Best One Men Pontoon Boats (2021 Reviews)

With a one-person pontoon boat, you can go fishing and boating for fun. 

You can easily access hard-to-reach places with such a compact watercraft.

Boating is a rewarding and engaging activity. It provides a lot of opportunities for personal growth. It also doubles as an exercise when you paddle the boat. 

You will not run short of one-person pontoon boats to choose from. But you wouldn’t know for sure what’s best for you until you do a little research. 

So, our roundup for a one-person pontoon boat took into account all the important features you have been looking for.    

Top Pick 

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat is our top pick. It features a heavy-duty PVC construction that is highly abrasion, tear, and puncture-resistant.

The boat has a large weight-bearing capacity of 400 pounds. So, you can conveniently bring all your fishing or boating gear. 

Here are Our Best One Man Pontoon Boat Reviews: 

  • Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat – Our Top Pick
  • Aleko Inflatable One Man Fishing Pontoon Boat
  • HIBO 8-Foot Inflatable Tender Dinghy Pontoon Boat
  • Inflatable River Raft Fishing Dinghy Pontoon Boat
  • Rosymity PVC Inflatable Tender Pontoon Boat

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat 

Colorado from Classic Accessories is a high-quality, high-performing one-man pontoon boat that is perfect for fishing and cruising your favorite lake. 

Key Features 

  • 400-pound max weight capacity 
  • Heavy-duty PVC 
  • Strong rod holders
  • Fly patch 
  • Multiple oarlock positions 

The assembled size of Colorado is one hundred and eight inches long, fifty-six inches wide, and twenty-six inches high.

The nine-foot pontoons offer superior buoyancy, floatation, and stability for both stealth fishing and cruising. The boat has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. 

The heavy-duty pontoons are made of tough nylon tops and abrasion and tear-resistant PVC bottoms. The steel tube frame is powder-coated for superior rust and corrosion resistance.

You’ve got combination valves for quick and effective inflation and deflation.

The bladders are heat and cold-resistant for long-lasting durability. The seven-foot two-piece aluminum oars are lightweight, rugged, and very comfortable for paddling. 

It comes equipped with unique and comfortable features.

First, the fold-down plastic seat is padded for comfort.

Second, the footrests provide a wide range of leg length adjustments for versatility and convenience during long fishing or cruising hours.

Third, the oarlock can be set-up in three different positions for added versatility. 

The boat’s storage capacity is incredible, including two zippered pockets, ten mesh pockets, and two drink holders.

At the back of the seat, you have a strong battery platform and wire rear storage. The fly patch ensures that you have quick access to your gear. 


  • The 400-pound capacity can support you and your gear 
  • The bottoms are abrasion and tear-resistant 
  • You can motorize it or use the aluminum oars for paddling 
  • Both the footrests and seat are adjustable for comfort 
  • The combination valves allow for quick and easy inflation/deflation 


  • It is possible to receive a model that is not the Colorado 
  • It may be challenging for some people to get it into the water 


When it comes to one-man pontoon boats, Colorado from Classic Accessories is the real. It is designed to provide the best performance when fishing or cruising. 

Overall Rating: 4.7 

Aleko Inflatable One Man Fishing Pontoon Boat 

This incredible one-person watercraft is not only a pontoon boat but also one of the best ideal vessels for one-man fishing and cruising. 

Key Features 

  • 10-foot pontoons 
  • Two aluminum frames 
  • Removable side pockets 
  • Adjustable seat and footrests 
  • Maximum weight capacity of up to 350 pounds

It is lightweight and portable, allowing you to stow it in any corner of your trunk or room. You can even check it as luggage on your next flight.

When packed, the Aleko doesn’t need a trailer, which is good because you can transport it to the most remote places on the lake.

This excellent one-person pontoon boat is far simpler to set up compared to most conventional inflatable fishing boats. The entire set-up process takes only three steps and about fifteen minutes to complete. 

