The 8 Best Surfboard Traction Pad (2021 Reviews)

There is no better to improve your surfing performance than with the best traction pad.

With a surfboard traction pad, you get a better grip on the board without slipping off.

The best surfboard traction pad has diamond-cut grooves that enhance drainage and non-slip performance.

It also has a uniquely constructed arch and kick-tail for support and rip-resistance.

However, surfboard traction pads’ choice is vast. Consequently, it is challenging to look for the most suitable one in the market.

That is why we researched on your behalf.

In our top eight selections, we took into consideration all the important features you have been looking for in the best traction pad.

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Top Pick

Slash Surfboard Traction Pad is our top pick.

This surfboard traction pad is made of premium quality EVA foam that is ultra-light and very comfortable under your foot.

The 3M adhesive creates a permanent bond that does not rip off easily.

Another good thing about this pad is that you can arrange the pieces in different configurations.

The Best Surfboard Traction Pads Are:

Slash Surfboard Traction Pad

If you are looking for a high-quality front traction pad for your surfboard, look no further than this incredible model from Slash.

You can surf stronger, faster, and harder when you do not slip off the board. It is a three-piece model that is easy to install.

The Slash Surf Traction is available in two styles, diamond grooves, and microgrooves. Both groove patterns provide non-slip traction that keeps you attached to the front of the surfboard when rotating.

The pad is made of EVA foam, which is excellent thanks to it’s flexible, lightweight, and durable material. It also provides superior underfoot cushion and superb comfort.

The pad has beveled corners, a medium arch, and a high kick.

Meanwhile, the medium arch provides a broad design element for surfers with slightly larger feet. And, the high kick construction is suitable for performance surfers.


  • The three-piece pad attaches easily with 3M adhesive
  • The pad is available in diamond grooves and microgrooves
  • The broad medium arch element is ideal for larger feet
  • A great choice for performance surfers, thanks to the high kick design
  • The pad can be used on surfboards, skimboards, shortboards, and fish boards


  • It is only available in one color, which limits preference

Raystreak Surfboard Traction Pad

If you are looking for the grippiest and least abrasive surf traction, look no further than the Raystreak Surfboard Traction Pad. The grip it delivers will not tear you up.

The pad measures 10.5 by 11.75 inches, which is great because it fits any surfboard.

It is a three-piece design, which you can arrange in two different ways.

  • First, you can bring the pieces together to form a full-size pad, which is ideal for smaller boards.
  • Second, you can spread the pieces wide apart for larger coverage when dealing with a larger surfboard.

The brand provides 3M adhesive of the best quality, which forms a permanent stick that will not peel off easily. The ultra-light EVA is very comfortable on foot, and it weighs less than three and a half ounces.

You will appreciate the performance of the diamond cut grooves, which ensure your foot is locked in for the best grip performance.

The middle arch is raised for the best arch support. There is a one-inch tail kick that ensures your foot will not slip off the back.


  • The high-quality 3M adhesive offers a permanent stick
  • The EVA foam is ultra-light and very comfy under the foot
  • Its incredible size fits both smaller and larger surfboards
  • The vert kick with a kick lock prevents your foot from slipping off
  • The raised middle arch improves support and comfort


  • Could be better with a slightly higher kick

Dakine Superlite Surf Traction Pad

Improve the traction performance of your surfboard with the Dakine Superlite Surf Traction Pad. It is one of the easiest pads to install.

The mat weighs less but provides more traction. It is made of biodegradable EVA foam that provides superior underfoot comfort.

It comes in a three-piece design with beveled corners, which is great because it reduces drag.

The surfboard traction pad has a twenty-five millimeter rolled ramp kick on the tail and a seven-millimeter center arch for superior traction.

The board has airy cutout pattern grooves that increase grip performance and board feel. The cutouts improve water flow and non-slip traction.

You will appreciate the 3M high-grade adhesive, which sticks perfectly the first time.


  • The 3M high-grade adhesive provides superior attachment
  • It features a three-piece design that is easy to install
  • The biodegradable EVA foam exceptional underfoot comfort
  • The surfboard traction pad has beveled corners that helps reduce drag when surfing
  • Numerous airy cutout grooves improve water flow and non-slip traction


  • Some models may come with a three-piece design that does not fit
  • Could be better with more colorways for preference

Ho Stevie Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

This surfboard traction pad comes as a three-piece design that many surfers will find easy to attach than others. The best you could have ever wished for.

This pad is available in various colorways for preference, including aqua, white with black palm trees, aqua with white palm trees, white, black with white palm trees, and black.

It is a full-size traction pad. You can either install it as a three-piece or split it up into three pieces.

The middle section has superior arch support for preventing arch problems. It comes with a high kick tail; so, your foot will not slide off the back.

It is super grippy yet soft at the same time, making it perfect for surfing on surfboards and shortboards because it is smoother on your feet.

It comes with a strong 3M adhesive that offers maximum stick to your surfboard, shortboard, or skimboard.

It features unique cross pattern grooves for superior water flow and traction performance.


  • Cross pattern grooves improve non-slip traction
  • It is available in many colorways for preference
  • You get a strong 3M adhesive for superior attachment
  • The middle section has great arch support
  • The high kick tail ensures your foot does not slide off


  • Some models may come with three pieces that do not align properly
  • May be too small for some wide surfboards

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Front Traction Pad

If you do not want to get stacked with a specific shape, then the Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Front Traction Pad is for you.

It comes in a pack of four small strips that you can arrange in any pattern you like.

You no longer need wax on your surfboard because this amazing four-piece traction pad offers unmatched performance.

