Best Pontoon Boat Covers (2021 Reviews)

A boat cover will keep your pontoon boat protected from Mother Nature and the elements. 

The best pontoon boat cover ensures your watercraft doesn’t suffer the effects of damaging UV rays, rain, bird droppings, and snow, among other elements.

It is the perfect choice for long-term storage, mooring in the water, and trailering. 

You will not run short of pontoon boat covers on the market. But you wouldn’t really know which model is best for your vessel unless you do a little research.  

We researched on your behalf and found six high-quality covers you can buy for your pontoon boat today.  

Top Pick 

Ownerkula Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover is our top pick. This is a high-quality PU-coated cover that provides superior protection against UV, snow, rain, and other elements and pollutants.

It is a suitable choice for 17 to 20 feet long pontoon boats. 

Here are Our Best Pontoon Boat Cover Reviews: 

  1. Ownerkula Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover – Our Top Pick
  2. Bison Multi-Purpose Pontoon Boat Cover
  3. iCover Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover
  4. Classic Accessories StormPro Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover
  5. Leadallway Pontoon Boat Cover
  6. North East Harbor Pontoon Boat Cover

Ownerkula Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover 

The Ownerkula can adequately handle your needs for storage, mooring, and light trailering a dependable multipurpose model.  

Key Features :

  • 17 to 20 feet boat 
  • 10 79-inch adjustable straps 
  • Sunproof and waterproof 
  • 210D Oxford fabric 
  • PU coating 

This high-quality boat cover comprises 210 denier fabric, which is great because it is more abrasion-resistance, stronger, and more rugged. 

The fabric is sunproof, which means it is anti-color-fading and highly resistant to damaging UV rays.

The cover also protects your pontoon boat from snow, rain, bird droppings, pollen, leaves, tree sap, dust, and dirt. 

The cover is large enough for boats that are 17 to 20 feet long and up to 102 inches wide.

But we advise you to measure your boat to make sure that its measurements fit the aforementioned figures.

For the length, measure your watercraft from bow to stern. For the beam width, measure the widest parts of your vessel from side to side. 

It comes with firm straps and buckles for superior fastening. The elastic hem cord provides a snug fit around your pontoon boat.

The ten integrated straps and buckle system guarantees a secure and strong fit during trailer transportation.    

Pros :

  • The 210D oxford fabric is strong and abrasion-resistant 
  • It is anti-color-fading and highly resistant to UV rays 
  • Ideal for pontoon boats ranging from 17 to 20 feet long 
  • The elastic hem cords provide a snug fit 
  • It is integrated with instruction labels for ease of use 

Cons :

You’ve got limited color options and sizes 

Verdict :

This high-quality 210D pontoon boat cover is practical and easy to use. It will keep your boat protected from UV, rain, bird droppings, pollen, leaves, tree sap, dust, dirt, and snow. 

Overall Rating: 5.0

Bison Multi-Purpose Pontoon Boat Cover 

Are you looking for a tough multi-purpose cover for your pontoon? Look no further than this uniquely made model from Bison. 

Key Features :

  • 14 mil thickness 
  • Grommets every 39 inches 
  • Reinforced edges 
  • Rip-resistant 
  • Waterproof, rain-proof, and weather-proof

The cover is 15.75 by 19.36 feet in size, which is large enough for most large pontoon boats. You can also use this big cover for applications like outdoor protection from the weather and the elements. 

The cover is made of 14 mil fabric, which is great because it is defined by high-quality fibers of fourteen microns in diameter. nThe fibers are exceptionally tough, strong, and comfortable.

The fabric is nonstick, high release from sticky materials, resistant to harsh chemicals, resistant to fungus and mildew, superior dielectric and electrical properties, resistant to UV and infrared. 

We truly appreciate the reinforced edges, which make this cover super strong and highly rip-resistant. You’ve got grommets every thirty-nine inches for tying down the cover.

The aluminum holes are rust and corrosion-resistant.

Pros :

  • The 14 mil fabric is solid and durable 
  • Reinforced edges improve tear and rip-resistance 
  • The cover is super large for pontoon boat and outdoor protection 
  • The PE material is sturdy, anti-fading, and UV resistant 
  • It is waterproof, weather-proof, and rain-proof

Cons :

The cover is available in limited color options 

Verdict :

This is more than a pontoon boat cover. It is large enough for other outdoor applications. It is highly UV-resistant and anti-fading. 