First, layout the pontoon tubes and inflate and ensure the air valves are closed. It normally takes around three to four minutes to inflate a single tube by a foot pump fully.

Second, install the set of aluminum frames, which should take roughly five minutes. 

The maximum weight capacity of the boat is up to three hundred and fifty pounds. So, it can meet your different requirements, whether you are out fishing or just having a good time on the lake.

The heavy-duty air chambers provide the highest level of performance and safety.

You’ve got a heavy-duty metallic platform at the back of the seat for mounting a pontoon boat trolling motor.

Alternatively, you can use the provided aluminum oars to paddle from the seating position. The paddles are strategically locked in the oarlocks for ease of use.

The oarlocks can be set in different positions for added versatility. 


  • The boat is super easy for a single person to set-up 
  • The built-in footrests allow for comfortable and relaxing posture 
  • The seat is fully adjustable for a customized experience 
  • Lots of storage space for bringing all the necessary gear
  • You can paddle it or mount a motor for the ultimate boating experience 


You may not get a stripping apron and a fishing ruler 


This high-quality model from Aleko will make your one-man pontoon boating experience great, whether fishing or sailing for fun. 

Overall Rating: 4.7 

HIBO 8-Foot Inflatable Tender Dinghy Pontoon Boat 

If you are looking for a spacious and high-performing dinghy pontoon boat suitable for one person, look no further than this great model from HIBO. 

Key Features 

  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • Aluminum floor design 
  • A maximum load capacity of 992 pounds 
  • Fiberglass transom 
  • Aluminum adjustable sliding bench seat 

This dinghy pontoon boat is easy to set-up. With three-plus one chambers, the HIBO packs a lot of air for outstanding buoyancy, floatation, and stability.

You can bring all kinds of fishing gear during your solo fishing expedition, thanks to the nine hundred and ninety-two pounds of maximum capacity. 

It comes equipped with two aluminum anodized paddles, which are highly rusted and corrosion-resistant. The oars are also impact-resistant. They are lightweight and stow easily on the oarlocks.

If paddling seems to be a challenging proposition for you, you can always mount a trolling motor on the transom for effortless sailing and stealth fishing.   

The sliding bench seat and the floor are made of high-quality aluminum for superior rust and corrosion resistance.

The flooring is split into several pieces for easy disassembly when you are done for the day. You’ve also got side pieces to secure the floor to the boat by closing the gap between them. 

You’ve got several handles on the pontoons for grabbing onto the boat during turbulence and for pulling the boat out of the water.

The front sides of the pontoons near the nose are fitted with D-rings for added versatility. A special D-ring at the front of the boat allows for effortless anchoring or mooring. 


  • The aluminum floor is sturdy and corrosion-resistant 
  • The reinforced transom can support a heavy-duty motor 
  • Easy to tow, anchor, or moor the boat with the strong D-rings 
  • Combination valves make inflation and deflation easy and quick 
  • The oars are lightweight and exceptionally easy to use


It does not come with a lifeline 


This is a highly reliable dinghy pontoon boat for one person planning a fishing or cruising expedition on the lakeside. 

Overall Rating: 4.6

Inflatable River Raft Fishing Dinghy Pontoon Boat

This small but mighty six feet inflatable boat brings one-man dinghy design to a whole new level. You can use it for cruising the lake, or you can use it as a tender. 

Key Features 

  • Six feet long pontoons 
  • 0.99 mm PVC construction 
  • Heavy-duty transom
  • Lightweight and strong oars 
  • Lifeline is included  

The inflatable keel provides exceptional buoyancy and floatation for a smooth and stable ride at high speed. The heavy-duty floor offers a softer footing and will go easy on your knees. 

The small design of the boat is super easy to inflate as well as deflate. It is also effortless to stow when you are done for the day.

You’ve got a strong transom that can effectively house one outboard motor. Just hang the engine on the transom, drive shims between the top of the transom and the motor to raise it to the desired height.

