lines behind the boat.


  • The compression-molded design is sleek and high performing
  • Fingerprint textured top deck offers exceptional slip-resistance
  • Kicktail prevents you from sliding off and helps improve maneuverability
  • The twin-is design allows for epic aerial maneuvers and quick hard turns
  • Highly creative rocker profile improves cruising performance


  • The pre-installed grip pads may fall off


The Rambler is faster, stronger, and extremely easy to surf and paddle. It is the perfect cruising Wakesurf board behind the boat.

Hyperlite Broadcast 4.8’ Wakesurf Board 

Find a wave you desire, and the Hyperlite Broadcast will ensure you ride it in style. It is one of the best party Wakesurf boards behind the boat.

Key Features 

  • Rolled edge profile
  • Dual concave base
  • Layed glass construction
  • Molded EVA traction pad
  • Swallow-tail design

It comes with a single to double concave base, which is great because it features a new rocker line that provides a fast and responsive ride.

It allows experienced riders to pop-up and produces superior speeds for rotational epic tricks. In contrast, intermediate and beginner riders can maintain the momentum and stay in the sweet spot of the curl.

The fully machined EVA deck pad provides maximum traction when performing epic aerial maneuvers and hard fast turns.

There is a nice kick pad that keeps your back foot from slipping off.

You will notice the Broadcast has a swallow tail design that brings the pivot point closer to your back foot to make the board more maneuverable.

The Broadcast comes with three removable fins, two smaller fish fins on the outside, and one large center fin.

You can change the fin configuration depending on the style of ride you want.

The unique fin configuration gives you more control, stability, and direction on the Wakesurf board.

The monocoque construction is integrated with a top and bottom layer of glass, providing you with a highly durable board for protection against side impacts. It also helps to prevent delamination.


  • The single to double concave offers a fast and responsive ride
  • Allows experienced riders to do epic aerial tricks
  • The advanced EVA deck pad provides unmatched traction performance
  • The kick pad prevents slipping and improves maneuverability
  • The layered glass construction is resistant to side impacts


  • The swallow tail design may not allow for fast direction changes


This Shaun Murray Approved Wakesurf board will give you the performance of your life. The molded EVA traction pad guarantees maximum comfort.

Airhead Charge Wakesurf Board 

Are you a new rider looking to get your hands on something lightweight, maneuverable, and fun? Look no further than Airhead Charge Wakesurf Board.

Key Features 

  • EVA pad and kick tail
  • Four-inch nose rocker
  • Three-fin configuration
  • Squash diamond tail

The board comes with a premium quality EVA deck pad that is fitted with small diamond grooves to provide the ultimate grip performance.

The pad guarantees soft comfort to your feet for all your Wakesurf maneuvers.

It is crated from a heavy-duty foam, which is great because it is solid, lightweight, and buoyant.

The kicktail, on the other hand, keeps your back foot on the board during epic maneuvers.

We truly appreciate the hard rails, considering that they respond effectively to small changes in balance.

These rails bite through the water with ease to give you more responsiveness and speed.

The four-inch nose rocker ensures you don’t dig into bumps, and it makes hitting the lip of the wave easier in more critical sections.

You’ve got three removable fins that allow for superior control and agile turning. The squash diamond tail is uniquely shaped to enhance maneuverability and Wakesurfing speed.


  • Premium quality EVA deck pad provides superior traction
  • Kicktail keeps your foot from slipping off
  • The rails of the board offer more responsiveness and speed
  • The four-inch nose rocker helps prevent nose-diving
  • The three-fin configuration allows for agile control and turning


  • The board materials aren’t the most long-lasting
  • The traction pads may fall off


This is a great Wakesurf board for the money. It offers reliable floatation, maneuverability, control, and speed.

O’Brien Royale Wakesurf Board 

You can have fun cruising behind the boat while attempting some epic aerial maneuvers with O’Brien Royale Wakesurf Board.

Key Features

  • Surf cap construction
  • Single FCS compatible fin box
  • Split EVA pad
  • Round tail design
  • Sport type boating

At 63 inches long and over 19.6 liters in volume, this incredible Wakesurf board from O’Brien is a beast on the water. It comes with a surf cap construction that is extremely durable.

This model is one of the largest Wakesurfers from this great brand. It is a good choice for bigger surfers who are fond of cruising smaller waves.

