The 7 Best Paddle Boards for Surfing (2021 Reviews)

Surfers can benefit from both surfboarding and paddleboarding.

Stand-up paddleboarding is a superior core workout on both flat water and among waves. It is ideal for strength training as it brings together your legs, back, arms, neck, and balance.

You can improve your fitness as a surfer through paddleboarding with the best paddle board for surfing.

However, massive types of surfing stand-up paddle boards (SUP) in the market has distracted boarders from looking for their perfect model.

So, in our top selections, we have considered all the crucial features you have been concern in a paddle board for surfing.

Top Pick

WOWSEA Cruise Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the most liked and the bestseller among surfers.


This SUP board has an incredible all-around nose structure that’s perfect for cruising through waves.

This paddle board also comes with all the important accessories you would need to make your surfing excursion possible.

The Best Paddle Boards for Surfing Are: 

WOWSEA Cruise Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Love and enjoy your surfing with this incredible paddle board for surfing from WOWSEA.

This product is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle board.

It is practical for most water conditions and a great choice for surfing, leisure paddling, traveling adventure, touring, fishing, and iSUP fitness.

Just unpack the board, inflate it, and hit the water.

It has double-side thick rails, which is great because they improve stability on the water.

There is an entry rocker-style hull that does a good job of reducing the board’s running resistance and shed water.

On the other hand, it features F1 technology that makes the board rigid and durable once inflated.

You will love the EVA foam deck pad because it is heat-sealed to support shed water as well as provide lots of cushioning for anti-slip traction and foot fatigue reduction.

There’s a kick pad located at the end of the board that makes carving and sharp turns easy to take.

You’ve also got a removable center fin and a side bite fin for increasing stability, traction, and tracking.

But the thing is, you may receive a hand pump that doesn’t work.


  • Double-side thick rails increase stability
  • Innovative entry rocker design reduces running resistance
  • The dense drop-stitch improves durability
  • Removable center fin increases traction and stability
  • The durable ankle leash helps absorb impact waves


  • You may receive a defective hand pump

Roc Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

Take your adventure anywhere in the water with the incredible Roc Inflatable Standup Paddle Board.

The sleek design of the Roc streams effortlessly across the water, allowing you to navigate tight spaces.

Whether you love surfing, floating in the sun, fitness, fishing, or yoga, you will find the Roc to be the perfect platform.

The board is made from military-grade quad-core PVC material, which is great because it is not easily affected by water.

It comes with a high-quality dual-layer non-slip deck pad.

The lightweight pad does a great job of absorbing shock and weight as you float across the water.

There is a comfort grip handle that is ergonomically designed for easy carrying. The grip can hold up to forty-five pounds.

The board comes equipped with secure bungee tie-downs that help hold items you want to bring along on the surfing expedition.

You can so quickly tie-down a waterproof dry backpack full of belongings.

You’ve also got a removable main fin and side fins that help you track as well as maintain stability.


  • Triple-layer fabric with support baffles improves durability
  • The non-slip deck pad helps to absorb weight and shock
  • The comfort grip handle allows for easy carrying of the board
  • Easy to bring along a waterproof backpack, thanks to the bungee
  • The main and side fins help improve tracking and stability


  • Quality control and customer service seems to be unsatisfactory

iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board

If you are looking for a paddleboard that works wonders in all water conditions and skill levels, look no further than the Nautical from iROCKER.

The board is thirty-two-inch wide, which is great because it offers extra stability.

The narrow design glides smoothly across the water with less dragging.

The board features dual-layer military-grade drop stitching, which means it is tough, strong, and durable. When fully inflated, the board can hold up to two hundred and fort pounds.

The deck pad is made from lightweight EVA foam for preventing soreness.

The deck’s grip is remarkably soft on the feet and offers a warm feeling when surfing or padding.

There’s a leash plug that allows you to tether yourself to the board, which ensures the board stays within your reach in case you fall from a light breeze.

You’ve got a handle grip that makes the board fairly easy to carry to and from the water.

The touring nose design improves performance and efficiency when surfing.

This paddle board is also fitted with three navigational fins that help stabilize the board by preventing sideway movements.


  • The touring nose design improves efficiency and performance of surfing
  • Heavy-duty material and stitching can hold up to 240 pounds
  • Lightweight deck pad offers great traction and comfort
  • The ergonomic handle grip allows for easy carry
  • Innovatively designed fins improve stability and navigation


  • The middle fin may be too big for shallow water

DAMA Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

The DAMA Inflatable Standup Paddle Board comes with all the features you have been looking for all this time.

This SUP has top-tier versatility, making it the ideal choice for surfing and even drifting, yoga, and recreational paddling.

It is designed from military-grade materials to provide you with reliable and durable construction.

The design is anti-aging, anti-UV, wear-proof, scratch-resistant, and inflaming retarding. The persistent craftsmanship of the board makes it a beauty to surf with on the water.

There is a handle grip for carrying the board from one place to another.

The EVA deck pad is soft and comfortable and acts as a weight and shock absorber. It helps you paddle in comfort by getting rid of foot fatigue.

It comes with four-spot bungee storage for added safety and convenience. The bungee system is expandable, making it easy for you to grab and ride securely.

You can firmly and easily attach snacks, a camera, sunglasses, and a vital life vest.

The board comes with an innovatively designed main fin and two side fins for superior handling and steering. The fins also help maintain speed and stability.


  • The board is anti-aging and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to carry from one place to another with a handle grip
  • EVA deck pad is soft, comfortable, and slip-resistant
  • The four-spot bungee system adds safety and versatility
  • Powerful three-tail fins improve steering and stability


  • Quality control may be inconsistent from one model to another

SereneLife Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

The SereneLife is an awesome paddle board for surfing in different waters.