Overall Rating: 4.6 

iCover Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover 

This high-quality pontoon boat cover can adequately handle your needs for storage, light trailering, and mooring. 

Key Features :

  • 300D PU coated 
  • Heavy-duty elastic cord sewn 
  • Integrated buckle and adjustable strap 
  • Extra roomy cut 
  • 25 to 28 feet long boats 

This is a highly versatile cover that is ideal for different pontoon boat sizes, including 17 to 20 feet, 21 to 24 feet, and 25 to 28 feet. 

The cover is made of 300-denier PU coated fabric, which is great because the material is UV-resistant, tear-resistant, waterproof, and anti-fading.

The polyester fabric is high-strength, abrasion-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, stain-resistant, and stretch-resistant. 

It comes with a heavy-duty elastic cord sewn in the hemline, providing you with a snug and secure fit. The stern is fitted with adjustable flaps for a custom and snug fit.

The tie-down flaps provide additional protection, making it a superior choice for mooring in the water or storage on land.    

You’ve got fifteen adjustable straps with integrated buckles, which provide quick and easy tightening of the cover.

The extra roomy cut, on the other hand, provides additional room for stowing pedal seats, spotlights, and the boarding ladder. 

Pros :

  • The fabric is tear and rip-resistant
  • Durable elastic sewn cord provides secure and snug fit 
  • Adjustable straps are quick and extremely easy to install 
  • The extra roomy cut provides additional storage 
  • It has exceptional UV and color fading resistance 

Cons :

Some models may come with poorly designed seams 

Verdict :

You can use this boat cover on land for storage and trailering and in the water for mooring. Its waterproofness and UV-resistance are also reliable. 

Overall Rating: 4.4

Classic Accessories StormPro Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover 

Whether you are storing your favorite summer pontoon boat during the winter months or dragging it down the highway for your vacation at the lake. 

Key Features :

  • High strength polyester StormPro fabric 
  • Elastic hem
  • Integrated buckle and strap system 
  • Adjustable transom flap 
  • Dual vents 

This model will serve as a reliable safeguard for your vessel. It comes with extremely strong and secure straps and buckles.

The quick-release fastening system makes trailering and fitting super easy. You’ve got an adjustable transom flap that’s equipped with an elastic hem to fit different motor sizes. 

The pontoon boat cover is made of 100 percent polyester, which is great because it is stretchy, strong, lightweight, wrinkle-free, abrasion-resistant, quick-drying, and remarkably easy to clean.

The unique fabric coating technology improves all-weather protection, mildew resistance, UV protection, and water repellency. 

This unique boat cover will fit most pontoon boats ranging in length from 17 to 20 feet. But it is always advisable to measure your watercraft to make sure that the cover is a perfect fit. 

All it takes to measure your pontoon for this cover are a few simple steps. For the width, measure the widest section of your boat. For the length, measure the distance from the bow to the stern.     

Pros :

  • A great choice for storage, trailering, and mooring 
  • The marine-grade fabric is tear and rip-resistant 
  • The high-quality fabric has superior all-weather protection 
  • The cover has reliable anti-fading and anti-UV properties 
  • The quick-release fastening system is highly user-friendly 

Cons :

  • Limited options for color and size
  • Customer support may not be the most reliable 

Verdict :

This is a heavy-duty pontoon boat cover that will provide superior protection for highway travel, mooring, and long-term storage. But there aren’t many colors to choose from. 

Overall Rating: 4.4

Leadallway Pontoon Boat Cover 

If you have been looking for a pontoon boat cover brand that guarantees superior all-weather protection and durability, look no further than the Leadallway. 

Key Features :

  • 600D waterproof oxford fabric 
  • Elastic bottom hem 
  • Double-stitched construction 
  • Reinforcement strip 
  • Safe strapping system 

Unlike conventional pontoon boat covers, this amazing product is made of high-grade 600D Oxford fabric.

This material is well-known for its rip and tear-resistance properties. Not to mention that it has outstanding water repellency. 

The performance of the cover is further improved with the PU coating.