You get a sticky 3M adhesive that provides a strong attachment as long as you apply it correctly.

When you space the four pieces a quarter-inch apart, you get a full-size pad that measures 15 by 15 inches.

The individual pads have a thickness of two and a half millimeters, making the pad great for front traction.

The four-piece traction pad has corduroy grooves that run from top to bottom. This groove pattern ensures your rear foot is properly planted on the board.


  • The four-piece design can be arranged in different styles
  • Corduroy grooves provide sticky, non-slip traction
  • The 3M adhesive provided is super strong and durable
  • It is light and thin for superior front side performance
  • You get a one-year guarantee


  • It does not have good arch support
  • May not be the best choice for prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

SYMPL Surfboard Traction Pad

Get that maximum grip surf traction without the excess weight with this incredible surfboard traction pad from SYMPL.

The pad has diamond lock grooves, which is great because they give you superior grip performance. This unique groove pattern uses uniquely sized diamonds to lock your foot in place.

The pattern also provides optimum depth for reduced weight and maximum grip.

The pad is made of ultra-light foam that provides great underfoot comfort, maximum control and stability, and a better board feel.

The pad comes with a very effective 3M glue that is specifically formulated for watersports. The glue provides a strong and durable attachment that will not peel off your surfboard easily.

The traction pad has a vert kick that is thirty millimeters tall, which ensures your foot is locked and will not slide off the back. It does not matter how hard you push on the kick, it will not rip.

This model is available in different colorways for everyone, including white, slate, navy, mint, and maroon. Not to mention that this three-piece model works great on all surfboards.


  • Ultra-light EVA foam provides great underfoot comfort
  • Diamond lock grooves improve traction, stability, and control
  • Premium 3M adhesive will not peel off your surfboard
  • Has a superior kick that keeps your foot locked in
  • The three pieces align perfectly together


  • Quality control may be inconsistent with some models

AQUBONA Three-Piece Stomp Pad Surfboard

One of the best traction pads for surfboards. This impressive model is available in four different styles. Two styles are in black and the other two are in white.

The pad is made of innovative EVA foam, which is good because this material is lightweight and provides the most comfortable surfing grip.

You get a top-quality 3M adhesive that creates a long-lasting bond with the board. The EVA is five millimeters thick; so, it is very comfy.

The pad measures 13 by 14.5 inches, making it a great choice for surfboards, longboards, funboards, skimboards, and fish boards.

The three pieces of the pad are super easy to attach to a surfboard. They are also innovatively crafted, allowing you to arrange them in different configurations for a customized experience.

The pieces have numerous cutouts for added depth, which increases traction. The vertical and horizontal cutouts provide more angles, increasing grip performance.


  • The EVA is super light and very comfortable underneath your foot
  • The vertical grooves give the best grip performance possible
  • The cutouts in the pads add depth and traction
  • You can arrange the pieces in different shapes
  • The vertical and horizontal cutouts provide more grip angles


  • The brand should provide a higher quality adhesive

Punt Surf Surfboard Traction Pad

One of the most popular surfboard traction pad in the market. It provides a superior lightweight grip for the best surfing performance.

It comes in three pieces, which measure 10.5 by 11.75 inches. As a full size, the pad fits any surfboard or skimboard.

You can attach the pieces close to each other when mounting the pad on a smaller board or you can space them apart when attaching the pad to a large board.

It is made from premium EVA foam that provides good underfoot comfort and support. The arch bar of the foam has a ten-millimeter teardrop, which enhances arch support.

The kick-tail is innovatively shaped with a twenty-five-millimeter ramp that keeps your foot from slipping off.

The pieces attach firmly to a surfboard with the premium quality 3M adhesive. This superglue creates a very strong bond that does not rip off easily.

The diamond grooves, on the other hand, improve fluid drainage and non-slip traction performance.

This mat is also available in different color options for surfers of varying preferences. You can choose black, red, gray, blue, or green.


  • The three-piece design can be mounted in different styles
  • Diamond groove pattern improves fluid drainage and traction
  • The kick-tail has a 25mm ramp that prevents ripping
  • You get a very strong superglue that forms a strong bond with the board
  • You can mount the pieces far apart or close together


  • Possible to receive a model with poor quality

Things to Consider When Looking for Surfboard Traction Pads

Here are a few things you should take into account when looking for a surfboard traction pad or tail pad.

Number of Pieces

Surfboard traction pads are available with different pieces, such as one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece among others.

The most popular designs are 1 piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece. A 1 piece is the simplest design to mount on a board, but it is not a versatile choice.

A 3 piece is the most versatile option for many surfboards because you can effectively space out the pieces to fit on a large surfboard.

The durability of the Pad

Two important factors determine the durability of a surfboard traction pad: Material, and adhesive used to attach the pad to a surfboard.

Therefore, choose a traction pad that is made of premium quality EVA foam and 3M adhesive.

Superior Grip and Traction

Choose a pad that has an innovative and versatile groove pattern for the best grip and traction performance.

The most recommended groove pattern is the diamond cut. Also, consider a pad with cutouts because they increase depth and grip on the board.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is Slash Surfboard Traction Pad. This new release has taken the market by surprise with its outstanding grip and traction.

It is a three-piece design, which makes it a great choice for surfboards of all sizes. You can space out the pieces or mount them close to each other, depending on the size of your board.

The 3M adhesive that comes with this pad creates a long-lasting bond with a surfboard.

The vertical groove pattern provides non-slip traction to improve stability and control.

And, the premium quality EVA foam offers superior comfort. Not to mention that this traction pad comes with a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee.


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