Best Soft Top Foam Surfboard (2021 Reviews)

A soft-top foam surfboard is the best choice for a beginner surfer.

With soft, rounded rails, low rocker, superior traction on the foam deck, more forging fins, and plenty of buoyancy and floatation, it’s harder for a first-time surfer to hurt him or herself.

This type of board is extremely stable and maneuverable.

Choosing the best soft top foam surfboard may not be an easy proposition for first-timers.

So, in our top reviews, we took into consideration all the key features that make a soft-top foam board safer and easier to ride.

Top Pick 

Wavestorm 8-Foot Classic Soft Top Foam Surfboard is our top pick. This is a great board for surfers of all ages and experience levels.

It comes with a heavy-duty soft foam core that is reinforced with three stringers for added stiffness and rigidity.

It has a slick HDPE bottom that glides smoothly on the water for faster paddling speeds and maneuverability.

Here are Our Best Soft Top Foam Surfboards: 

Wavestorm 8-Foot Classic Soft Top Foam Surfboard 

Get a complete water sports experience with this incredible eight-foot classic soft-top foam surfboard from Wavestorm.

Key Features

  • EPS foam core
  • Three stringer system
  • HDPE slick bottom skin
  • Textured traction pad
  • Removable bolt-through fins

The board is engineered to be conception relevant and eye-catching, which is great for self-expression for both first-time and experienced surfboarders.

The design is internationally inspired to adapt to different riders across the globe.

The innovative construction features a heavy-duty HDPE high-impact bottom.

The high-density polyethylene enhances the strength and structural integrity of the board.

It also gives it a resistance-free surfing surface to boost maneuverability and speed on the wave.

The soft top is made of a high-grade foam core, which makes the board super forgiving, user-friendly, and extremely stable.

It has a high performing water barrier skin that features a layer of super-strong, clear, specially made polymer film that is heat coated to the foam core.

On top of that, you’ve got a textured deck pad for superior traction and controllability in big waves.

The SUP also comes equipped with three removable bolt-through fins, which improve direction, control, and stability.

They help you cut through waves with ease and maintain a good speed.


  • High-density bottom adds strength and structural integrity
  • It offers resistance-free surfing and superior maneuverability
  • The foam core is super forgiving and extremely stable
  • High performing water barrier skin improves the SUP’s durability
  • The textured deck pad improves traction and controllability


  • It is possible to receive damaged parts
  • The package may arrive late


The SUP doubles as a surfboard and longboard, which makes it a great choice for both beginners and experts. It is a highly versatile option for the money.

South Bay Board Co. 8’ Verve Soft Top Foam Surfboard 

Have you been looking for a premium beginner surfboard with a soft-top foam? This well-built soft-top foam surfboard from South Bay Board fits the description.

Key Features

  • Textured IPXE foam deck
  • Tapered rails
  • Diamond-weave HDPE bottom
  • Two FCS black thruster fins
  • Nine-foot shaka surfboard leash

This model has a full double concave bottom deck construction, which is great because it channels the water into two watercourses through the thruster fins and out of the tail.

This helps create a lift enabling you to sit on top of waves for a thrilling surfing experience.

It has a rounded nose for wave catching ability and easier paddling, a wide rounded-out tail that improves stability and buoyancy when catching waves, and a widened chest for improved board stability and easier pop-ups.

We truly appreciate the hand tapered rails (thin on the outside and thick in the center), considering the smoother transitions they offer when making turns.

The soft top deck is made of textured foam that is custom wax-free, making it suitable for beginners who have not mastered the art of surfing.

They can flail and fall without worrying about injuries.

It also comes equipped with bamboo layers on top and bottom and a heat release valve to prevent heat damage.


  • Textured foam top deck provides huge amounts of buoyancy
  • The double concave design ensures water flows smoothly to the fins
  • The rounded nose and widened chest improve board stability
  • Heat-resistant valve guarantees heat damage protection
  • The hand tapered rails allow for cleaner transitions during turns


  • The fin box may get loose and pop out
  • The surfboard can arrive with dents


This is a great entry-level board for beginners. It is designed to deliver superior buoyancy, maneuverability, and controllability.

South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Soft Top Foam Surfboard 

The Guppy Soft Top Foam Surfboard is a great option for young surfers. It offers a superior combination of buoyancy, stability, and maneuverability.

Key Features 

  • Closed-cell EPS foam core
  • Round rails
  • Entry-level rocker in the nose
  • A smooth flat bottom deck
  • Wide squash tail

At six feet long, three inches thick, twenty-one inches wide, and forty liters of volume, the Guppy provides exceptional buoyancy and stability for young new surfers.

You’ve got two color options to choose from, pink with white stripes or blue with white stripes.

It comes with a lightly textured soft top foam deck, which is great because it makes the board highly buoyant, lighter, water-tight, and more stable.

The lightly textured deck makes adding wax to increase slip-resistance easy.

The bottom of the Guppy is made of slick HDPE that is diamond-weaved to provide a resistance-free surfing surface and superior maneuverability.

The board has a molded shape, which is great because it makes the SUP hard to damage and highly durable.

It comes equipped with two wooden stringers that reinforce the foam core to enhance rigidity and stiffness.

The rounded nose of the Guppy improves paddle and float speed, while the twenty-one-inch chest area makes pop-ups easier.

The nose has an entry-level rocker to help prevent pearling, while the tail has an entry-level exit rocker to help maintain speed and board maneuverability.

The fins are incredibly easy to install thanks to the thruster soft-top screws.

