The 5 Best Spring Wetsuit (2021 Reviews)

The best spring wetsuit provides buoyancy and protection without too much warmth.

Wetsuits designed for spring are suitable for temperatures above seventy-six degrees Fahrenheit.

Spring wetsuits can be shorties with short sleeves or full-length without sleeves. They are designed this way to enhance breathability and flexibility.

The choice for spring wetsuits is huge on the market. But you wouldn’t know for sure what’s best for you unless you do a little research.

So, in our top five selections, we took into consideration all the important features that make spring wetsuits a valuable resource in this season.

Top Pick 

O’Neill Men’s Reactor II 2 MM Short Sleeve Wetsuit is our top pick. This shorty design with short sleeves is built for spring and the upcoming summer.

It is designed to provide a full dose of optimal warmth, buoyancy, breathability, and flexibility performance at the best value.

Here are Our Best Spring Wetsuit Reviews

O’Neill Men’s Reactor II 2 MM Short Sleeve Wetsuit 

When the weather gets warmer, the Men’s Reactor II from O’Neill is a great option for all your surface water sports activities.

Key Features 

  • Short-sleeve design
  • Back zip entry
  • Flatlock stitched construction
  • Fluid flex neoprene
  • Strategic seamless paddle zones

This is a perfect entry-level spring wetsuit that is value-driven. It is a great choice for surfing, paddleboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, and warmer beach days.

You’ve got ultra-flex neoprene in the sleeves for superior fitting and freedom of movement.

The chest, legs, and body are fortified with O’Neill’s FluidFlex neoprene for improved durability and warmth in case there is a slight change of temperature while on the water.

We truly appreciate the flatlock stitching on the construction, considering its outstanding breathability.

You’ve got seamless paddle zones on the suit, which is great because it keeps seams out of the parts that are highly susceptible to chafing.

The short-sleeve design is highly breathable. The armpits are very flexible, allowing for easy maneuverability, especially when paddling a surfboard to catch a wave.

It is fitted with a very ergonomic back zip closure that opens effortlessly for easy entry and exit.

The zipper is equipped with a pull loop for quick and easy self-doffing.

The neckline has smooth skin material that seals against the skin for slowing down water from entering the suit.


  • The short-sleeve design is highly breathable
  • The ultra-flex neoprene improves fit and freedom of movement
  • Flatlock stitching improves the suit’s breathability
  • The seamless paddle zones help prevent unnecessary chafing
  • The back zip with a pull loop is highly ergonomic


  • Some models may come with poorly designed seams on the hips
  • Look out for models with low-quality Velcro closure


With this spring wetsuit, you get a superior combination of stretch, breathability, and durability in a value-driven package—a great choice for beginners.

ZCCO Men’s 1.5/3 Premium Neoprene Wetsuit 

Go surfing, scuba diving, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, canoeing, and even kayaking in spring with this amazing 1.5/3 mm wetsuit from ZCCO.

Key Features 

  • Short-sleeve design
  • CR neoprene, nylon, and spandex
  • Rear YKK plastic zipper
  • Smooth skin collar
  • Velcro closure system

This short-sleeve spring wetsuit from ZCCO is available in seven different sizes and two color options for superior versatility and preference. It is a great warm climate multi-sport wetsuit.

The suit is made of CR neoprene, which is great because it is water-resistant, stretchy, and flexible.

The core has a thickness of 1.5 millimeters for breathability and flexibility, while the arms and lower legs have a thickness of 3 millimeters for added warmth.

On the inside of the collar, you have a smooth skin material that forms a water-resistant seal between your skin and the wetsuit.

This helps prevent flushing when you dive into the water. The arms and the feet feature a shape-cutting design that slows down water entry and provides an intimate fit and comfort.

The rear YKK zipper is made of heavy-duty plastic for superior corrosion resistance. The zipper also comes fitted with a loop for easy take-off.

The Velcro closure design allows for more convenient donning and doffing.


  • The CR neoprene is stretchy, flexible, and durable
  • Shape-cutting design helps reduce water entry on the legs
  • Smooth skin on the interior of the collar helps prevent flushing
  • The plastic zipper has superior rust and corrosion resistance
  • It is available in several sizes for fitting different people


  • It is possible to get a model with a loose Velcro closure attachment
  • The color options are limited


This is a great short-sleeve shorty wetsuit for spring. It is packed with high-quality features that are worth the money.

O’Neill Men’s Original 2 MM Sleeveless Spring Wetsuit 

The Men’s Original from O’Neill is built for spring weather performance with its sleeveless retro styling, wind-proof smooth skin, and strategic seam placement.

Key Features 

  • 100 percent ultra-flex neoprene
  • Flatlock stitched seams
  • Wind-proof smooth skin
  • Back zip entry design
  • Strategic seam placement

This high-quality wetsuit features a sleeveless design, which is great because it improves breathability and allows for effortless paddling when catching waves during surfing.

It is made of one hundred percent ultra-flex neoprene that offers sufficient warmth, comfort, flexibility, and durability.

It has flatlock stitching that allows for easy entry and exit of water, helping to keep your body temperature optimum.

The design features strategic seam placement, which means high-stress areas like the lumbar are seamless to prevent chafing.

The chest and back of the suit are made of smooth skin material that offers outstanding wind and water resistance.

The construction is first glued for strength and then blindstitched for superior durability.

Shape-cutting design on the legs helps reduce water entry into the wetsuit.

It comes equipped with a back zip design, which allows for easy donning and doffing.

The back zip closure has an extended pull tab for easy and convenient self-doffing.

The single sealed neckline, on the other hand, keeps you warm and toasty in case of temperature changes.