It is super compact and portable.

The board is thirty inches wide, which is great for surfing because it improves balance and stability when you are faced with a strong breeze.

The EVA deck pad is anti-slip, stable, soft, and comfortable. It does a great job of cushioning your fall in case you slip accidentally.

The paddle board has an all-around nose design that is exceptional for SUP surfing and cruising lakes and rivers. The nose is slightly raised for better performance when faced with stronger waves.

The nose grab handle and center carry handle make grabbing and carrying the board easier.

It comes with a removable center (large) fin, which is extremely easy to install and uninstall.

The uniquely crafted fins improve not only steering and balance but also stability and performance.

You’ve got a six-point bungee system at the front and a four-point bungee at the back for added safety and versatility. These two bungee systems allow you to attach lots of items to the board, including a waterproof backpack and sunglasses among other things.


  • Double-layer fabric is stronger and durable
  • Can support up to three hundred pounds
  • Three panels fins improve speed and maneuverability
  • Front and rear bungee systems add safety and versatility
  • Portable design folds easily for storage and transportation


  • Possible to receive a model with a flimsy middle fin

FunWater Inflatable Paddle Board

FunWater gives you a unique opportunity of surfing with a creatively designed paddle board under $500.

You can choose blue or pink color options.

The board is ultra-light, weighing in at approximately eighteen pounds.

The PVC rails give the board its high strength and durability. It performs exceptionally like a hardboard without sacrificing stability or performance.

It features drop-stitch materials that make the board anti-aging, scraping resistant, anti-UV, and wear-proof.

The deck pad is crafted from EVA, making it soft, anti-slip, and very comfortable.

The touring nose design of the board is perfect for surfing longer distances and it is also best for speed as well as SUP racing.

You will love how big (33 inches wide, 10.6 inches long, and 6 inches thick) the board is, which is great because it has a considerably large carrying capacity of up to three hundred pounds.

It comes with a center handle for carrying and transporting the board.

The board has a six-point nose bungee system for attaching things like a waterproof backpack and other surfing accessories.

There is a stainless D-ring at the board’s rear end for attaching a leash that will tether you to the board.


  • Touring nose design improves speed and coverage when surfing
  • Has an exceptionally large carrying capacity
  • Innovatively designed fins improve stability and balance
  • Easy to connect a leash with the stainless D-ring
  • You get lots of surfing accessories in addition to the board


  • Possible to receive a poorly made pressure pump
  • Quality control may be an issue

Beyond Marina Inflatable Paddle Board

With Beyond Marina, you get a high-quality paddle board for surfing and longer service life.

This incredible ISUP is made with durable and ultra-light drop-stitch materials. Each seam is welded using non-hazardous German Henkel glue for long-lasting durability.

And the deck pad features a diamond-cut design and tough-grip comfort EVA. Hence, it’s difficult to slip. Even if you do slip, the deck pad will cushion your fall.

You’ve got a four-point bungee system for attaching things, and you can use the bungee to pull yourself onto the board.

There is a durable and portable handle grip for easy transportation.

The inflatable valve has a high-efficiency of inflation as well as deflation.

It comes equipped with two small fins and one big (main) fin. The fins are removable, and they do not require any tools for installation. They help improve balance and stability, especially on rough waters.

The all-around nose design is incredible because it has a raised hull for pushing through strong waves. The round nose also means the board is wider and much easier to maneuver and balance, compared to touring designs.

Another good thing about this model is the adjustable carbon paddle. The paddle comes in three pieces, allowing you to customize the length.


  • Rolls into a compact size package for easy transportation
  • It takes roughly ten minutes to inflate
  • All-around nose design improves balance and maneuverability
  • The extra-large diamond traction pad adds versatility
  • You get all the matching accessories


  • Poor quality control on some models
  • Some pumps may take longer to inflate the board

What should be concerned when Shopping for a Surfing Paddle Board?

In addition to surfboarding, surfers can enjoy paddleboarding and improve their fitness.

But it would be best if you had a high performing paddle board for surfing. Here are a few things to consider during your search.

All-Around vs. Touring Nose 

When looking to get a paddleboard, the first big decision you will need to make is what shape is best for your surfing style and habit.

The shape, as well as the design, will affect how your SUP will move and perform on the water.

  • The all-around design

This design is equipped with a rounded nose, which is perfect for touring around lakes and surfing ocean waves.

The raised design of the nose is ideal for cutting through waves and choppy waters.

The all-around design is a great choice for beginners because it is very stable.

  • The touring nose design

On the other hand, the touring paddle board  has a pointed nose, which is suitable for flatwater paddling and speed.

The unique pointed shape cuts through the water with ease. It allows for quicker tracking and improved efficiency.

Deck Pad Design 

It is certainly not a surfboard, but you can assume it is if it has a high performing deck pad.

Always go for an EVA deck pad that is multi-textured for slip-resistance and comfort.

Final Thoughts 

The winner of this roundup is the WOWSEA Cruise Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

  • This ingeniously designed paddleboard has an all-around nose that is perfect for surfing ocean waves.
  • It is exceptionally long, wide, and stable. Even a beginner surfer can use this SUP for exercise and training.
  • It comes equipped with one of the best EVA deck pad in the industry. The traction pad is multi-textured for non-slip performance and comfort.
  • You also get a center handle for easy transportation of the board to and from the water.
  • You will appreciate how quickly the board inflates and how well it holds air without leaking.


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