Best Surfboard for Big Guys (2021 Reviews)

Can big buys surf like any other surfers out there?

Yes, big guys are able to surf unless you are too big even to stand up.

The best surfboard for big guys should have superior volume, length, and performance features.

This, however, doesn’t restrict you to longboards. You can also surf funboards and fish boards if they have the right volume and dimensions.

Choosing the best model, however, requires you to do a little research.

So, in our top selections, we have considered all the important features a big guy’s surfboard should have.

Top Pick 

Wavestorm 8’ Classic Surfboard is our top pick. This soft foam construction board provides superior buoyancy, stability, speed, and maneuverability.

It will not dig into bumps but support smoother rides and faster direction changes. Take to the water, big guys, and have fun with this incredible model.

Here are Our Best Surfboard for Big Guys Reviews:

Wavestorm 8’ Classic Surfboard 

The heavy-duty soft foam construction of the Wavestorm is innovatively designed to allow big guys the ultimate best surfing experience.

Key Features 

  • EPS core and three heavy-duty stringers
  • High-density slick bottom
  • Textured traction pad
  • Squash tail design
  • Soft rail and relaxed rocker

The board features an EPS core construction, which is great because it is powerful and light, making it the optimum foam core.

This few cell core is waterproof, which means open dings will not absorb water.

The core is strengthened with three marine-ply stringers that prevent the board from flexing beyond the tolerances of the skin material and the core.

The stringers perform excellently to prevent the surfboard from snapping when a big guy gets in and out of turns.

The high-density slick on the bottom improves the performance and durability features of the board.

Not only does it add strength and rigidness to the bodyboard. It also provides big guys with a resistance-free surface that enhances maneuverability and speed on those big waves.

The relaxed rocker ensures that more of the board’s surface is in contact with the water to improve maneuverability as well as speed.

The nose rocker is innovatively curved at the front to ensure that you don’t dig into bumps.

The rounded pin-tail, on the other hand, allows for quicker turns when surfing big waves.

Another good feature is the textured traction pad that allows you to locate the perfect foot positioning without slipping.


  • The EPS core is strong, light, and exceptionally durable
  • Relaxed rocker improves maneuverability and speed when surfing big waves
  • The slightly curved rocker near the front prevents digging into bumps
  • The marine-ply stringers improve the core’s stiffness
  • High-density slick offers resistance-free riding


  • The leash that comes with the board is prone to tangling
  • It doesn’t come with a sock for preventing dings and scratches


You will absolutely love this surfboard. It guarantees superior glide, maneuverability, speed, and quick turns. But the leash may tangle a lot because it doesn’t have a swivel.

Creative Army Five Sugars PU Surfboard 

If you are looking for a versatile allrounder that offers long nose rides, fast trimming, and easy flowing turns, look no further than Five Sugars from Creative Army.

Key Features 

  • PU core construction
  • Modern medium rocker
  • Slightly pulled in tail
  • Subtle yet effective contours
  • 2+1 fin set-up
  • Wave height of zero to six feet

This board features a heavy-duty PU core construction with a high-quality finish.

The PU foam used is a closed-cell, which is great because it will not easily soak up water or resin.

The strength and stiffness of this material give big guys a superior hold on the rails when making tight turns in strong waves.

The surfboard has a progressive flex pattern that is effectively controlled by a high-quality wooden stringer that feels reliable under your feet.

The balanced and smooth outline has a faintly pulled-in tail that improves acceleration and drives in tight turns.

You’ve got a voluptuous nose design that allows for prolonged nose riding in different phases of a wave.

It has a medium rocker, which is great because it allows the board to paddle easily, flowing through different wave sections with minimal effort.

The rocker at the nose has a slight lift, allowing for easier late take-offs and noseriding. The contours of this surfboard are subtle but very effective.

The nose features a longer, deeper concave for effortless lifting, while the flatter midsection contours enhance speed and trim.

You’ve also got a 2+1 fin configuration, which makes rail to rail transitions smooth and easy.


  • The board is suitable for both beginners and experts
  • The longest version can support guys weighing up to two hundred pounds
  • The allrounder rocker provides effortless glide and speed
  • Subtle contours produce a superior lift
  • Innovative fin set-up and rolled vee bottom allow for smooth transitions


  • It may not come with additional accessories


The unique design of this board makes it an all-rounder high performer. It guarantees superior maneuverability and smooth and flowing turns.

A big guy can easily catch waves with this model.

South Bay Board Co. Heritage Premium Surfboard 

The Heritage Premium design is inspired by the shapes of traditional longboards, making it one of the best choices for big guys.

Key Features 

  • EPS closed cell foam blank
  • Textured soft-top foam deck
  • HDPE plastic bottom deck
  • Full double concave bottom
  • Pulled-in squash tail
  • Hand tapered rails

The board features an EPS closed-cell foam that is light, strong, and high performing. The closed-cell structure ensures the surfboard doesn’t soak water when the skin is cracked.

You’ve got a triple stringer system (made up of two wooden stringers and one fiberglass rod stringer), reinforcing the EPS core and helping prevent heat damage.

It comes with a single to double concave design. The board starts with a single contour near the nose and then splits into two as it heads towards the tail.

The single to double concave makes the Heritage Premium from South Bay Board Co.

A great option for big guys because it allows for more free maneuvers and looser turns. The one concave near the nose provides superior drive in different wave sections.