The fins do a great job of providing a lateral lift that is opposed to the water, stabilizing the trajectory of the SUP.

This allows a beginner surfer more directional control by varying side to side weight distribution. You’ve also got an EZ-carry handle for easy transportation to and from the water.


  • Lightly textured foam deck improves buoyancy and slip-resistance
  • The flat diamond-weaved bottom offers a resistance-free surfing experience
  • Two wooden stringers improve rigidity and stiffness
  • Entry-level rocker exit enhance speed and board maneuverability
  • Easy to install fins improve directional control


  • Some models may come with a fragile assembly
  • It may not be the best choice for those used to hard plastic


It is a basic beginner board, but it comes with superior construction, decent quality materials, and better aesthetic appeal.

BANA Soft Top Foam Surfboard 

Have you been looking for a soft-top foam surfboard that is innovatively designed for beginners and professionals? This incredible board from BANA fits the description.

Key Features

  • Textured foam deck
  • Heavy-duty stringer system
  • Three-fin set-up
  • Relaxed rocker
  • Hard tapered rails

The custom wax-free textured foam on the deck improves the surfboard’s buoyancy, stability, and maneuverability.

The precision shape of the board improves durability and makes it hard to damage.

The chest area is slightly widened for a larger volume, superior floating, better pop-ups, and easier paddling.

The board has a small rocker on the nose, which is great because it provides a smaller turning radius.

This makes the SUP more suitable for getting into hollow and steep waves.

The small rocker ensures that you have more surface area on top of the water, improving the surfer’s speed when paddling.

It comes with a creatively designed all-around nose that optimizes the shape of the hull for minimum drag while maintaining adequate lift.

There is a greater angle of attack between the water surface and the planning surface.

On the other hand, the hard rails keep the SUP steady and smooth in transitions.

The three-fin set-up improves direction, control, and stability in rough water.

They do an incredible job of maintaining speed while you effortlessly cut through the water.


  • Soft-top foam enhances buoyancy and maneuverability
  • Textured deck improves slip-resistance and stability
  • Wider chest area for superior floating and easier paddling
  • Small rocker improves the rider’s speed when paddling
  • Three-fin set-up enhances direction, control, and stability


  • Could be more stiff and rigid if it had a double stringer system


This is a creatively designed soft-top foam SUP that offers superior buoyancy, stability, paddling speed, responsiveness, and maneuverability.

Things to Consider When Looking for Soft Top Foam Surfboards

Not all soft top foam surfboards are made equal. But here are a few things that you can take into account to find the best model:

Type of Rocker 

This is the bottom curve of your SUP from tail to nose, and it is what affects the trim of the surfboard. The reason why the bottom needs to be curved is that the wave face is curved.

It is also curved to keep the nose from digging into bumps on the wave. The bottom curve is significant to paddling speed.

If the board is too straight, the surfer will have to keep his or her weight back to raise the nose, which causes the board to stall.

If the board’s curve is too much, it may end up slowing down the board.

The rocker must be determined to complement the other design characteristics, ideal types of waves, and surfer preference.

The ideal rocker for a soft-top foam surfboard can be less or more, depending on the surfer’s preference.

A less or small rocker provides you with a greater planning surface as well as floatation and allows you to glide smoothly on the water for a smoother ride.

This type of rocker improves your paddling speed, allowing you to catch more waves easily.

The lead, thickness, and width of this type of surfboard offer more stability for beginner surfers. But the chances of nose-diving during takeoff are high.

A larger rocker, on the other hand, improves maneuverability.

A soft-top foam SUP with more rocker is highly responsive and changes directions easily, especially when making tight turns.

This type of rocker is ideal when surfing steep, powerful waves.

On the negative side, a larger means less surface glides on the water, which creates dragging under the water. This translates to a slower paddling speed.

Stringer and Bottom Construction 

The best thing about a soft-top foam surfboard is the fact that it is highly buoyant and stable.

But this construction tends to be more fragile and needs some reinforcement to make it more rigid, stiff, and durable.

A well-constructed soft-top SUP is supposed to come equipped with a stringer (a piece of wood that’s fitted into the center of a blank).

A stringer is normally used to reinforce or stiffen the foam core of a surfboard. Most boards come with a single stringer.

But always go for a double stringer system if you can find one for more strength, stiffness, and rigidity.

The bottom (nose to tail) contour and material also matter when choosing a soft-top SUP.

The contour of the bottom determines how the water will be channeled from the nose to the tail.

The most recommended bottom material that you should consider is HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Apart from being slick, this material adds superior strength to the construction of the board for a resistance-free surfing experience.

This enhances maneuverability and speed on the wave. When combined with mesh construction, HDPE gives more strength as well as projection.

Special Accessories  

Don’t just pay for a surfboard. Make sure that it comes with all the necessary accessories. The most important accessories are a paddle and a foot leash.

Always consider a floating paddle since it will not sink and get lost in the water if it falls. The safety leash should be long enough and tangle-free.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Wavestorm 8-Foot Classic Soft Top Foam Surfboard.

This board features the latest design detailing that guarantees superior performance on the water.

The sustainable manufacturing processes used to create the surfboard make it highly buoyant, stable, maneuverable, and durable.

The low rocker that comes with the board gives you plenty of floatation and planning surface.

The board offers faster paddling speeds thanks to the smooth glide of the HDPE slick bottom.

The soft foam core is reinforced with a three-stringer system for added strength, rigidity, stiffness, and durability.


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