While it is great for effortlessly riding around the lake, this Wakesurf board is highly maneuverable, and its skim style performance can keep things truly exciting all day long.

The board comes with a uniquely designed split EVA deck pad and kicktail pad, which is great because they help enhance the comfort and performance of the Royale.

The pads are constructed of a high-quality closed-cell foam material that is resistant to stain and mildew.

The kicktail helps keep your back foot on the board during maneuvers.

The round tail offers your superior control in hollow waves, allowing you to maintain your speed in the weaker sections of the surf.

You can easily cruise bigger waves without losing maneuverability.


  • The surf cap construction is highly durable
  • High-quality EVA deck pad improves traction and comfort
  • The kicktail pad keeps your foot onboard and enhances maneuverability
  • The round tail design offers more control in hollow waves
  • It is a great choice for beginner and expert riders


  • The board’s core material isn’t the most durable


Royale is a great choice for beginners and experts. It provides the best performance in both small and large waves.

Airhead PFISH Skim Style Wakesurf Board 

The PFISH Skim Style from Airhead offers an exciting experience to a wide variety of Wakesurf board riders. It provides stability without sacrificing maneuverability.

Key Features

  • Skim style board
  • Compression-molded material
  • Fish-tail design
  • Tow directional fins
  • Extra thick grooved EVA deck

The board has a compression-molded construction, which is great because it makes the PFISH light and durable.

This amazing Wakesurf board has a skim style design that uses a flatter rocker line but with a real sharp edge.

Water does not wrap around the edge. Instead, it deflects the water down to create a lift.

This makes the board ride higher, faster, and looser on the water. It offers skim surfers a superior surface to do board and body spins.

You’ve got an extra thick grooved EVA deck for outstanding traction and comfort. The pad offers good shock absorption without the restriction of movement.

The big kicker, on the other hand, provides an excellent back foothold.

The board has a fish-tail design, which boosts the performance of the board in gutless, smaller surf. It helps you produce high speeds through slow-wave sections.


  • Skim style rides higher, faster, and looser on the water
  • Provides a superior surface for doing board and body spins
  • Extra thick grooved EVA deck offers traction and comfort
  • The big kicker offers an excellent back foothold
  • Tail fish enhances speed and maneuverability in smaller surfs


  • The compression-molded design may be less responsive


Do you want to build your confidence to surf bigger waves in the future? PFISH is the ideal choice.

Things to Consider When Looking for Wakesurf Boards 

Here are the important things we urge you to take into consideration:

Surf or Skim Style 

When it comes to buying a Wakesurf board, you’ve got two main options to consider: surf style and skim style.

A surf style board has a big rolled edge that allows water to come off the bottom and wrap around the edge.

This enables the board to sit in a little bit deeper so you can splash aggressively when surfing behind the boat.

If you are more into spinning or surface turns, consider a skim style board.

This type of Wakesurfer features a flatter rocker line with a sharp edge that deflects the water down to create lift for a higher and faster ride.

Type of Construction 

The most popular Wakesurf constructions are:


This construction type is cost and budget effective, making it a great option for beginners. It is extremely durable irrespective of how you use the board.

The downside to this construction, however, is the fact that it doesn’t offer the most buoyancy or the most performance.

Light Foam Construction

You will find this type of construction on surf style boards.

Compared to compression-molded, the light foam assembly has a more lightweight foam on the inside and fiberglass on the outside.

This board is going to be more buoyant and rides higher on the water. It offers you more performance and a lot of responsiveness.

The fiberglass skin, however, is usually super fragile vulnerable to dings and dents.

Hybrid Construction 

A hybrid board mixes a few design elements from different board types.

One common example mixes the features and performance of a shortboard with the stability as well as the tail design of a fish-tail.

This is a great Wakesurf board for everyday wake surfing or even just a big guy who wants to cruise a smaller board. This type of construction is also lightweight and buoyant.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is South Bay Board Co. Rambler Wakesurf Board. This surf-style Wakesurf board allows for more aggressive surfing.

The thruster nose design has a low rocker that helps prevent nose-diving. The wider center section adds stability and floatation to help maintain speed in the pocket.

The compression-molded construction makes the board incredibly strong and durable. It will not easily get damaged.

The pre-installed EVA deck pad offers superior traction and comfort, while the raised kicker provides an exceptional back foothold.

Overall, this is a great choice for beginner and advanced Wakesurfers under two hundred pounds.


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