The 6 Best Surf Booties (2021 Reviews)

You need the best surf booties to help keep your feet warm, protected, and comfortable, especially in cold waters.

Surf booties are innovatively designed to mimic the natural contours of the human foot.

This ensures they fit as naturally as possible for the best flexibility and maneuverability on the surfboard.

Advanced models come equipped with 3D arch to offer superior support as well as stability.

The choice of surf booties, however, is huge, and not every surfer knows what to look for on the market.

So, in our top six selections, we have considered all the essential features you would want in surf booties.

Top Pick 

Cressi Neoprene Anti-Slip Surf Booties are our top pick. These 3 mm thick neoprene booties are designed to offer the best warmth, flexibility, protection, and slip-resistance performance.

They are available in ten US male and female sizes and four color options for preference.

Here are Our Best Surf Booties Reviews

Cressi Neoprene Anti-Slip Surf Booties 

These incredible anti-slip surf booties from Cressi are built to last. They are a perfect addition to your surfing wetsuit.

Key Features 

  • 3 mm Neoprene
  • Nylon II neoprene rubber
  • Rubber heel and toe cap
  • Super elastic
  • Zipper closure

These booties are made of 3 mm neoprene, which is great because the material is blind-stitched and glued for superior waterproofing.

The material is highly abrasion-resistant, flexible, and easy to put on.

You’ve got a rubber toe cap and heel for added reinforcement and durability.

The sole features a long-lasting rubber material with pilewise tread lines for outstanding non-slip performance on smooth or wet surfaces.

They come equipped with a heavy-duty zipper closure that makes donning and doffing extremely easy and quick.

The zipper closure has reinforced stitching for added waterproofness.

These booties are available in ten different men sizes and four color options for preference. This long 3 mm style is also available in a short 3 mm style.


  • The 3 mm neoprene is chemical and waterproof
  • They are blind-stitched and glued for added strength and durability
  • The sole is remarkably flexible and anti-slip on smooth surfaces
  • The toe cap and back heel are reinforced for protection and durability
  • Donning and doffing are extremely easy due to the ergonomic zipper closure


  • Some of the available sizes tend to run wide


If you get the correct size that doesn’t run wide, then these are great surf booties for the money. Not to mention that they are very versatile and durable.

Hyperflex Access Round Toe Surf Booties 

These high-performing surf booties bring a refreshing efficiency and simplicity to the surfing community with their ergonomic low profile design.

Key Features

  • Neoprene construction
  • GBS seams
  • Bionic foam technology
  • Exo shell membrane
  • Diamond skin sole

This pair features GBS seams, which is great because the shoes are blind-stitched and double-glued to avoid puncture holes and enhance waterproof performance.

The GBS seams also help maintain a low profile and highly flexible construction. They are fitted with an Exo shell membrane to enhance support, comfort, as well as fit.

We truly appreciate the bionic foam in the design, a highly wear-resistant and durable four-way stretch fabric that will stand the test of time.

You’ve got a diamond skin sole on each shoe for excellent protection and traction without losing control and feeling.

The miniature diamond-shaped treads offer a consistent grip performance in all directions. The waterways channel water away to improve slip-resistance on smooth and watery surfaces.

The booties are available in nine different sizes for a superior fit. But here is the thing, they are only available in one color.


  • Blind-stiched and double-glued for strength and durability
  • The low profile design is highly flexible
  • The vulcanized arch and heel lock enhance support and fit
  • The four-way stretch fabric is wear-resistant and durable
  • Diamond skin sole offers excellent protection and traction


  • Some of the models tend to leave space at the bottom of the foot


The price point of these booties is incredible, and the low profile design is highly flexible and allows for easy donning and doffing.

Neo Sport Premium Wetsuit Surf Boots 

These unisex surf boots offer protection, support, and comfort without breaking the bank. They are very flexible and durable.

Key Features 

  • Neoprene construction
  • 3, 5, and 7 mm thickness
  • Puncture-resistant sole
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Water entry barrier (WEB)

The first thing that we like about these high-performing surf boots from Neo Sport is the availability of three thickness sizes.

You can select a 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm, depending on the level of protection and comfort you are looking for when out surfing.

They come with a strong neoprene construction that is blind-stitched and double-glued for puncture resistance.

The unique construction makes the boots highly flexible. The toe cap and back heel of the booties are reinforced to improve protection as well as durability.

They come with a heavy-duty zipper for easy put-on and take-off. The zipper is reinforced with a water entry barrier to keep water from getting into the shoes.

The heavy-duty outsole is equipped with unique treads for unmatched slip-resistance and traction on the surfboard.

The treads are also innovatively designed to channel water away.


  • They are available in three different thicknesses
  • The sole has great slip and puncture resistance
  • Zipper closure design makes donning and doffing easy
  • The water entry barrier improves the zipper waterproof capability
  • The boots are blind-stitched and double-glued for durability


  • Some of the available sizes tend to run small
  • Only two sizes are available for women


With three thickness sizes to choose from and a unisex design, these surf booties are highly versatile. Just look out for sizes that run small.

Mares Classic 3 MM Dive Surf Booties 

If you have been looking for high-quality surf booties without breaking the bank, then this incredible pair from Mares is what you should be considering.

Key Features 

  • 3 mm thick neoprene
  • Glued and sewn seams
  • Ribbed sole design
  • Volcanized caps
  • Multiple sizes for both men and women

These high-quality, high-performing boots from Mares are made of 3 mm thick neoprene for superior cold-resistance and durability.

