The 8 Best Surfboard Leashes (2021 Reviews)

One of the most important surfing gear is a surfboard leash.

A SUP/surfboard leash is made up of a polyurethane cord (usually coiled), swivel connectors, ankle strap (cuff), rail saver, and a leash string.

The best surfboard leashes will not restrict your movements or drag and snag submerged objects. A surf leash ensures your surfboard does not get away from you when you fall in the water.

The only problem is that there are excessively many SUP/surfboard leashes out there and not everyone knows what to look for.

Therefore, in our top eight selections, we took into account all the special features you would want the best surfboard leash to have.

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Top Pick

BPS Storm Premium Surf SUP Leash is the most surfboard leashe liked and the bestseller.

This 10-foot long leash is available in twelve unique colors for preference.

It features high-quality materials that are skin-friendly and durable. The ankle strap is cushioned and adjustable for comfort and a secure fit.

The innovative rail saver design prevents dings and dents. Not to mention that the coiled cord does not drag or snag in water.

Top 8 Best Surfboard Leashes Are:

BPS Storm Premium Surf SUP Leash

If you have larger calves or wrinkles, the BPS Storm Premium Surf SUP Leash will fit snuggly and comfortably.

It comes in twelve attractive colors; so, you should be able to find one that matches your surfboard.

It features a well-cushioned neoprene cuff with a cool BPS logo imprinted on the side. The cuff is ultra-soft to prevent abrasion and blistering. There is a super convenient hidden key pocket in the loop for added versatility.

The thermoplastic polyurethane cord is 7.2 mm thick, the thermoplastic polyurethane cord is 7.2 mm thick, which means it is incredibly powerful and durable.

This heavy-duty cord lengthens up to ten feet long for superior maneuverability. The coiling of the leash gets rid of snagging and dragging. So, do not worry about it catching submerged objects in the water.

The cord to swivel connector is made from durable TPU that will not rip easily. The swivel connector also rotates 360 degrees to ensure that the cord does not tangle when you turn.

This surfboard leashe also comes with a waterproof waist bag; so, you do not have to worry about your keys, wallet, and phone getting stolen while you are on the water.


  • You get a waterproof waist bag for storing your valuables
  • The neoprene cuff is soft, skin-friendly, and very comfortable
  • The polyurethane cord and cord to swivel connector are strong and durable
  • The superior coiling of the leash prevents snagging of objects
  • So many colors to choose from for preference


  • Some models do not come with instructions on how to use

Seaplus Surfboard Leash

If you are looking for a premium quality leash for your big wave surfboard, look no further than the Seaplus Surfboard Leash.

This model is reasonably designed and very comfortable. The tether is stitched with a soft neoprene inside the loop, which makes it comfortable to wear when surfing or paddleboarding big waves.

The ankle loop is integrated with a small pocket for storing your accessories like keys.

It is safe and reliable. The leash is nine feet long and seven millimeters in diameter with a superior pulling force of over six hundred pounds.

The leash joints are fitted with stainless fasteners for added safety and reliability.

You will appreciate how quick and easy it is to install this leash. You just have to adopt the sticky magic sticker at the ankle area, then connect the other end to your surfboard.

Another good feature is the swivel on both ends of the leash, which helps prevent tangling.


  • It has a superior pulling force of over 600 pounds
  • Swivels on both ends of the leash prevent tangling
  • The high-density neoprene padding is skin-friendly
  • Premium self-adhesive is reusable for over ten thousand times
  • Has a small pocket for storing accessories


  • Could be more versatile if the cord was a little bit longer

Own the Wave Nemesis SUP Leash

Nemesis from Own the Wave is a solid but comfortable SUP and surfboard leash. It has proven to be one of the go-to choices for many surfers and paddleboarders.

Its assured performance is attributed to its proven design. The cord is made of heavy-duty 7.2-millimeter thick thermoplastic polyurethane with a superior pulling force.

Moreover, the cord stretches up to 10 feet long for added flexibility. You also have a TPU cord to swivel connector.

The swivel connector on both ends of the leash rotates three hundred and sixty degrees to prevent tangling when turning during surfing.

