Best Pontoon Boat Accessories (2021 Reviews)

Marine accessories are a must-have for your pontoon boat. 

There are some accessories that you cannot do without, such as marine lights if you like cruising at night and marine batteries for the speed junkies. 

The choice of the best pontoon boat accessories, however, is huge, and not every pontoon boat owner knows what to look for. 

So, we researched on your behalf and found seven crucial accessories. But you can always buy other types of accessories depending on your applications. 

Here are Our Best Boat Accessories Reviews:

  1. Attwood Brunswick Pontoon Boat Storage Block Set
  2. Mighty Max Battery Pontoon Boat Deep Cycle Battery
  3. Jranter Bungee Dock Lines
  4. Leaningtech Marine Pontoon Boat Lights
  5. Acelane Top Deck Pontoon Boat Marine LED Light
  6. PSEQT 3.8-Inch Waterproof Marine Pontoon Boat Lights
  7. Bullnose Rudder Clamp-On For Pontoon Boat Thrust Trolling Motors

Attwood Brunswick Pontoon Boat Storage Block Set 

Have you been looking for an easy and secure way to store your pontoon boat during the winter season?

Look no further than this storage block set from Attwood. 

Key Features :

  • Four storage blocks 
  • Universal fit 
  • High molecular weight design 
  • Nest compact storage 

These high-quality storage blocks are made of high molecular weight material, which is great because this construction can hold a 2200-pound watercraft without collapsing. 

The blocks feature a clever, unique design that fits perfectly to the contours of your pontoon boat for maximum support.

The wide edges at the bottom are integrated with holes of the same diameter for riveting or screwing down the blocks for superior support. You’ve got hand-sized openings at the sides for easy lifting. 

They conveniently raise your watercraft from the ground for superior protection during cold winter months. They also come with a nesting design that allows you to stow them as one large block.     

Pros :

  • They provide a universal fit 
  • They can hold more than 2200 pounds 
  • Equipped with riveting holes for added support 
  • Nest inside each other for compact storage 
  • They don’t get brittle under sub-zero temperatures 

Cons :

Could be better if they were a little bit taller than 10 inches 

Verdict :

These ten-inch high storage blocks will keep your pontoon boat raised for safe storage during cold months. Not to mention that they don’t brittle under sub-zero temperatures. 

Overall Rating: 4.8

Mighty Max Battery Pontoon Boat Deep Cycle Battery

If you plan to spend a lot of time on the water while sailing at high speeds, then this 12V 55Ah deep cycle battery will be an important accessory. 

Key Features :

  • 12 volt 55 amp hr 
  • Less than 16.5 amps initial current 
  • 13.6 to 13.8 volts floating use 
  • 14.6 to 14.8 volts cycle use 
  • Non-spillable 

Upgrading from a thirty-five-amp-hour battery to this deep cycle battery will be a pleasant surprise for you, especially if you use a thirty-pound thrust trolling motor. 

This battery features the most advanced technologies in marine batteries.

First, absorbent glass mat technology ensures effective recombination of up to ninety-nine percent. This technology also makes sure that the battery is free from water adding and electrolyte maintenance. 

Second, you’ve got a computer designed alloy grid that supports high power density. This alloy grid also ensures maintenance-free operation and long service life.

Third, the battery has low self-discharge technology for extended battery life.  

Pros :

  • It is completely sealed for leak-proof and maintenance-free use 
  • Low self-discharge helps prolong battery life when not in use
  • Include efficient gas recombination of up to ninety-nine percent 
  • The heavy-duty design resists vibration and shocks
  • A thirty-day refund policy backs it 

Cons :

  • The brand’s customer service isn’t the most reliable 
  • Some models may have a short battery life 

Verdict :

If you have a thirty to thirty-pound thrust trolling motor, then the Mighty Max Battery Pontoon Boat Deep Cycle Battery is the perfect spare. 

Overall Rating: 4.8 

Jranter Bungee Dock Lines 

Avoid the tugging and jerking on your docked pontoon boat caused by conventional dock lines by acquiring the Jranter Bungee Dock Lines. 

