Top 5 Best Porta Potties for Boats (2021 Reviews)

You definitely need a portable restroom on your boat, especially for short calls.

The best porta potty for boats will come with a large capacity flush tank and waste tank for long hours of use.

Some modern designs come equipped with an electric flush system that requires you only to push a button to clean the waste.

But here is the thing, the choice of portable toilets for boating is huge, and you may have to do a little digging to find a model that will meet your requirements.

We researched on your behalf and found five great products that you can consider buying today.

Top Pick 

Thetford 365 Qube Porta Potti Toilet is our top pick. It comes with a refreshed modern design that delivers industry-leading performance.

It comes with a flush tank capacity of four gallons and a waste tank capacity of five and a half gallons. You’ve also got an ergonomically designed piston flush system that is super easy to use.

Here are Our Best Porta Potties for Boat Reviews

Thetford 365 Qube Porta Potti Toilet 

This is an excellent porta potty for optimal care on a boat. You’ve got manual flushing and an integrated pour-out spout, making it ideal for short breaks.

Key Features 

  • Built-in level indicator
  • Piston flush type
  • 50+ flush capacity
  • Airtight valve
  • Integrated pour-out spout

This is a very convenient, easy-to-use porta potty that’s good for children and adults. The toilet has a depth of 17.7 inches and a width of 15.2 inches.

You’ve got a freshwater tank of 4 gallons and a wastewater tank of 5.5 gallons.

To fill the flush tank, you have to open the small-cap located at the righthand side of the potty. Then pour water in and pop the cap back.

On the other hand, you’ve got a piston pump that’s very easy to use when flushing the toilet.

For every 4 gallons of fresh water in the tank, you get about fifty-six flushes, which is great because you will spend less time with maintenance.

The built-in level indicator for both the waste and freshwater tanks eliminates the guesswork.

Cleaning and maintaining this toilet is a breeze. The rotating pour-out sprout does a great job of draining waste without spillage or splashing. The potty comes apart easily for quick cleaning after waste drainage.


  • It is strong and sturdy for supporting an adult
  • A single fill provides up to fifty-six flushes
  • The built-in level indicator eliminates any guesswork
  • Rotating pour-out sprout makes waste drainage easy
  • Easy to take apart for general maintenance


It is possible to receive a model that leaks


This is a practical and comfortable portable toilet for boating. Just make sure you don’t get a model that leaks.

Overall Rating: 4.8

Hike Crew Advanced Porta Potty 

Enjoy modern boating without the need for a water source or power with this incredible porta potty from Hike Crew.

Key Features 

  • Travel-ready design
  • Rotating pour spout
  • Three-way flushing
  • Easy-seal waste hole & level indicator
  • Removable basin

This uniquely designed porta potty is made of high-density polyethylene, which is great because it is non-leaching, resistant to harsh chemicals, UV-resistant, and amazingly durable.

It is longer lasting when constantly exposed to the elements. It will hardly suffer any damage during transport or maintenance.

At 16.5 inches high, 14.6 inches wide, and 16.9 inches in diameter, this high-quality portable toilet provides you with a maximum bearing capacity of 441 pounds.

The bowl measures 10.4 by 9 by 7 inches, providing you with a large collection capacity when relieving yourself.

It is designed to flush with clean, fresh water for sanitary without odors. You’ve got a double-sealed valve that ensures smelly odors are safely locked inside the potty.

You can conveniently add liquid chemicals into the tank to improve the smell of the toilet.

The hose is innovatively designed to fit most sewer outlets for effortless dumping, while the integrated vent does an amazing job of releasing built-up pressure inside the potty.

On the other hand, the liquid level indicator tells you when it’s appropriate to dispose of waste. The indicator automatically turns red when the tank is full.


  • The design is compact, portable, and travel-ready
  • It is made of HDPE material for long-lasting durability
  • Include a large bearing capacity of up to 441 pounds
  • All the smelly odors are sealed inside the potty
  • The liquid level indicator turns red when the tank is at max capacity


Some models may come with flimsy parts


This is a great portable toilet for both kids and adults. Its weight-bearing capacity and waste holding capacity are conveniently large.

Overall Rating: 4.7

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet 

This is a durable, comfortable boating option, thanks to its compact, lightweight, and sturdy polyethylene construction.

Key Features

  • Holding tank of 4 gallons
  • A flush tank of 2.5 gallons
  • Sealing slide valve locks
  • Bellow type flush
  • Side latches

It is made of heavy-duty ABS resin, and it seals in unpleasant odors for an overall better portable boating potty experience.

The top features a larger-sized seat than most conventional porta-potties out there. It is big enough for women with big bottoms and has a maximum bearing capacity of up to three hundred and thirty pounds.

The lid of the toilet can be conveniently latched for more comfortable transport. The freshwater tank holds roughly 2.5 gallons, which should give you more than enough flushes with a single fill.

The waste tank has a considerably large capacity of about 4 gallons that’s more than enough when hanging out at the lakeside for a few hours.

The waste tank is integrated with a sliding gate valve that conveniently opens when disposing of waste and securely closes to create a water and odor-tight seal.

You’ve also got a removable cap at the back of the waste tank for easy emptying and maintenance.

The side latches ensure the waste tank remains connected to the flush tank when transporting the toilet to and from the boat. The integrated handles, on the other hand, add portability.


