6 Best Surfboard Travel Bag (2021 Reviews)

Do you know that the best surfboard travel bag can help improve the durability of your board during transportation?

Surfboard travel bags are designed to be UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, windproof, water-resistant, and even sand-resistant.

They support protecting your board from bumps and dings. But the coolest thing about these bags is that you can carry them on your shoulder from one place to another.

However, choosing the best model may require you to do a little research to know what’s best for your surfboard.

So, in our top six selections, we have considered all the essential features you would want in a surfboard travel bag.

Top Pick 

FCS Travel 2 All Purpose Surfboard Bag is our top pick. This heavy-duty bag features a ten-millimeter foam body with an additional five-millimeter nose padding for the ultimate best UV, scratch, and ding resistance.

Here are Our Best Surfboard Travel Bag Reviews

FCS Travel 2 All Purpose Surfboard Bag 

This premium quality travel bag is purposely built for versatility and comfort when transporting a surfboard.

Key Features 

  • Lightweight design
  • Ten-millimeter padding on the body
  • Five-millimeter padding on nose
  • Highly durable nylon skin
  • Padded rail protection

This heavy-duty bag will conveniently transport more than one surfboard on any surf expedition.

It comes equipped with a full-length zipper, which is great because it allows you to fold back the top panel to easily expose the interior cavity where you can fit up to three boards without fins.

Interior compression straps along with a separation sheet make sure your surfboards are secured during transport.

Make sure you stack your surfboards with the deck facing up, so the rocker fits with the contoured sidewalls.

You’ve got a heavy-duty polyester skin that is combined with dual-density ten-millimeter closed-cell foam for a durable layer of protection against abrasion and impact.

High-quality, long-lasting zippers are made to glide effortlessly and resist rust and corrosion. There is an internal layer of protection along the zippers’ length.

The bag comes with an ergonomic shoulder pad that is vented and double-layered to offer the ultimate support and comfort.

You’ve also got an ergonomic padded handle for easy and comfortable lifting.


  • The lightweight materials reduce overall board bag weight
  • The full-length zipper allows for convenient storage of surfboards
  • The interior compression straps ensure your board is properly secured
  • The ergonomically designed zippers glide smoothly
  • The shoulder pad is vented and doubled-layered for support and comfort


  • Some models may come with minor design issues


This travel bag is one of the best options for a surfer owning more than one surfboard. It is also ergonomically designed for a secured transportation.

Dakine Daylight Thruster Surfboard Travel Bag 

This high-quality daylight surfboard travel bag from Dakine is packed with unique design features that provide superior protection for your surfboard.

Key Features 

  • Versatile shape
  • A quarter-inch foam padding
  • Tarpaulin construction
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Heavy-duty YKK coil zipper

This heavy-duty board bag is available in six sizes, including seven feet, six feet six inches, six feet three inches, six feet, five feet eight inches, and five feet four inches.

The bag is made of tarpaulin material, which is great because it has outstanding water and heat-resistance. A quarter-inch foam padding on the sides improves protection for your surfboard.

The sharp-pointed nose and wide tail make this bag a great choice for short to medium size surfboards. The wide tail is flexible and can accommodate a board with the fins intact.

The heavy-duty YKK double zipper closure glides smoothly in either direction for easy entry and exit of a board.

You’ve got a padded non-slip shoulder strap for easy carrying. The shoulder strap is also fitted with a stash pocket for convenient storage.


  • The tarpaulin fabric has superior heat and water-resistance
  • The versatile shape with a wide tail fits most boards
  • The shoulder strap is padded for additional comfort
  • The YKK coil zipper opens on either side for added versatility
  • The stash pocket on the strap provides convenient storage


  • It is possible to receive a package with no shoulder strap


Once tucked inside, your surfboard will enjoy both water and heat-resistant coverage. Not to mention that the shoulder strap is padded for comfort.

Supermodel Curve Surfboard Travel Bag 

This uniquely designed surfboard travel bag from Supermodel is equipped with some of the best features you have been looking for.

Key Features 

  • Reinforced 600D poly canvas material
  • UV-resistant materials
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Padded carry handle
  • Multiple sizes available

This durable travel bag is available in six different sizes, including seven feet six inches, eight feet two inches, eight feet eight inches, nine feet two inches, nine feet six inches, and ten feet two inches.

But here is the thing, it is only available in one color choice.

The bag is made of reinforced six hundred deniers poly-canvas fabric at the tail and nose, which is good because it is exceptionally strong and durable. The top of the bag is reflective to improve Uv-resistance.

You’ve got a double zipper closure that opens on both sides for easy entry and exit of a surfboard.

The interior of the bag is also made of reflective material for additional UV-resistance.

It is large enough and flexible at the tail end to easily accommodate a surfboard with its fins.

It comes equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that relieves pressure when transporting a surfboard by hand.

The small carry handle is padded for superior gripping and comfort.


  • It is super lightweight and easy to carry
  • Double zipper closure allows for easy entry and exit
  • The nose and tail are reinforced with heavy-duty poly-canvas
  • The extra-large shoulder strap is padded and adjustable
  • The small handle is padded for gripping and comfort


  • Some models may come with poorly designed zippers
  • The available sizes tend to run bigger than advertised


As long as you get a model with no design issue, the Supermodel Curve Surfboard Travel Bag is one of the most versatile options on the market.

Wonitago Surfboard Travel Bag 

This high-quality surfboard travel bag will help keep your board protected from scratching, abrasion, and harmful UV rays during transportation.

Key Features 

  • 600D football grid fabric
  • Waterproof PE back
  • Corrosion-resistant double zippers
  • Wear-resistant materials
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

This innovatively designed surfboard travel cover comprises six-hundred denier football grid fabric, which is great because it is solid, abrasion-resistant, rip-resistant, and highly UV-resistant.