It is usually easier to sail with a remote-controlled engine.

You can alternatively use the provided oars to paddle the watercraft for a more traditional sailing experience.

The oars stow effectively on the sides when not in use. The boat sides are equipped with a lifeline, which you can grab when you run into turbulence.


  • The boat is highly buoyant and stable 
  • The strong transom allows you to install a heavy-duty motor 
  • The lightweight oars are easy to wheel and stow 
  • The PVC construction is tear and abrasion-resistant 
  • It is large enough to install a kayak seat 


Do not come with slots for mounting a sliding bench seat 


If a small dinghy pontoon boat is what you want for solo fishing or cruising, then look no further than this model. 

Overall Rating: 4.6 

Rosymity PVC Inflatable Tender Pontoon Boat

Sit back and relax in confidence with the Rosymity PVC Inflatable Tender Pontoon Boat. It is a heavy-duty tender pontoon boat with a higher load-bearing capacity.   

Key Features 

  • Strong and durable PVC construction
  • Load-bearing of up to 441 pounds 
  • Quick inflation and deflation 
  • Stern motor buckle 
  • Inboard storage bag

The boat features a strong PVC construction with a wall thickness of approximately 0.15 inches, which is great because it makes the boat highly abrasion and tear-resistant. 

You’ve got a bow towing buckle for towing it behind a bigger boat. A fishing rod rack provides convenient storage when the rod is not in use.

A double valve design allows for quick inflation as well as deflation. The traditional oarlocks make paddling and direction changing super easy. 

This boat doesn’t allow for transom motor mount. Instead, it comes equipped with a stern motor buckle for easy mounting of a motor. 

You’ve got two cushioned seats for comfort. You can use the front seat when operating a motor to sail the boat and the back seat when paddling.

The perimeter of the boat is equipped with a lifeline for absorbing and dissipating your weight during turbulence.  

Filling the boat is easy. Rotate the inflation valve into the inflation vent and tighten. Then open the gas valve and push the inflation nozzle to the end. You can quickly deflate the boat by rotating the valve outwards. 


  • The PVC construction will not tear easily 
  • Inflating and deflating the boat is quick and easy 
  • Motor installs easily in the stern motor buckle 
  • Has a large load-bearing capacity for carrying fishing gear 
  • The lifeline along the perimeter adds safety 


Could be much easier to paddle if it had a sliding bench seat 


This uniquely designed inflatable tender pontoon boat is suitable for fishing, lakes, bays, and rivers. It is a dinghy that you can rely on during solo expeditions.   

Overall Rating: 4.6  

Things to Consider When Looking for One-Man Pontoon Boat 

Here are the most important considerations you have to make: 

Durable Construction 

The pontoons must be made of a heavy-duty construction that is abrasion, tear, and puncture-resistant.

Choose a design with a powder-coated steel frame for superior rust and corrosion-resistant. The bladders should be heat and cold-resistant for added durability.

Also, consider a construction that comes with combination valves for quick inflation and deflation. 

Carrying Capacity and Storage 

You need to choose a pontoon boat with a conveniently high weight-bearing capacity. We recommend a model that has a maximum weight limit of more than 300 pounds.

A pontoon boat with zippered and mesh pockets will allow for decent organization. 


Always make sure the one-men pontoon boat you choose comes with a padded seat for comfort. Both the seat and footrests are adjustable for added comfort and versatility. 

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat. This is the overall best choice when looking for the best one-person pontoon boat.

The nine-foot-long pontoons feature a durable construction that will resist abrasion, tearing, and puncturing in case you bump into rocks on shallow water in the river. 

The 400-pound maximum boat capacity is large enough for you and your fishing or boating gear. The seat and backrest are super comfortable for those who like to spend several hours on the water.

The adjustable footrests make boating more comfortable and enjoyable. You can also mount a motor or just use the two-piece aluminum oars.


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