The hand tapered rails allow the Heritage Premium to sink into the water, providing superior control when getting into turns.

The nose has a beginner-friendly rocker that allows for less pearling and easier take-offs, while the tail has a slight rocker for quick release in turns.

The pulled-in squash tail allows for quick direction changes. The tail is also fitted with a rubber bumper for safe and easy vertical storage.

You’ve also got a heat release valve that helps prevent heat damage.


  • The closed-cell EPS core does not soak water
  • Single to double concave allows for free maneuvers and looser turns
  • Hand tapered rails are nice and quick when getting into turns
  • It allows for easier take-offs and produces less pearling
  • The pulled-in squash tail makes direction changes easy


  • The board’s design is prone to get into bumps


This is a premium surfboard for big beginner surfers thanks to its custom shape, high-quality materials, and aesthetic appeal.

TAHE 8’ Super Magnum Soft-Top Surfboard 

The Super Magnum from TAHE is a great option for big guys weighing up to two hundred pounds. It offers maximum ease of use and comfort for continued enjoyment.

Key Features 

  • Precision aluminum molded core
  • Durable and protective deck layer
  • Soft IXPE foam top and rails
  • Fiberglass and epoxy reinforced core
  • Hard slick bottom
  • Wood or composite stringers

The board features a precision aluminum molded core, which is great because it is strong, light, and high performing on the water.

The core is reinforced with epoxy and fiberglass for added strength and durability.

The epoxy makes the board stronger, better flexing, and longer-lasting, while the fiberglass layer gives the board a more natural feel and smoothness.

The soft IXPE foam top has a high density that adds stiffness and rigidity to the board to enhance its overall strength, buoyancy, and floatation.

The nose has an entry-level rocker that prevents pearling, while on the tail, you have a low rocker for maintaining speed and the board’s maneuverability.

The semi-hard rails are hard inside and soft outside, allowing you to take advantage of the board’s turning radius for superior performance throughout turns.

The double concave construction helps water flow more capably to the fins for a smoother glide.

The rounded nose makes wave catching and paddling much easier, while the widened chest improves stability and makes pop-ups easier.

The high-density slick bottom increases strength and makes surfing more resistance-free, while the composite stringers improve stiffness and help prevent snapping when turning.


  • The board is a strong, light, and high performing
  • The high-density top foam improves overall strength and floatation
  • Unique rocker design helps maintain speed and maneuverability
  • Water flows more capably to the fins for smoother surfing
  • Stringers improve stiffness and prevent snapping in turns


  • The package may not come with additional accessories


This new release to the market is reinforced with epoxy resin and fiberglass to make it stronger, lighter, and long-lasting.

Its performance features are incredible, and they guarantee superior buoyancy, floatation, glide on different sections of the waves, and turning.

Things to Consider When Looking for Surfboards for Big Guys 

Big guys can have fun on the water with a heavy-duty surfboard. Here are the key features to look for:

The Right Volume 

Surfboard volume is the amount of space an actual board occupies on the water. In surfing, volume translates to your ability to catch waves easily.

So, not struggling to paddle into a wave no matter how small or big it is.

The volume also has a great deal to do with the amount of speed you will get. A board with less volume can make catching waves challenging for big guys.

It can also be hard to generate speed and maintain maneuverability at the same time.

On the other hand, too much volume can feel quite bulky and can be difficult to push through turns.

The volume of a surfboard isn’t everything, though. The rocker of the board determines how easy it is to paddle onto waves.

A higher rocker means more friction, while a low rocker means less friction.

Overall, you need to consider your volume sweet spot. What this means is looking at surfboards with different volumes that can achieve different goals.

The Right Style and Dimensions 

By default, most people would recommend longboard surfboards for big guys. That’s okay, but a beginner may not be capable of riding a longboard.

According to our earlier discussion, a board’s performance is dependent on volume (volume sweet spot, to be precise).

So, if you think this way, you can easily ride a fish board even though you are a big guy weighing approximately two hundred pounds.

A fish board with a volume of forty-five liters can give a big guy a remarkable surfing experience. But the ultimate best styles for big guys are always funboards and longboards.

Be most careful with dimensions. Three surfboards with the exact length, width, and thickness can have different volumes because of the rocker, tail, and nose designs.

What Performance Features Should You Aim For? 

Once you have selected the ideal style, dimensions, and volume, the next important thing is to consider performance features.

We recommend hand tapered rails because they provide superior rail to rail transitions.

The chest area should be widened for improved board stability and easier pop-ups. It is always better to go for surfboards that are reinforced with stringers.

Stringers not only improve the stiffness and rigidity of a board, but they also prevent the board from snapping when getting in and out of turns.

Also, please choose the most versatile tail design because it has a massive impact on your riding performance.

We recommend the following tail designs: squash, rounded pin-tail, rounded square tail, and fish. But there are other tail designs you can consider depending on your preference.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Wavestorm 8’ Classic Surfboard.

This innovatively designed board is eight feet long, twenty-two and half inches wide, and three and quarter inches thick with a volume of eighty-six liters.

So, it automatically qualifies as a big guy surfboard for people weighing up to two hundred pounds.

It’s got the best design and performance features you have been looking for.

The EPS core reinforced with three marine-ply stringers provide superior buoyancy, floatation, speed, and maneuverability.

The relaxed rocker ensures that you don’t dig into bumps, while the squash tail allows for fast direction changes.


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