The back of the bag features a waterproof PE and five-millimeter padding on the sides for added protection.

The bag is available in two distinct nose shapes, pointed and rounded. The pointed nose design is recommended for shortboards, while the rounded nose shape is ideal for surfboards and longboards.

The pointed nose is available in three sizes (six feet, six feet six inches, and seven feet).

Meanwhile, the rounded nose is available in six sizes (seven feet six inches, eight feet, eight feet six inches, nine feet, nine feet six inches, and ten feet).

You’ve got a flexible tail section that measures seven inches high and forty-three inches long, which is great because it allows you to pack the board with the fins intact.

An adjustable shoulder strap makes shoulder carry remarkably painless because it relieves the pressure. There is an ergonomic carry handle for easy lifting.

We truly appreciate the rust and corrosion-resistant double zipper closure, considering how easy it is to pack the surfboard.

The innovative craftsmanship of the box, as well as reinforced stitching, improves the durability of the bag.

Another good feature of this model is additional storage. You’ve got inner storage pockets for storing your gear and the wetsuit.

You can also conveniently hang the bag with the surfboard at home for easy storage when you have limited ground space.


  • The 600D fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and ripping
  • The padded pearl cotton sides improve protection for your surfboard
  • The double zipper closure allows for easy and quick storage
  • Box and reinforced stitching on the shoulder strap add durability
  • The flexible tail section allows you to stow the board with its fins


  • It is possible to get a model that runs narrow on the sides


Looking for the most versatile bag on the market, look no further than this incredible model from Wonitago. It comes in a pointed nose shape and a rounded nose shape.

Dorsal Surfboard Travel Bag 

This fine-looking board bag from Dorsal packs a lot of features in a simple and unique design. Your surfboard will get decent protection.

Key Features 

  • 600D polyester reinforced nose
  • Thermo-flow technology
  • #10 heavy-duty YKK zipper
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Neoprene padded handle

This decent board bag comes with a durable construction that has superior water and heat-resistance.

The nose of the bag is reinforced with a six hundred denier polyester fabric for added strength and durability.

It is equipped with a #10 heavy-duty YKK zipper that is highly corrosion-resistant.

The bag has a double zipper closure, which means you can open or close the bag in either direction. This makes it easy to stash a surfboard inside the bag.

You’ve got a UV and wax-resistant internal lining for added protection.

You’ve also got an internal tail divider and side-wall expanders for added versatility. Five-millimeter high-density foam on the sides improves impact protection.

It is available in four different sizes, including eight feet, eight feet six inches, nine feet, and nine feet six inches.


  • Thermo-flow technology improves heat protection
  • The reinforced nose cone is strong and durable
  • The #10 YKK zippers are strong, durable, and versatile
  • Double zipper closure allows for easy entry and exit
  • The shoulder strap is padded for pressure relief and comfort


  • Look out for models with poor stitching


For the price and size, the Dorsal is a good deal for the money. But make sure you don’t receive a model with design issues.

UCEDER Surfboard Travel Bag 

This good quality surfboard travel bag from UCEDER comes with a decent construction that will keep your surfboard safe during transport.

Key Features 

  • Polyester top
  • Thick big shoulder pad
  • Inner Velcro pocket
  • 360 degrees rotation buckle
  • Padded carry handle

This is a very versatile travel bag for your surfboard. It is available in six different sizes, including six feet, seven feet five inches, eight feet two inches, eight feet seven inches, nine feet two inches, and ten feet.

We advise you to pick a model that is slightly larger than your board.

It is made up of a UV reflective bottom and a polyester top for superior protection.

The construction is equipped with a four-millimeter foam padding on the side for comfort when carrying the bag, reinforced tail, and nose for added durability.

You’ve double zipper closure for ease of use. A one and a half-inch wide adjustable strap allow for effective car transportation.

A big thick shoulder pad does a great job of relieving the pressure when carrying it over your shoulder. A three hundred and sixty degrees rotation buckle makes installation super easy.

An exterior zipper pocket for additional storage, a padded carry handle for easy lifting and comfort, and an inner Velcro pocket for extra storage.


  • The design materials are UV, abrasion, and rip-resistant
  • The tail and nose are reinforced for added strength and durability
  • Double zipper closure makes entry and exit of the board easier
  • It comes with a big shoulder pad for relieving pressure
  • Have an ergonomically designed padded handle for easy lifting


  • Some models may come with flimsy parts which wear out faster


The UCEDER is a good choice for the money. But you have to make sure that you don’t receive a model with poorly designed parts.

Things to Look for in Surfboard Travel Bags 

Here are the most important things to look for:


Size is everything when looking for surfboard travel bags. You have to choose a size that fits the length and width of your board snugly.

Preferably, choose a bag that is a couple of inches longer and a couple of inches wider.


The whole idea of a surfboard travel bag is to offer your surfboard superior protection during transportation or traveling.

So, make sure you choose a thick, reinforced fabric (like 600D fabric) that can provide great protection against damaging UV rays, water, strong winds, scratches, and dings.

Easy to Carry 

Unlike a regular sock-like surfboard bag, the most versatile surfboard travel bag should come equipped with a padded shoulder strap that is adjustable for easy shoulder carry.

It should also come with a convenient carry handle for added versatility.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is FCS Travel 2 All Purpose Surfboard Bag. This premium quality bag is made of high-quality lightweight material for easy carry.

It is available in four sizes and can fit different types of surfboards.

The heavy-duty construction has a padded nose for protecting the delicate parts of a surfboard.

Its ergonomically designed shoulder strap is heavily padded and vented to offer the best in support and comfort. The easy-glide zipper, on the other hand, allows for easy donning and doffing.


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