The 7 Best Paddle Boards Under $1000 (2021 Reviews)

Stand up paddling or SUP offer a full-body workout through endurance training.

You can experience the thrill of stand up paddling with the best paddle boards under $1000.

For models under this price range, you get the best combination of features, performance, and long-lasting durability.

It doesn’t matter your skill level, SUP boards under 1000 are not hard to master.

SUP boards’ choice under one thousand dollars, however, is huge in today’s market, which distracted every paddleboarder from having a profound buying decision.

So, in our top selections, we have considered all the important features you would want your Stand up Paddling Board to have.

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Top Pick

Roc Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is the most liked and the bestseller of Paddle Boards Under $1000

Various things make this board stand out.

  • First, it is available in seven different colors (aqua, pink, green, desert, charcoal, blue, and black) options for preference.
  • Second, it comes with a complete package for paddleboarding.
  • Third, its all-around design is perfect for beginners and cruising through waves and choppy waters.

The Best Paddle Boards Under $1000 Are: 

Roc Inflatable Standup Paddle Board 

The Roc Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is one of the best inflatable standup paddle board you can buy under one thousand dollars.

It comes with all the features you have been looking for. It is a great board for exploring, touring, yoga, fishing, and even if you are finding a paddle board for surfing.

The all-around nose design, which means the board is wider, raised at the front, and easier to maneuver in rough waters.

It is made from military-grade materials for strength and durability, and it has a maximum weight limit of three hundred pounds.

It is fitted with a four-point secure bungee for tieing down items. Kids can also use the bungee system to support themselves onto the board.

The board is equipped with a large traction pad from EVA for superior non-slip performance, especially when facing a strong breeze.

You have a comfort grip handle that allows you to carry the board to and from the water easily.

Has three fins (the big one is removable) in a triangular pattern to enhance steering, balance, and stability.

There is also a stainless secure D-ring for attaching a leash clip.


  • The all-around design is highly maneuverable
  • The traction pad is anti-slip, soft, and very comfortable
  • The four-point bungee system makes it easy to tie down items
  • The board is UV-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Comes with all the matching accessories including the pump


  • You may not find the warranty and customer service to be the most reliable
  • Some models may come with a bad pump

iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board

If you are looking for an all-around board that is expertly designed under one thousand dollars, look no further than the iROCKER Nautical.

The round nose construction gives you a wide board (32 inches) for added versatility. The front part of the nose is raised for improved maneuverability and balance. It makes tracking remarkably easy.

It comes with a diamond traction deck pad that is slip-resistant and very comfortable to step on for a longer duration.

At the center of the board, you have a handle grip that makes it easy for you to carry the board from one place to another. You also have two handle grips at the front and rear ends to grab and pull the board out of the water.

The six-point bungee system is innovatively designed to allow you to attach or tie-down items that you might need during your excursion.

At the bottom, you have three fins that make navigation easy by improving balance and stability.

You will love the floating fiberglass paddle, considering that it is lightweight and adjustable. The dual-action hand pump will not take too long to inflate the board fully.


  • The board is rigid, strong, and durable
  • It is fitted with three handle grips for grabbing, pulling, and carrying
  • The deck pad offers soft and anti-slip traction
  • The floating fiberglass paddle is easily adjustable
  • It comes with a spacious backpack for all your accessories


  • Some models may come with a leaking valve

SereneLife Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

The SereneLife paddleboard is an excellent choice for exploring, fishing, touring, yoga, and surfing under $1000.

It is an all-around paddleboard that you will grow to love because it cuts through the waves with ease.

The extra supported fabric, which features double-layer and single-layer construction for strength and durability. The building is UV and wear-resistant.

I truly love the EVA deck pad on this model, considering that it is soft, non-slip, and very comfortable. The traction pad is Thermo sealed for superior performance.

The all-around construction is pretty wide (32 inches), which means it is spacious enough for yoga and other exercises. It is also long (10.6 feet) for resting on the water when you are done with yoga.

It is fitted with three bottom panels for improved steering, maneuverability, and speed.

You also have a four-point bungee system at the nose area for tieing down the items you will need on the water.

The stainless D-ring allows you to tether a safety leash that ensures the board doesn’t go beyond your reach when you fall into the water.

Another good feature is the upgraded aluminum paddle that is extremely lightweight and super easy to wheel.


  • The board is extra wide for superior balancing
  • The aluminum paddle is lightweight and easy to control
  • You can conveniently tie-down items in the bungee system
  • Innovative bottom panels improve balance and stability
  • You’ve got a convenient repair kit


  • The non-floating paddle can easily be lost in the water

Goosehill Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

The board is a professional standup paddle that will take your experience on the water to a whole new level.

Unlike conventional boards that feature single or double layer construction, Goosehill Inflatable Standup Paddle Board:

Uses SCE technology. This technology improves the rigidity, strength, and waterproofness of the board. It also increases the weight limit of the board to about three hundred pounds.

Even though it is an all-around board, it improves your maneuverability as well as speed when cutting through waves.

At 32 inches wide and 10.6 feet long, the Goosehill is incredibly wide and long for yoga, racing, cruising, and touring.

The four-point bungee system features strong stainless D-rings. You can tie-down your waterproof backpack or any other accessory that you might need on the water.

The diamond traction pad is uniquely made to provide non-slip standing traction. The cushiony nature of the deck pad also helps to relieve soreness.