The leash is ultra-comfortable and snug because it is made of a soft neoprene cuff that helps prevent chafing and blistering.

You have an adjustable strap on the ankle for securing a perfect fit. There is also a convenient key pocket and quick-release tab.

The leash is integrated with a wide and long rail saver for superior board protection. The tight coiling of the cord equals no snagging or dragging.


  • The thermoplastic polyurethane cord has a strong pulling force
  • Swivel connector rotates 360 degrees to prevent tangling
  • The cord stretches up to ten feet long for added versatility
  • The neoprene cuff is super soft to prevent chafing and blistering
  • The adjustable strap provides a secure and snug fit


  • The coil may lose its shape after some time

Woowave Premium SUP Surfboard Leash

The best surfboard leash from Woowave.

You will love this SUP surfboard leash right out of the box, whether you choose the black, yellow-white, blue-white, red white, clear black, pink white, clear white, or the green-white design.

It is made of a durable seven-millimeter urethane cord that can stand up to the heaviest and longest surfboards.

The heavy-duty cord attaches to precision molded-in stainless swivels to ensure that the leash does not tangle during a wipeout.

The ankle cuff is fitted with 2.5-inch high-density neoprene padding to help prevent skin irritation and blistering.

The strapping system is adjustable and has a strong Velcro closure that allows for a strong, comfortable, and secure fit.

You also get a convenient and durable waterproof pouch that is innovatively designed to accommodate your phone, wallet, and keys. With an IXP8 sealant, the pouch is waterproof, dustproof, and snow-proof.


  • It coils up pretty well to eliminate dragging and snagging
  • It stretches up to ten feet long, making it ideal for the most extended board
  • Triple wrap rail saver keeps your board free of dings and dents
  • Heavy padding at the ankle cuff improves comfort
  • The adjustable straps allow for a customized fit


  • Some models may come with loose stitching

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS 10’ Coiled SUP Leash

Santa Barbara is just as suitable for surfing big waves as well as small waves, making it a good all-around choice for surfers.

This surfboard leash is available in black with a large SBS logo on the ankle strap and the rail saver.

The leash features a super-strong seven-millimeter urethane cord that has a high pulling force. The cord is attached to molded-in stainless swivels that rotate 360 degrees to eliminate tangling.

The triple rail saver and the cord that attaches to your surfboard are super strong and durable.

When installed, the triple rail saver will be hitting along the rail of your surfboard to ensure that during wipeouts, the leash string does not rip through the back of your board.

The double over super comfortable ankle strap is generously padded for comfort. The cuff is equipped with an easy to pull tab and a convenient key pocket.

The flexible cord stretches easily up to ten feet long. The coiling of the cord; on the other hand, prevents the leash from snagging or dragging objects in the water.


  • It coils up so well to prevent snagging and dragging
  • It is strong enough to take on the heaviest and longest surfboards
  • Triple lock rail saver helps prevent dings and rail wear
  • The padded ankle strap helps prevent blistering
  • The cord to swivel connector rotates to prevent tangling


  • Quality control may be inconsistent from one model to another

Unigear Premium SUP Surfboard Leash

Enjoy unbounded and safer surfing with this incredible surfboard leash from Unigear. The leash is expertly and innovatively designed to deliver the best performance.

In addition to the leash, you get a wallet that is waterproof, dustproof, and snow-proof. The clear windows on the wallet make it ideal for keeping and using your phone.

The wallet has universal compatibility, which means it is a great fit for most smartphone sizes of up to six inches.

The urethane-coiled cord is seven millimeters thick, which is good because it can withstand a higher pulling force from larger surfboards.

You have nine unique colors (black, yellow, blue, white, green, transparent black, orange, sky blue, and pink) to meet your preference.

The ankle part of the leash is made from heavy-duty TPU with a soft sponge for cushiony comfort.

The strapping system is straightforward to tie onto your ankle.

Like all high-quality surf leashes, the Unigear also comes with a triple wrap rail saver that helps prevent the leash string from dinging or wearing out the board.