  • The sleeveless design is breathable and highly maneuverable
  • Ultra-flex design offers great warmth, comfort, and flexibility
  • Shape-cutting design on the legs prevent watery entry
  • Smooth skin on the chest and back improve wind-resistance
  • Ergonomic back zip closure allows for easy donning and doffing


  • Some models may have a flushing problem on the neck
  • Some of the sizes may not fit true to size


If you get a model that fits true to size, the Men’s Original Sleeveless from O’Neill is a great spring wetsuit for the money.

Henderson Women’s Thermoprene Pro 3 MM Spring Wetsuit

The Women’s Thermoprene boasts superior flexibility, comfort, and durability. It is designed to be warm but breathable with its short-sleeve and shorty design.

Key Features 

  • Neoprene and nylon
  • Short-sleeve and shorty design
  • Front zip entry
  • Adjustable collar design
  • GBS glued and blindstitched seams

As the name implies, the Thermoprene Pro is a professional quality product. One of the big differences between the old Thermoprene and this one stretch.

This suit has two hundred and fifty percent stretch compared to its predecessor.

This particular spring wetsuit only comes in a three-millimeter thickness and a shorty. It comes in black and lavender.

What we truly like about this suit is strategic seam placement. The brand has had more than five decades to minimize the seams.

This means that your spring wetsuit is stretchier, less susceptible to chafing, and highly durable.

All the seams on the suit are made with double GBS, which is great because two pieces of neoprene are glued together, and then they are stitched together in such a way that the needle never goes through the entire piece of neoprene.

At the front, you’ve got a stainless steel zipper that will never rust or corrode with constant exposure to water.

The zipper goes all the way down to the knee, allowing you to completely open the wetsuit for extremely easy and quick donning and doffing.

It is a great choice for women with shoulder or back issues.

The inside of the suit is made with an aqua silk lining with a light texture. You’ve also got spot taping at critical seams to improve durability.

There is a non-electronic stash key pocket on the inside for added convenience. There is a zipper pad that keeps water from flushing into your suit, keeping you warmer longer.

Another great feature of the Women’s Thermoprene Pro is the wide size range.

The brand makes the suit up to a size twenty-four, which is great because the company thought about how to fit a plus-size woman’s body as well as how to fit the size fours and size sixes.

You will also love to know that it comes with a ten-year warranty on most parts.


  • It has a superior stretch of up to 250 percent
  • Strategic seam placement improves flexibility and durability
  • The stainless steel zipper opens all the way down for convenience
  • Spot taping at critical seams improve durability
  • Available in numerous sizes for up to plus-size women


  • The arms and legs may not form a watertight seal for some women
  • It is possible to get a model with a flushing issue on the neck


This is a great spring wetsuit for women of all sizes. Just make sure you choose a model that forms a watertight seal on the legs and arms.

LayaTone Shorty Men Women 3 MM Wetsuit 

You can now go surfing, scuba diving, swimming, and even snorkeling in spring with the LayaTone Shorty Wetsuit. It is a great choice for both men and women.

Key Features 

  • 3 mm neoprene
  • Back YKK long zipper
  • Short-sleeve shorty
  • Flate lock design
  • Round neck design

This good quality spring wetsuit from LayaTone is made of three-millimeter thick neoprene, which is great because it helps keep your body warm and breathable in the water.

It is a shorty and short-sleeve, making it lightweight for more freedom in the water when the weather is warmer.

Although it is a shorty design it comes with an anatomically correct shape that will contour to your body easily.

It has black line eight-needle stitching that makes it appear beautiful and fashionable. The shape-cutting design on the arms and legs helps prevent water entry and flushing.

It comes with an ergonomic back zipper system that opens smoothly for quick and easy entry and exit.

The zipper is also fitted with an extended pull tab for quick self-doffing when you are done for the day. This zipper closure is highly rust and corrosion-resistant.

The flatlock seams are soft and elastic, while the Velcro closure system is super strong and durable.

The neck has a round outline for a relaxed, comfortable fit without flushing.


  • The shorty design and short-sleeves improve freedom in the water
  • The 3 mm thick neoprene provides good thermal protection
  • It is anatomically correct for easy contouring with the body
  • Ergonomic and durable zipper closure is easy to use
  • The Velcro closure is strong and offers a snug and comfortable fit


  • The seams on the lumbar area may get damaged pretty quickly
  • Color options for both men and women are limited


For the price, this is a great spring wetsuit packed with important features for different water sports like surfing, scuba, and snorkeling.

Things to Look for in a Spring Wetsuit 

Here are the essential things to look for in a spring wetsuit.

Style of the Wetsuit

You’ve got two unique styles you can choose for spring, a shorty or a full-length.

A shorty wetsuit is designed to reach knee-length and normally comes with short sleeves.

This type of suit is perfect for people looking for maximum flexibility in warm waters with just enough thermal protection around the chest area.

A full-length spring wetsuit can be sleeveless or have short sleeves. It is a suitable choice for people who want to maximize thermal protection and be flexible in warm waters.

Size and Fit 

You have to choose a spring wetsuit of the correct size and fit. We recommend you use your height and weight as the main determining factors.

Most sizing charts will display the ideal size for a specific height and weight. If you are not sure about the available sizes, you can always contact the manufacturer, especially if you are a plus-size person.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is O’Neill Men’s Reactor II 2 MM Short Sleeve Wetsuit. Reactor II is built for performance.

What makes this suit stand out is the value-driven price range that’s perfect for people who love multi-water-sports activities.

It’s made of premium quality materials that don’t compromise performance in any way.

It keeps you optimally warm but highly flexible to enjoy the warm weather out on the water. The design is so easy to get in and out, and it is highly durable.


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