The construction is double-glued and blind-stitched for unmatched puncture resistance, strength, and long-lasting durability.

The neoprene is very stretchy, which is great because it offers a comfortable and snug fit.

You’ve got volcanized caps on the top, back heel, and toe to add protection and durability to the high-wear areas.

The boots are very stylish with their contrasting zippers. The zippers are ergonomically designed for quick and easy donning and doffing.

These high-quality boots equip semi-rigid soles that provide protection and non-slip traction without sacrificing too much flexibility.

You’ve got more than ten sizes to choose from for added versatility. But the thing is, the boots are only available in black.


  • The 3 mm neoprene offers superior cold protection
  • The design is doubled-glued and blind-stitched for durability
  • The stretchy mouth and ergonomic zipper allow for easy donning and doffing
  • The semi-rigid soles offer protection and flexibility
  • There are many boot sizes to choose from for both men and women


  • They are only available in one color option
  • They could be better with an anti-flush strap


These great booties come with all the features you have been looking for at a very budget-friendly price range. But they are only available in black.

Tilos TruFit Dive Surf Booties 

These incredible dive boots from Tilos are built for performance and will effectively improve your surfing experience.

Key Features 

  • Asymmetrical toe box
  • Reduced volume
  • Heel support
  • Built-in arch support
  • Rocker sole design

These high-quality dive surf boots feature a reduced volume design, which is great because it reduces water entry into the boots.

This unique design helps keep you warmer. You’ve got an asymmetrical toe box that provides a snug fit for your toes to eliminate dead space.

The boots come equipped with built-in arch support, which helps keep your feet in a natural position for superior foot placement on the surfboard.

The heel cup is reinforced with natural padding for effective shock absorption during high-speed maneuvers on the water.

The sole has an innovative rocker shape for easy rolling to help improve balance on the surfboard and reduce fatigue.

The construction is double-glued for added strength and blind-stitched for comfort and durability.

This heavy-duty construction provides outstanding waterproofness.

The YKK #8 zipper is integrated with a water barrier for enhanced water-resistance. The zipper also allows for easy donning and doffing.


  • The construction is double-glued and blind-stitched
  • The reduced volume design prevents water entry to improve warmth
  • The asymmetrical toe box reduces dead space for a snug fit
  • Natural padding at the heel cup helps absorb shock during high-speed maneuvers
  • The built-in arch keeps your foot in a more natural position


  • The boots may be a bit long and roomy for some surfers
  • It is possible to experience strong off-gassing during unboxing


These are great water booties for surfers. Their unique construction is highly flexible, versatile, and durable. Just make sure you don’t pick a size that runs large.

O’Neill Heat 3 MM Split Toe Surf Booties 

These performance-focussed split toe surf boots from O’Neill will add some spark to your surfing carrier. They are built for protection, comfort, and versatility.

Key Features 

  • Fluid flex firewall neoprene
  • Unique split-toe design
  • Blind-stitched and double-glued seams
  • Torsion control panel
  • Anti-flush shin strap

These booties are made of one hundred percent fluid flex neoprene, which is great because it is remarkably stretchy.

On the inside of the shoes, you’ve got a very proprietary firewall lining for added comfort.

The interior design is also fitted with taped seams that keep the booties virtually leak-proof from an exterior standpoint.

The construction is first glued together at all the seams, and then there is a blind stitch on the outside and a taped seam on the inside.

This heavy-duty manufacturing guarantees strength, superior waterproof capability, and long-lasting durability.

The upper is reinforced on the toe cap, back heel, and sides with torsion control panels to give the boots shape, flexibility, and added protection.

The split-toe construction fits snugly and comfortably and allows for easy maneuverability.

The boots don’t come with zipper closure, but they have a very stretchy mouth and heel pull loop for easy put-on. There’s an anti-flush shin strap that adds versatility.


  • The neoprene is very stretchy and fits snugly
  • Proprietary firewall lining improves interior comfort
  • The construction is glued and blind-stitched for durability
  • Interior taped seams improve waterproof performance
  • The split-toe design is highly versatile and easy to wear


  • Could be much easier to put on with a zipper closure


If you want a pair of surf boots that are built for versatility, protection, and durability, then look no further than this model.

Things to Look for in Surf Booties 

Here are the essential things to look for during your search.

Size and Fit 

You must choose surf booties that fit snugly and comfortably. This will ensure superior performance and comfort when surfing for longer periods.

You need your heel-to-toe length measurement to determine your boot size on the sizing chart. Use a ruler or a tape measure to get get the measurement.

For optimal sizing, however, we recommend those are in between sizes or with wide feet to go up to the next size boot.


There are three levels of thickness you can consider when looking for surf booties, 3 mm, 5 mm, and 7 mm.

Three-millimeter neoprene booties are ideal for temperate to warm waters. Five-millimeter neoprene booties are perfect for cold waters. In contrast, seven-millimeter neoprene booties are perfect for icy waters.


Surf booties don’t come cheap; so, you have to invest in high-quality construction. The neoprene material used has to be of the best quality and stretch.

The sole must provide excellent protection and traction. The seams and seals of the boots have to be super durable.

Final Thoughts 

The winning pair in this roundup is Cressi Neoprene Anti-Slip Surf Booties. What makes these booties stand out is their versatile design.

You can use them for surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, free diving, rafting, among others.

They are available in multiple sizes for added versatility and four color options for preference.

With a neoprene thickness of 3 mm, these booties are great for temperate to warm waters. They offer a great combination of warmth, flexibility, protection, as well as durability.


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