Apart from enhancing the waterproofness of the cover, the PU coating reinforces protection against damaging UV rays, harsh chemicals, mildew, and other elements. 

It is recommended for pontoon boats that are 17 to 20 feet long and 21 to 24 feet long. The maximum width for both sizes is 157 inches. 

You have to measure the length and width of your boat to make sure that it fits in one of the two size ranges.

The heavy-duty construction features an elastic bottom hem, which is great because it fits snugly and securely. The reinforced strip and double-stitching, on the other hand, improve the durability of the cover.     

Pros :

  • The cover has good protection against UV and color fading 
  • The elastic bottom hem allows for a secure and snug fit
  • The construction has superior resistance against ripping and tearing 
  • It’s large and wide enough for most pontoon boats
  • Double-stitching and reinforced strip enhance durability 

Cons :

Some models may come with poor quality straps and tie-down loops 

Verdict :

As far as waterproofness, UV protection, and all-weather protection are concerned, the Leadallway Pontoon Boat Cover is the real deal. 

Overall Rating: 4.4  

North East Harbor Pontoon Boat Cover 

Available in 17, 18, and 19 feet lengths with a beamwidth of 96 inches, the North East Harbor Pontoon Boat Cover allows you a great deal of customization. 

Key Features :

  • 600D marine-grade fabric 
  • Reinforced corners 
  • Quick-release strapping system  
  • Tie-down straps 
  • Elastic hem 

The cover features a 600D marine-grade construction. So, you should expect it to be able to resist ripping and tearing during installation. 

The heavy-duty coating of the fabric does not only improve waterproofness but also improves the cover’s protection against mildew, rust, and other elements.

This makes the cover a good option for mooring in the water and long-term storage at home. 

You’ve got an elastic hem bottom that fits securely along the pontoons. The corners are reinforced for added strength and durability. 

With this product, you have three sizes to choose from, including 17, 18, and 19-foot. The beamwidth for all sizes is 96 inches. Always measure the length and width of your watercraft before you buy this product.   

Pros :

  • The fabric is strong, tear-resistant, and rip-resistant 
  • It is highly water repellent and UV-resistant 
  • Reinforced corners improve strength and durability 
  • Easy to install with tie-down straps and quick-release buckles 
  • The elastic hem bottom provides a snug fit 

Cons :

  • Could be more reliable with a wider beamwidth 
  • Available in only one color 

Verdict :

The great cover from North East Harbor will ensure that your pontoon boat is protected from Mother Nature. Just make sure it is the right size for your watercraft. 

Overall Rating: 4.4 

Things to Consider When Looking for Pontoon Boat Covers 

Here are the most important things to consider: 

High-Quality Fabric 

The material of the fabric is critical when looking for pontoon boat covers. You truly want to look for high-quality, marine-grade materials. 

Observing the denier of the fabric, the higher the rating, the stronger and more rip and tear-resistant the material will be.

Ensure the material you choose has a superior coating for enhanced waterproofness, UV-resistance, and protection against the elements. 

Construction of the Cover 

Apart from having a high-quality fabric, the best cover is also defined by its construction. Make sure the seams in the high-stress areas are double-stitched for long-lasting durability.

An elastic hem bottom will provide a snug and secure fit. As far as installation is concerned, make sure the buckles are quick-release, and the straps are easily adjustable. 

Size and Measurements 

You can’t just pick any pontoon boat cover. You must make sure that the size is ideal for your watercraft. Look for covers with a wide size range like 17 to 20 feet, 21 to 24 feet, and 25 to 28 feet.

Also, remember to measure the length (bow to stern) and width (beam width) of your boat to make sure you are choosing the correct size. 

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Ownerkula Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover. This cover has a wide size range of 17 to 20 feet long and 102 inches wide. So, it is a great choice for most pontoon boats out there.

You’ve only got one color to choose from, though. It comes with durable construction of 210D fabric for superior tear and rip-resistance. 

The PU coating of the cover provides excellent protection against UV, rain, bird droppings, leaves, tree sap, dust, dirt, and snow.

The elastic hem at the bottom gives a snug, secure fit. The quick-release button and adjustable straps allow for easy and effective installation. Not to mention that it has a budget-friendly price tag.


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