The board has three steering panels that help improve balance and stability when maneuvering in rough waters.

There’s also a D-ring on the rear end of the SUP for attaching a safety leash.


  • SCE construction has better strength and waterproofness
  • Highly maneuverable and fairly fast
  • Has a soft, non-slip, and comfortable traction pad
  • The Bungee system makes it easy for you to bring along accessories
  • The good quality pump will inflate the boards in minutes


  • Some models may come with a leaking valve

Runwave Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

Do you want to spend a good time with your better half? You can do so with this amazing board from Runwave.

This is one of the best touring paddle board because it has:

This good quality model comes with a high-pressure pump, which is great because it will only take a few minutes to inflate the board fully. Always remember to push the valve into the locked position before you attach the pump. Deflating the board is also super easy.

The board is engineered from a high-quality PVC material that is of high-density and lightweight. So, you should expect it to have superior strength and durability. This model can comfortably support a maximum weight capacity of three hundred and fifty-two pounds.

The EVA deck pad has a non-slip pattern design, which means its slip-resistance does not fail even if the pad is wet by water. This ensures you surf smoothly and safely.

You’ve got a comfortable handle at the center of the ISUP for easy carry. At the front, you have tie-down bungee cords for convenient storage of your equipment and shoes.

You’ve also got a D-ring at the back for attaching a safety leash and four D-rings on the traction pad for added versatility.


  • High-pressure allows you to inflate the board in minutes
  • The strong and rigid PVC construction can support up to 352 pounds
  • Non-slip resistant traction pad improves safety
  • Convenient four-point bungee allows you to attach equipment and shoes
  • Lots of D-rings for added versatility


  • The paddle doesn’t float and can easily disappear in the water
  • Some models may come with a leaking valve

ISLE Explorer Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

This is the ideal ISUP for all your adventures on the water.

It is a good paddle board under $1000 for touring, fishing, yoga, and surfing.

It comes with an ultra-durable construction that is made from military-grade PVC materials for strength and durability.

When fully inflated, the PVC board thickens up to six inches with a maximum weight limit of three hundred pounds. The approximately two hundred and seventy-two liters of air will take you about ten minutes to fill.

The board comes equipped with rear and front bungee systems for attaching all sorts of accessories, including fishing equipment, shoes, and sunglasses.

You can use the rear and front handle grips for dragging the board out of the water and the middle grip for carrying it to your car.

Just next to the valve you have a D-ring for tethering safety leash. The three navigational fins at the bottom improve balance and stability.

Apart from the standup paddleboard, this paddle boards under $1000 also give you other useful accessories like the coil leash, center fin, sticker pack, high-pressure pump, hybrid travel paddle, and the waterproof ISUP backpack.


  • A great choice for beginners, intermediates, and experienced surfers
  • It is wide and long enough for all kinds of activities including yoga
  • Comes with everything you will need to make the board functional
  • Grooved EVA deck pad is highly slip-resistant
  • The carbon shaft paddle floats on water


  • Some models may come with poorly attached seams

Peak Expedition Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

If you search for a paddle boards under $1000 purposely designed for exploration, look no further than the Peak Expedition.

The board is eleven feet long, six-inch thick for extra buoyancy, and thirty-two inches wide so you can have an additional passenger or a pet with you.

This fantastic inflatable board’s apparent advantage is that you can roll it up and put it back into the backpack.

It comes with all the matching accessories, including a fully adjustable paddle, an ankle leash that ensures the board doesn’t get away from you, a full-size pump with a built-in pressure gauge for quick and easy inflation, a removable fin, as well as a waterproof phone case.

The board’s design is very user-friendly because it has a grab handle on the nose and tail for easy pulling into and out of the water. You also have a carry handle at the center for easy transportation.

You will not complain about storage space because the board is fitted with a six-point bungee system at the front and a four-point at the back.

There’s also a stainless D-ring at the tail for attaching the ankle leash.


  • Designed for exploration and recreational paddling
  • Amazingly wide and long for a ride-along
  • Has two grab handles and one carry handle
  • Two bungee systems provide more than enough storage
  • The adjustable paddle floats on water for easy retrieval


  • Some packages may come with missing accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a SUP board get damaged when rolled up repeatedly? 

Inflatable SUP boards are intended to be rolled up when they are fully deflated for easy storage.

So, your paddleboard will not get damaged regardless of how many times you roll it up.

Do SUP boards under $1000 come with a warranty?

It depends on the manufacturer, but most brands give a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that includes repair and replacement.

We advise you to confirm with the brand/manufacturer through their official website, though.

Do all paddleboards under one thousand dollars come with a floating paddle?

No, some brands do not provide floating paddles. But most paddles are usually lightweight and adjustable.

Final Thoughts

Apparently, the Roc Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is deserved to be the winner of this roundup.

What makes this SUP board stand out is its versatility.

  • You can use it for touring, surfing, paddleboarding, exploring, yoga, and even fishing.
  • It is ten feet long and thirty-two inches wide; so, it is big enough for bringing along a passenger or a pet.
  • The all-around nose design is perfect for balancing and sailing through waves.
  • The traction pad isn’t just slip-resistant but also wide enough for relaxing and exercising.
  • You even have a bungee system for storage and two sets of stainless D-rings for attaching a kayak seat or additional equipment and gear.


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