Another good feature is the stainless swivel on both ends of the cord, which ensure the surfboard leash does not tangle when making tight turns.


  • Triple wrap rail saver prevents ding and wear
  • Soft sponge padding on the cuff improves comfort
  • It coils so effectively to prevent dragging and snagging
  • It is extremely simple to tie or attach to your board
  • The leash has a higher pulling force and stretches up to 10 feet


  • Some models may come with a poorly designed waterproof wallet

Ho Stevie Premium Surf Leash

What makes Ho Stevie Premium Surf Leash special? It is available in the following lengths, 6, 7, 8, and 9 feet. You can also choose between black and white colors.

This model extends fully when uncoiled. It stays comfortably and safely out from under your feet when surfing or paddleboarding.

It maintains its coiled shape when not stretched to prevent snagging or dragging of submerged objects.

It is 1/4-inch thick, which means it can withstand repeated use without snapping to ensure your surfboard never gets away from you.

It has a padded cuff that is very comfortable on your ankle and it will not slide around to cause blistering. It comes equipped with a high-quality Velcro closure that provides a snug fit.

The leash is integrated with two stainless swivels at both ends of the cord that eliminate tangling during a wipeout.

The innovatively designed rail saver ensures your board is protected from the pressure of pulling.


  • The leash is available in four different lengths
  • The quarter-inch thick cord can withstand pulling during a wipeout
  • The cuff is padded to enhance comfort and prevent blistering
  • Rotating swivels on both ends eliminate tangling
  • The heavy-duty rail saver keeps your surfboard protected from dings


  • Could be better if the cord was longer

Abahub Premium Surfboard Leash

If you are not a big fan of the coiled designs, then you can consider this incredible leg rope leash from Abahub.

You can get it in black, blue, orange, green, clear black, clear red, and clear blue. You also have five different lengths to consider, including the 10-foot, 9-foot, 8-foot, 7-foot, and 6-foot.

Like all high-quality SUP surfboard leashes out there, the Abahub is made of premium polyurethane cord that is seven millimeters for strength and durability.

The cord is attached to two molded-in stainless swivels that eliminate tangling during a wipeout.

The cuff is cushioned to eliminate chafing, blistering, and skin irritation. The wrap-around heavy-duty Velcro closure adds security and strength to the connection.

The ankle cuff is also fitted with a hidden key pouch and an easy to pull tab for added versatility.


  • A highly versatile choice that is available in different colors and lengths
  • Has a triple wrap rail saver for added surfboard protection
  • Double stainless swivels ensure there is no tangling
  • The seven-millimeter thick cord can withstand a high pulling force
  • High-density neoprene padding on the cuff improves comfort


  • Possible quality issues with some models

Things to Consider When Looking for Surfboard Leashes

The design of surfboard leashes look almost similar, but a few things separate them in terms of quality, versatility, comfort, and durability.

Comfortable Ankle Cuff

A surfboard leash will do you no good if it does not have a comfortable ankle cuff.

Make sure the model you choose has a soft neoprene cuff that will prevent chafing and blistering.

The cuff should also be fitted with an adjustable strap and a strong Velcro closure for a secure fit.

Good Rail Saver

We prefer a surfboard leash with a triple wrap rail saver that will help prevent the leash string from dinging or denting your surfboard during a wipeout.

Strong High-Quality Cord

The coiled cord should be made of strong material with a thickness of at least seven millimeters.

A cord of such quality can withstand the highest pulling force from heavy and long surfboards. Make sure the cord is attached to heavy-duty swivels that can prevent tangling.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is BPS Storm Premium Surf SUP Leash.

This model is suitable for flat surfing water as well as big waves, which is why it is a great all-around choice for surfers and paddleboarders.

It is ten feet long and is available in numerous color options to meet everyone’s needs.

The extra-soft neoprene padding on the cuff help prevents chafing, skin irritation, and blistering. The adjustable strapping system is integrated with strong Velcro closure for a secure and snug fit.

The thermoplastic cord is 7.2 millimeters thick, which means it can stand up to the heaviest and longest surfboards out there.

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