  • Has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 330 pounds
  • Sealed gate valve ensures no odors escape
  • Emptying the tank is super easy with the removable cap
  • Bellow type pump makes flushing effortless
  • Integrated handles add portability and versatility


  • Could be better with a larger freshwater tank capacity
  • Possible to receive a model with poorly designed latches


This is a great portable toilet for boating. The unique and simple construction is easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Overall Rating: 4.6

Porta Potti 565E Portable Toilet 

If you are looking for versatility in a porta-potty, then look no further than this incredible model from Porta Potti.

Key Features 

  • 4-gallon freshwater tank
  • 5.5-gallon wastewater tank
  • Tank level indicator
  • Mess-free pour-out spout
  • Battery-powered flush

This model comes with a 5.5-gallon waste water tank and a 4-gallon freshwater tank, providing you with at least fifty flushes and several hours of use.

The flush system is a built-in electric (battery-powered), which is great because it is easy to operate with a single push button.

You’ve got a convenient lift lid that keeps the potty clean and safe from contaminants when not in use. The lid also helps seal in any escaping odors.

This model has a modern, sleek construction with a comfortable seat and a large bowl for a homelike feel when relieving yourself.

We truly appreciate the special, unique features this model comes with.

First, you’ve got an integrated toilet paper holder that keeps the toilet paper within reach.

Second, there is a tank level indicator for both the waste and freshwater tanks, which tells you exactly when you need to empty the waste tank or add water to the flush tank.

The pour-out spout rotates for quick and effective waste drainage, while the airtight valve prevents any leakage. The sanitary spout is also integrated with a cap for superior sewage control.


  • The large bowl gives you plenty of surface for a home-like feel
  • The lift lid helps protect the potty from contaminants
  • The electric flush system is straightforward to use, especially for kids
  • It can be mounted to an optional floor plate for added stability
  • The tank level indicator eliminates any guesswork


It may be a little bit high for some people


This is a durable, practical, and comfortable porta potty for boating. You don’t need any connection for drainage, water, or sewage.

Overall Rating: 4.6

Campersville Porta Potty 

When nature calls while you are water-traveling for pleasure on the lake, you can comfortably relieve yourself on this good quality potty from Campersville.

Key Features 

  • Sturdy polyethylene construction
  • Button-styled pump flusher
  • 2.6-gallon flush tank
  • 5.2-gallon waste tank
  • Holding capacity of up to 440 pounds

The well-thought-out design is made of high-density polyethylene, which is great because it is strong, lightweight, and durable.

The HDPE construction has an impressively large holding capacity of up to four hundred and forty pounds.

The compact, air-tight, and water-tight design is the perfect solution when boating in strong waves. It comes with rust-resistant latches and a double-sealed valve for outstanding performance.

You’ve got a considerably large waste tank of around 5.2 gallons, which will last you and your family a whole on the lake before emptying is necessary.

The flush tank, on the other hand, has a tank capacity of 2.6 gallons that can provide at least sixty flushes before refilling is required.

It is one of the easiest toilets to use.

All you have to do is pull out the handle to completely open the valve and keep the hold out while relieving yourself.

Press the flush button several times to completely clean the mess, then close the lid. And don’t forget to push the handle back after flushing the potty.

This toilet, however, may be a bit low if you are a tall person. So, you may have to raise using a wooden platform. Also, it may take you more than one flush to clean a big mess.


  • It is super portable and convenient for boating
  • It is extremely leak-proof and odor-proof
  • The polyethylene construction is sturdy and corrosion-resistant
  • The bottom-styled pump flusher is easy to use
  • Emptying the waste tank and refilling the flush tank is easy


  • Quality control seems to be an issue with some models
  • It may be too low for taller people


This porta potty comes with a durable, compact, and lightweight design that will not take too much space on your boat. But look out for models with quality control issues. 

Overall Rating: 4.6

Things to Consider When Looking for a Porta Potty 

Here are the most important things to consider when looking for high-quality portable toilets for boating:

Weight Bearing Capacity 

It would be best if you chose a toilet that can effectively support your weight without collapsing. Consider a model with a weight-bearing capacity of not less than 150 pounds.

But you can consider a model with a higher weight limit of up to 300 pounds if you are a heavy person. Make sure the bowl is large enough to accommodate your buttocks.

The seat needs to be considerably high for a home-like feel.

Flush and Waste Tank Capacity 

We can’t insist enough, but a Porta Potty with large tank capacities is the best. The flush tank should not be less than four gallons to get at least fifty flushes before a refill is needed.

A waste tank with a capacity of around five and a half gallons may last for several hours while you are in the water.

Flushing System 

You can choose a model with either an electric or manual flush system. With an electric flush, all you have to do to clean the mess is push a button.

A manual flush; on the other hand, needs to operate flush to clean the mess manually.

Final Thoughts

For this roundup, the winner is Thetford Porta Potti 365 Toilet.

This incredible potty is durable, portable, easy to use, and extremely easy and quick to clean. It is equipped with an ergonomically designed piston flush pump for ease of use.

You’ve got a rotating spout that makes waste disposal super easy and quick. The airtight valve; on the other, does a great job of preventing leakage.

With a flush tank capacity of 4 gallons, you have enough freshwater that will last up to fifty flushes. The 5 5-gallon waste tank provides you with several hours of use.

We truly appreciate the high seat and large bowl design, considering that it offers a home-like experience.


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