The 7 Best Paddle Boards Under $500 (2021 Reviews)

Is there any better way to reevaluate your approach to life than getting into paddleboarding?

Standup paddleboarding is an incredible water sport that almost anyone can do anywhere in the world.

All you need is a water body and a fine paddleboard.

You can achieve different goals like exploring nature or getting into better shape with the best paddle board under $500.

However, not everyone has a sage decision for a paddleboard under five hundred dollars due to their different brand competition and variety.

So, in our top seven selections, we have considered all the essential features you would like your paddleboard to have.

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Top Pick

The WOWSEA Cruise Inflatable Standup Paddle Board is our top pick.

This is a new release for 2021, but it has taken the market by surprise with its state-of-the-art features.

You get a complete paddle boarding package that includes the board, a three-piece paddle, a high-pressure pump, a safety foot leash, a pressure gauge, and a removable center fin.

You also get a six-point bungee system and a high performing traction pad.

The Best Paddle Boards Under 500 Are: 

WOWSEA Cruise Inflatable Standup Paddle Board 

The most incredible inflatable stand up paddleboard you can buy under five hundred dollars this year. This amazing SUP is stable and durable.

The heavy-duty construction features F1 technology that uses multi-layer military-grade PVC materials that make the board ultra-tough and UV-resistant. The high-density drop-stitch design has a maximum weight limit of 278 pounds.

The WOWSEA Cruise comes with a soft deck pad that is made from EVA foam. The pad is multi-textured to provide non-slip traction and heat sealed to help shed water. There’s an innovatively crafted kick pad that makes carving and sharp turns easier to make.

It comes with a removable center fin that requires no tools to install or uninstall. However, the side bite fins are molded to the board for superior tracking and stability on the water. You’ve got a good quality ankle leash that attaches to the D-ring on the rear end for keeping the board within your reach.

You can adjust the paddle to your desired length for ease of use. But the thing is, the paddle does not float on water, which means it can quickly sink and disappear into the water.


  • The high-quality materials make the board strong and durable
  • The paddle is adjustable for ease of use
  • Multi-textured traction pad is non-slip and heat-sealed
  • Triple action and double chamber inflates and deflates easily
  • Fins help enhance steering and balance


  • The provided paddle may fail to float on water

Goosehill Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

Are you looking for a lightweight professional paddleboard that will not break the bank? Look no further than this fantastic board from Goosehill.

It has a durable construction that features drop-stitch technology and a strong laminated layer for strength, rigidity, and a considerably high weight limit.

The EVA traction pad is soft and highly resistant to damage from direct UV and seawater exposure.

The SCE technology ensures the board is lightweight and easily transportable. It has a center handle grip that makes carrying the SUP effortless from the water to your car.

It also deflates quickly for compact storage in the provided waterproof backpack.

You will appreciate the unique design of the fins, which improve steering and maneuverability in treacherous waters. The overall nose structure of the board also enhances maneuverability.

The Goosehill has four-point front bungee cords, allowing you to bring along your necessities on the SUP board safely.

There is enough room for attaching a waterproof backpack.

You also get all the critical matching accessories you will need on the water, such as a three-piece paddle and a coiled SUP leash.


  • The traction footpad is textured for slip-resistance performance
  • Front bungee allows paddlers to bring the necessary equipment
  • The rigid design of the board has a higher weight limit
  • Deflates and folds down to a compact size package for portability
  • The all-around construction is highly maneuverable


  • May come with a defective valve that leaks air
  • Pump attachment may pop out during inflation

Swonder Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

With Swonder, you get a high performing paddleboard at a great value. It is the paddle board under 500 highly recommended by paddlers and surfers.

The Swonder board is available in two different lengths: 11.6 and 10.6 feet, but they both have a width of 32 inches. So, you can choose a size that works best for your application.

What we truly love about this model is the fact that:

It is lightweight and highly portable.

It has a nose grab handle for easy grabbing and transportation along shore breaks, docks, and riverbeds.

The center grab handle, on the other hand, makes carrying the board to your car easier.

There is a tail-mounted D-ring for tying the board to your boat or attaching a safety leash that will keep the SUP within your reach. Next to the D-ring is a high-pressure valve that provides rapid inflation and deflation.

You have a six-point bungee system at the front. The cords are looped into six stainless D-rings for strength. You can attach your equipment or waterproof backpack to the bungee.

The footpad of the Swonder is made from soft EVA for comfort. The pad is also grooved to improve traction and stability.

The board’s maneuverability and steering are improved with the navigation fins.


  • Has a six-point bungee system for reliable storage
  • The footbed is wide and slip-resistant
  • Nose and center grab handle make transportation easier
  • The tail-mounted D-ring adds versatility
  • Quality assurance is guaranteed with a 45-day return period


  • It’s very possible to receive a defective pump
  • Quality control may be inconsistent from one SUP to another

SereneLife Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

This is 10.5 feet and 30-inch all-around inflatable standup paddleboard that comes in five different colorways, including aqua, black, olive green, marine blue, and black and gray.

It is a go-anywhere do-anything inflatable SUP that is a perfect choice for small waves surfing and flatwater paddling.

What’s cool about this inflatable is that:

It deflates from a 10.5 feet long SUP to a compact rolled up size that’s easy to store in the backpack.

The board comes standard with an adjustable paddle that’s perfect for accommodating different sized paddlers and recreational surfers. You can effortlessly break it down for storage or travel.

The ten-foot coiled leash will make sure you always stay close and attached to your board. SereneLife provides a high-performance hand pump for easy and fast inflation. You also have a screwless snap and fit fin for easy and quick installation.

