The 7 Best Paddle Boards for Yoga (2021 Reviews)

Yoga on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) can be an engaging experience.

Paddleboard yoga will hardly outshine mat-based yoga, but practice on the water provides several benefits.

SUP yoga is a challenging and beneficial workout because it requires extra strength, balance, and focus.

You can easily achieve superior balance and stability with the best paddle boards for yoga.

Some SUP boards in the market are specifically designed for paddleboard yoga. But many other models can also be used for SUP yoga, you just need to know what to look for.

In our top seven selections, we took into account all the essential features you would want your paddleboard for yoga to have.

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Top Pick

Soopotay Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is our top pick.

This inflatable stand up paddle board has an enlarged EVA deck pad that is suitable for all yoga poses you would like to try on a SUP board.

The all-around construction of the board is extremely stable and easy to maneuver when doing different yoga stances.

The Best Paddle Boards for Yoga Are:

Soopotay Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Get more tricks on your yoga and fitness training with the Soopotay Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. It is the widest you could have ever wished for SUP yoga.

The first thing that makes this SUP great for yoga is the size.

  • It measures 10.8 feet long and 34 inches wide. You have a wider width for the seated pose, spinal flex, seated twists, and side stretches.
  • It is also long enough for plank, upward dog, cat-cow, boat, low boat, savasana, bridge, pigeon, and chaturanga.

The all-around nose improves maneuverability and makes the board more stable for standing poses like the triangle, standing backbend, warrior, mountain, and half-moon to mention a few.

Unlike conventional SUP boards, the Soopotay has an enlarged, ultra-thick EVA deck pad, which allows you to get more tricks on your fitness training.

The deck is non-slip for superior standing poses and cushiony when doing surface stances.

Regardless of its size, the Soopotay will take you about 7 minutes to inflate it fully to 15 psi.

You will appreciate the two grab handles at the nose and tail for easy pulling of the board in and out of the water.

The two center handles, on the other hand, allow for easy transportation of the board.


  • The board is super wide and long for all your yoga poses
  • The enlarged deck pad provides a larger area for fitness training
  • Planning hull is extremely stable for standing poses
  • Multiple handles for portability and easy transportation
  • Adjustable paddle allows for easy height customization


  • May arrive with some missing parts
  • It is possible to receive a broken pump

Roc Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

Is there any better way to gear up for SUP yoga than with the Roc Inflatable SUP Paddle Board?

It is one of the most popular paddle boards under $500 in the market.

The paddleboard package has everything you need for SUP yoga. These include an inflatable board, a premium EVA deck pad, a tail D-ring, a four-spot bungee, and an adjustable paddle.

You only need a few minutes to inflate the board entirely, thanks to the high-pressure pump.

When fully inflated, the SUP measures 33 inches wide and 10 feet long, providing you with enough space for spinal flex, cat/cow flow, leg extensions, and crunches, among others.

The planing hull is not just perfect for flat water, but it also makes the board extremely stable and easy to maneuver when doing seated twists, side stretches, arm circles, and spinal flex.

You can attach an anchor to the bungee or one of the D-rings to prevent the board from moving around. You can also use the four-point bungee to tie down your waterproof bag full of accessories.


  • It is long and wide for most yoga poses
  • The non-slip deck pad provides superior traction for standing poses
  • Easy to operate, only takes a few minutes to inflate
  • All-around design is easy to maneuver when doing yoga
  • Safety leash keeps you tethered to the board


  • Possible to receive a model that leaks
  • Quality control appears to be an issue with some models

DAMA Inflatable Ultra-Light Stand Up Paddle Board

This ultra-light stand up paddle board has a classic design that is suitable for all skill levels. It is an exceptional choice for yoga and fitness training.

It features a drop-stitch material that is extremely firm and lightweight, while the Tritech construction is wear-resistant and super strong.

The SUP has a width of 30 inches and a length of 9.6 feet. Therefore, it is wide and long enough for most yoga poses like cat/cow flow, leg extensions, downward-facing dog, boat, low boat, and bridge.

The EVA deck pad extends from the tail to the bungee system, providing you with enough non-slip traction space for fitness training and sleeping.

You have two sets of D-rings at the deck area, which you can use to attach a kayak seat and do some recreational paddleboarding once you are done with yoga.

The four-point bungee at the nose is expandable, making it easy to attach extras, such as a life vest, snacks, camera, and sunglasses.

You can engage choppy waters after yoga and fitness training for more thrilling moments, thanks to the touring design of the SUP (See also: The Best Touring Paddle Boards).


  • It comes complete with all the necessary accessories
  • Has a large non-slip deck pad for all your yoga poses
  • It is lightweight, portable, and easy to transport to and out of the water
  • The paddle floats on water and it is easily adjustable
  • Four-point bungee provides adequate storage


  • It may come with some missing items or accessories
  • Could be better if it was a little bit longer

Goosehill Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you are new to SUP yoga, the Goosehill Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is your best bet. It is easy to maneuver different yoga poses.

Get your beginner flow going with the 32-inch deck pad.

It is remarkably stable for both standing and low poses, such as the mountain, warrior, standing forward, down dog, cat-cow, pigeon, cobra, chaturanga, seated forward, chair, extended side angle, triangle, and the half-moon, among others.

You will love the board’s all-around design, considering how stable and easy it is to maneuver during fitness training.

The four-point bungee system provides enough storage space for all the accessories you will need on the water.

You do not want the board to drift away from you when you fall into the water. So, attach a safety leash to the tail D-ring and keep it tethered to your leg.

It comes with three navigational fins, which is great because they help you track as well as maintain stability on the water.