Key Features :

  • Nylon 
  • 2200 pounds tensile strength 
  • Dock up to 4000 pounds 
  • Eight available colors 
  • Four-feet long 

These dock lines are made of high-quality nylon, which is great because it is super strong, highly stretchable, and very good at resisting damaging UV light. 

The line stretches effectively from four to five and a half feet for added versatility.

The rope has a superior tensile strength of two thousand two hundred pounds, which can dock pontoon boats weighing up to four thousand pounds.  

The line, which as a built-in snubber, contains a bungee inside.

This heavy-duty construction does a great job of absorbing shock between your watercraft and the dock cleat. This helps protect your pontoon boat, pylons, dock, and cleats, among other hardware.  

The dock line is integrated with two foam floats that help safeguard your boat from sliding and rubbing adjustment at the edges for stress-free docking.

The triple structure of the dock line helps reinforce the end of the elastic rope.  

Pros :

  • The easiest dock line to use on the market 
  • The built-in bungee cord improves performance 
  • The two foam floats offer utmost protection for your boat 
  • Can absorb shock to docks, vessels, pylons, and cleats 
  • Can dock pontoon boats weighing up to four thousand pounds

Cons :

Some packages may come with the wrong quantity 

Verdict :

No more tugging or jerking if you are using this product to dock your pontoon boat. The design and materials are certainly long-lasting. 

Overall Rating: 4.8

Leaningtech Marine Pontoon Boat Lights 

These high-quality marine lights are built with solid weatherproof housing and colored LEDs that can be seen up to a mile away.

Key Features :

  • Bright LED lights (green and red)
  • Marine stainless steel design 
  • Polycarbonate lens 
  • One nautical mile of visibility 
  • 112.5 degrees radiation angle 

They are made of stainless steel housing, which is good because it is super strong and highly rust and corrosion-resistant. The polycarbonate lenses have excellent impact-resistance and durability. 

Each light features eight LED pieces, which produce optimum illumination with a visibility range of up to one nautical mile. The radiation angle for these lights is 112.5 degrees. 

They come with long wires and predrilled holes for easy installation. But the included fasteners are somewhat small.

You can mount these lights almost anywhere on your pontoon boat, including the stern and bow, for maximum visibility by other vessels on the water. 

Pros :

  • Sealed construction that is weatherproof and highly durable 
  • Long wires and predrilled holes make installation easy
  • They are great for placement on the bow or stern 
  • They have a superion visibility range of one nautical mile
  • The green and red LEDs make the lights more versatile 

Cons :

The included fasteners tend to run small in size 

Verdict :

If you want to improve your pontoon boat’s visibility on the water for up to one nautical mile, then these lights are the real deal. 

Overall rating: 4.8

Acelane Top Deck Pontoon Boat Marine LED Light 

This is the best top dek light for navigating very dark waters whether the weather is calm or stormy. It is super bright and super durable. 

Key Features :

  • 6pcs of 3W LEDs
  • Casting aluminum alloy design 
  • 10 to 30 volts DC
  • 1080 lumens 
  • 6000K color temperature 

This floodlight is made of cast aluminum alloy, which is great because it makes the construction tough and corrosion-resistant.

This guarantees you superior protection against Mother Nature and other environmental factors. 

It is fitted with six pieces of three-watt high-intensity LED lights, which deliver ultra-bright illumination with clever visibility.

You can go for a night ride, night fishing, or any other activity with clear visibility of the waters ahead. 

Installing this light is a breeze, thanks to a few design features.

First, it can work with a voltage of ten to thirty watts with low power usage.

Second, it comes with a universal flush design and adjustable mounting accessories for an easy mounting top deck.  

Pros :

  • The construction is tough and corrosion-resistant 
  • Offer superior waterproofness and heat dissipation 
  • Offer a universal fit and quick and easy installation 
  • Ultra-bright illumination for superior brightness and clearer visibility 
  • Can be used in and out of the water 

Cons :

The installation hardware is not completely corrosion-resistant 

Verdict :

This is a great light for the money, considering how bright and clearer it is. But you may have to look for superior quality installation hardware. 