SereneLIfe also ensured you have enough storage on the board by including a four-point bungee system. You can easily tie-down your waterproof backpack full of accessories and bring it along with you to the water.

You’ve also got an EVA traction pad that provides you with a soft, non-slip, and comfortable platform.


  • You have five different colors or patterns to choose from
  • Deflates and rolls down to a small-sized package for storage
  • Comes with a long safety leash that keeps you tethered to your board
  • Screwless main fin requires no tools for installation
  • The footpad is soft, non-slip, and very comfortable


  • The included paddle does not float on water and it can easily sink

Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Ultra-Light Standup Paddle Board

The Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Ultra-Light Standup Paddle Board brings the ultimate beginner paddleboard package to you.

The SUP is ten feet long, six inches thick, and thirty inches wide, providing you with a sufficiently large board for yoga, touring, fishing, and exploring.

It weighs only twenty pounds and when inflated, it supports up to three hundred and thirty pounds.

If you drop this paddleboard, it will not scratch easily because it is constructed from high-quality military-grade materials. The soft EVA footpad serves as the perfect exercise mat that makes it family and pet-friendly. The footpad is also slip-resistant and great at shedding water.

The four-point bungee system keeps your water bottle and gear out of your way during practice but close enough to your fingertips. You can also secure the paddle in the bungee system when it is not in use.

This SUP comes with one handle at the board’s center for carrying and transporting the board to and from the water. But the thing is, this model does not come with a rear or front grab handle.

When deflated, the Feath-R-Lite rolls up to a compact size for quick and easy storage. It is also very portable when secured in the backpack.


  • A great choice for beginner paddlers and recreational surfers
  • It will not scratch when you drop it, thanks to the quality materials
  • Slip-resistant footpad provides you with a riding and exercising platform
  • The bungee system helps keep gear and water bottle out of the way
  • Has a convenient center carry handle for transportation


  • Does not have grab handles at the front or rear of the board

AKSPORT Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

This amazing board from AKSPORT is 10.6 feet long by 32 inches wide. This unique model is designed for maximum stability.

It carries the thirty-two-inch width throughout the majority of the SUP, and it is crafted with a slightly wider tail. So, this model is going to be an excellent choice for any paddler who wants to test his or her paddling skills in different water conditions.

The AKSPORT comes in three unique colors for preference, including black, blue, and mint green.

At the rear of the board, you have your stainless D-ring, which you can use to attach your safety leash to make sure that the board does not go out of your reach.

You also have a wide four-point bungee system for convenient storage.

The deck pad is multi-textured for improved non-slip traction. At the center of the board, you have a strong carry handle for the SUP’s easy transportation.

On each side of the footpad, you have two D-rings for the optional kayak seat, tie-down additional gear, or add a shoulder strap.

At the rear of the SUP, you have the high-pressure inflation valve for quick set-up. The board also comes with an adjustable alloy paddle.


  • A great choice for paddling in different water conditions
  • It’s available in three different colors for preference
  • You can attach a safety leash to keep the board attached to you
  • The multi-textured deck pad offers great traction
  • D-rings on the deck pad allows you to connect a kayak seat


  • You may receive a model with a missing fin

YASKA All-Around Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

This incredible board from YASKA is designed for all ages and activities. You can use it for fishing, yoga, cruising, paddling, and even use as a paddle board for surfing.

The is 10.6 feet long, six inches thick, and thirty-two inches wide. Based on the measurements, the YASKA is long and wide enough for multiple passengers or taller riders. Both the front and rear ends are slightly wide for added stability when paddling in rough waters.

The design of the board features a multi-layer stitch construction. So, you should expect this SUP to be able to resist bursting, deforming, or scratching.

The EVA traction pad; on the other hand, has good slip-resistance for preventing you from falling.

The board is also equipped with important fixtures like a four-point bungee system for storing equipment and gear, a center handle for carrying the board from one place to another, and a D-ring on the rear end for attaching a safety leash.

There’s also a large removable fin at the bottom that improves stability and maneuverability. It ensures the board is always in line.


  • Tough PVC material and stitching improve durability
  • The adjustable valve design is super easy to inflate or deflate
  • The nose bungee system provides adequate storage
  • Comes with an adjustable paddle for easy customization
  • You get a repair kit and hand pump in the same package


  • Could be much easier to maneuver with three fins

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of a floating paddle?

One of the most important features when shopping for a paddleboard under five hundred dollars is to buy a model that comes with a floating paddle.

A floating paddle is easy to retrieve from the water when you fall, and it will not sink and disappear into the water.

Can I attach a kayak seat to my paddleboard? 

Yes, you can attach a kayak seat for a more thrilling sitting experience.

But the SUP you choose for standup paddleboarding must have two or three sets of stainless D-rings at the deck pad area for attaching or tieing down a kayak seat.

Do all paddleboards have grab handles at the nose and tail?

Not all paddleboards under 500 dollars will have grab handles at the nose and tail, but it’s a big plus if you find a model that is equipped with them. Most models only have the center carry handle.

Final Thoughts 

The winner of this roundup is the WOWSEA Cruise Inflatable Standup Paddle Board.

It’s new release has impressed many paddleboarders with its innovative features.

The standing out point is the all-around nose design (different from touring paddle board design) that allows you to cruise through waves and choppy waters with ease. It is the best way to exercise and have fun on the weekends.

This all-around SUP is long and wide, which means it is stable and suitable for beginners.

It comes with all the necessary accessories you would need during your excursion in the water. The board itself is equipped with a bungee system, a multi-textured and anti-slip traction pad, a carry handle, and a D-ring for connecting a foot leash.


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