Without the fins, you would be bouncing around everywhere and would not be able to steer the SUP in your desired direction.


  • The all-around design improves stability and maneuverability
  • Large slip-resistant traction pad improves performance
  • The four-spot bungee provides you with enough storage space
  • Easy to track and maintain stability on the water
  • The center carry handle improves portability


  • Some models may come with a leaking valve
  • The air pump inlet may not provide a good connection

Lotus YSUP Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Stretch your mind and body with the Lotus YSUP from Advanced Elements.

The design of this board will help you enhance core stability, focus, balance, and relaxation.

The Lotus YSUP measures ten feet long and thirty-two inches wide, which is great because it provides a large surface for all your SUP yoga poses.

Some of the most popular stances you can do on this board are the downward dog, warrior I and II, boat, pigeon, mountain, revolved triangle, cobra, chair, camel, corpse, forward bend, and lunge to mention a few.

The all-around construction makes the board easy to maneuver and extremely stable for seated twists, side stretches, and arm circles in yoga.

The deck is fitted with a non-slip traction pad to prevent sliding and slipping when doing standing poses.

At the tail of the Lotus YSUP, you have three stainless D-rings for attaching a safety leash. You can also connect an anchor to one of the D-rings to prevent the sup from moving around.

Another good thing about this board is the removable shoulder strap it comes with, which makes transportation to and from the water a breeze.

However, it could be much easier if you pull into and out of the water with grab handles on the tail and nose.


  • The SUP is extra wide for superior stability
  • Large traction pad is high performing for standing yoga poses
  • Comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy transportation
  • The all-around nose makes the board extremely easy to maneuver
  • D-rings at the tail allow you to attach a safety leash


  • Possible to receive a model with a leaking valve

FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Stand Up Paddle Board

Practice SUP yoga as you enjoy the natural elements of floating on the water with this ultra-light paddleboard from FunWater.

The board is 33 inches wide and 10.6 feet long, which is great because it allows integrating different yoga postures.

This helps to challenge your balance while building both strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. The soft EVA deck pad provides a comfortable platform for deep relaxing yoga.

The board comes equipped with a six-point bungee system for storage. You can even attach the paddle to the bungee when it is not in use.

You have a center carry handle for easy transportation of the SUP to and from the water. At the FunWater SUP tail, you have a stainless D-ring for attaching a safety leash or an anchor.

The board comes with three removable fins (they help maintain forward motion) that are super easy to install. You can remove the center fin to improve maneuverability.

The three-piece aluminum paddle is adjustable for easy height customization. You also get some unique add-ons like a repair kit and a waterproof phone case that is snow-proof and dustproof.


  • It is lighter and easily transportable
  • You can customize the paddle height for easy paddling
  • Has a wide and non-slip traction pad for superior standing yoga
  • The six-point bungee provides enough storage space
  • You can attach a safety leash or an anchor to the tail D-ring


  • It is possible to receive a poor quality pump
  • Some models may leak air

ACOWAY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Whether it is yoga or fitness training, the ACOWAY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a great choice. One of the best you could have ever wished for in your next SUP yoga excursion.

Moving your yoga practice onto the ACOWAY SUP is a great way to deepen your focus on core strength and balance in amazing natural places.

Thanks to its large deck pad, wide inflatable SUP creates a comfortable and stable platform for different yoga poses, including cat-cow, down dog, upward dog, chaturanga, plank, knee to nose, high lunge, warrior, savasana, bridge, boat, and low boat.

If you do not want to drift away from shore or into other paddlers doing SUP yoga, attach an anchor to the four-point bungee.

On the other hand, you can also tether the board to your leg by attaching the safety leash to the tail D-ring.

The all-around design is extremely stable for low poses.

The superior stability of the SUP allows you to modify your poses to have a wider stance and you can bring your feet closer together as you get more confident.


  • The paddle board is extremely stable for standing and low poses
  • The all-around design is easy to maneuver when doing standing stances
  • The high-traction deck pad is cushiony and very comfortable
  • It collapses and folds easily into a portable travel bag
  • The three-piece paddle is simple to adjust to your desired height


  • Quality control appears to be an issue with some models

Things to Consider When Looking for Paddle Board for Yoga

SUP yoga can only be fun if you are using a high-quality and high performing paddleboard. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best model.

Choosing the Proper Size

Your paddleboard for yoga needs to be between ten and twelve feet long and equal to or greater than thirty inches wide.

The width of the board is what helps create stability when you are practicing yoga.

It is also important to have a large deck pad that covers two-thirds or more of the length of the board. The deck pad acts as your mat and keeps you from slipping off the surface when it is wet.

Planing or Displacement Hull

There are two main types of SUP shapes, planing, and displacement hull.

We always favor a planning hull paddle board for yoga because it is wide, more stable, and it is much easier to maneuver on flat water.

Important Extras to Look For

A helpful addition to any SUP for yoga is a nose bungee system to store your lifejacket and paddle.

Other types of equipment that you require are a personal flotation device, a floating paddle, an anchor, and a safety foot leash.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is the Soopotay Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

What makes this SUP stand up is its innovative design.

  • It features an enlarged EVA deck pad that provides you with enough surface area for the seated pose, spinal flex, arm circles, side stretches, seated twists, cat/cow flow, crunches, mountain pose, sun salutation, and squat pose, among others.
  • At 34 inches wide and 10.8 feet long, the Soopotay is super easy to balance when doing different yoga stances.

The planning hull (all-around construction) is extremely stable and easy to maneuver on flat water.

It also comes complete with an adjustable paddle, a waterproof phone case, and a safety leash.

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