Overall Rating: 4.8

PSEQT 3.8-Inch Waterproof Marine Pontoon Boat Lights 

Create a unique, premium, and colorful mood and feel in the interior of your pontoon boat with these incredible marine lights from PSEQT. 

Key Features :

  • 3.8-inch four blue LED 
  • High brightness 
  • Long installation wires 
  • Five available colors 
  • 12V-24V working voltage 

The lights have a sealed construction, which is good because it is highly waterproof, dirt-proof, shockproof, and dustproof.

With a waterproof rating of IP68, these lights work well in extreme marine conditions. They are also great for underwater use. 

The polycarbonate lenses are super strong and durable. The lenses have outstanding thermal stability, impact resistance, and optical transparency.

The chrome housing, on the other hand, is anti-scratch, anti-fade, and durable. 

Each light contains four pieces of high-intensity LEDs with excellent brightness. They will transform the interior environment of your pontoon boat for a more colorful and vibrant nightlife on the water. 

They are straightforward and quick to install. All you have to know is that the white wire is negative and the black one is positive.

Use the screws to fix them, but you may have to drill some holes depending on where you want to install them. 

Pros :

  • The construction is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • They can be used in harsh conditions and underwater 
  • Polycarbonate lenses have excellent optical transparency and thermal stability 
  • They are super bright for a vibrant nightlife on the water
  • The wires are easy to identify during installation 

Cons :

Could be better if they had an on/off switch

Verdict :

These LED interior marine lights will certainly transform the mood in your pontoon boat when you are on the water hanging out with family or friends. 

Overall Rating: 4.8

Bullnose Rudder Clamp-On For Pontoon Boat Thrust Trolling Motors 

Do you want to improve the steering performance of your pontoon boat trolling motor when the weather is windy, and the waters are choppy? The Bullnose Rudder is what you should be looking for.  

Key Features :

  • Suitable for 24 to 55-pound thrust trolling motors 
  • 10.5 by 4.75 inches in size 
  • Come with screws and mounting tape 
  • Black in color 

The Bullnose Rudder is designed for 24 to 55-pound thrust pontoon trolling motors. It is handy when sailing choppy waters because it helps improve steering by making the motor more stable. 

This accessory allows you to track in a straight line with ease, and it supports instance response when turning.

It allows you to drive your vessel while fishing. It is made of high-quality plastic material for superior impact-resistance and durability. 

The stainless steel installation hardware is extremely corrosion-resistant. It is a great fit for a shaft measuring 1-1/8 inches in diameter.

The only downside to this design is that it only works with hand cable pull and not self-deploy. 

Pros :

  • Improved steering in choppy waters 
  • Easy to track in a straight line even when fishing 
  • Deliver instant response when making turns 
  • Mount easily to a 1-1/8-inch shaft 
  • A great choice for 24 to 55-pound thrust trolling motors 

Cons :

Do not work with a self deploy mount motor 

Verdict :

Make steering easy, tracking in a straight line effortlessly, and turning instant with this incredible accessory from Bullnose. Just know that it is not compatible with a self deploy mount. 

Overall Rating: 4.8

Things to Consider When Looking for Pontoon Boat Accessories 

Sailing a pontoon boat is fun. But you can make it even more enjoyable and stress-free with the right accessories onboard.

There are so many accessories out there that you can acquire for your watercraft. Here are a few things that you can consider during your search:


This is, in fact, the most important feature when looking for accessories for your boat.

It is common to come across items that are generally recommended for pontoon boats.

Some products even have the words “pontoon boats” in the product name. The products have to be compatible with your vessel, whether they are storage blocks, interior lights, top deck lights, or marine batteries. 

Quality and Price 

Always remember the phrase, “cheap is expensive” when looking for pontoon boat accessories.

This is especially true for products that need to be mounted on the boat. Some brands tend to provide poor quality mounting hardware. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you like it or not, you must have the necessary pontoon boat accessories in your possession.

Some products may be for convenience purposes, but most of them are necessities that will come in handy at some point on the water.

Just remember to choose products that are compatible with your watercraft and of superior quality.


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