Best Mini Mal Surfboards (2021 Reviews)

The best mini mal surfboards can catch any wave you chase, whether unbroken or broken. 

They are incredibly easier to paddle into waves without losing speed or maneuverability. They are great for beginners and experts alike.  

Choosing a great mid-length board that is suitable for your surfing skills and style may not be entirely easy for some people. 

So, in our top selections, we have taken into account all the important features you would want your mini mal surfboard to have.   

Top Pick 

South Bay Board Co. Heritage Mini Mal Surfboard is our top pick. What makes the Heritage a great mid-length board is a fact that it is available in both seven and eight-foot lengths for added versatility.

It is also designed to be more buoyant and stable for beginner surfers. Not to mention that you’ve got eight color options to choose from. 

Here are Our Best Mini Mal Surfboards Reviews: 

South Bay Board Co. Heritage Mini Mal Surfboard – Our top pick

With the 7 and 8-foot sizes to choose from, the South Bay Board Co. Heritage is an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced surfers. 


  • EPS closed cell foam core 
  • Slick, hard HDPE bottom deck 
  • Wax-free soft top foam deck 
  • Triple stringer system 
  • Double-concave bottom deck 

The core of the board is made of EPS closed-cell foam. This material is well-known for its superior strength to weight ratio. This unique core construction will not easily sock water when it forms dents. 

The core is strengthened with two wooden stringers and one fiberglass rod stringer.

Apart from strengthening the board, the stringers provide controlled flexing when getting in and out of turns. They make sure that the board doesn’t snap, especially when surfed by a heavier person.

The bottom deck is packed with a slick HDPE that strengthens the body and also enables it to glide smoothly on the water. The resistance-free performance enhances maneuverability and speed when chasing waves. 

We really appreciate the soft top foam deck, considering how effective it improves buoyancy and floatation.

This deck design also provides exceptional stability and allows for seamless rail to rail transitions. The wax-free fingerprint texture on the deck provides exceptional comfort. 

The traditional mini mal designed is fitted with hand tapered rails to enhance rail to rail transitions.

At the front, you’ve got a beginner-friendly nose rocker that reduces pearling and allows for easier take-offs. The slight tail rocker makes releasing in turns much easier. 

The full double concave bottom allows for freer maneuvers and easier turns, while the squash tail makes sharp, quick turns incredibly smoother. 


  • The EPS core has an outstanding strength to weight ratio
  • Three stringers provide great controlled flexing when turning 
  • Slick bottom deck with a double concave improve performance 
  • The soft top foam deck improves buoyancy and floatation 
  • Hand-tapered rails make rail to rail transitions easier 


  • It is possible to receive a busted board 
  • Some models may come with a loosened fin box


The Heritage Mini Mal Surfboard is an outstanding masterpiece that will surpass your level of expectations. Just make sure you don’t receive a busted board or a board with quality issues. 

Overall Rating: 4.6 

Wavestorm 7’ Classic Pinline Surfboard 

This surfboard is built to perform whether surfed by a beginner or an expert. The high-quality materials ensure enhance floatation and buoyancy. 


  • Heavy-duty EPS core
  • Three marine-ply stringers 
  • Soft WBS top deck 
  • High-density slick bottom 
  • Textured traction pad 

The Classic Pinline from Wavestorm comes with a heavy-duty EPS core, which is a great alternative to polyurethane.

The EPS is lightweight and strong, but most importantly, it doesn’t soak water when it forms dents due to wear and tear. 

To make sure that the core is stronger and resistant to snapping, the manufacturer reinforced the board with three marine-ply stringers. These creatively crafted wooden rods improve the flexing performance of the core when turning. 

We truly appreciate the soft WBS top deck, which is great because this material can withstand constant use. The deck offers superior traction that keeps you onboard without slipping off.

The WBS crosslink soft rails allow you to paddle smoothly when chasing after waves and they also help maintain superior speeds on the flat sections of a wave. 

The high-density slick bottom makes the body of the board stronger and more durable. It also improves the maneuverability, control, and speed of the surfboard. 

The low rocker at the nose provides plenty of floatation and a planing surface, which is great because it allows you to glide smoothly with less resistance.

The rounded nose, on the other hand, gives the board superior lift and buoyancy. This makes it easier for you to stand forward on the board without necessarily digging into bumps.

This model also comes equipped with three heavy-duty fins that are easily removable. The fins improve control, stability, and direction. 


  • It comes with a lightweight yet very strong and durable core 
  • The WBS crosslink top deck is designed to withstand repeated use 
  • Textured traction pad improves foot placement and stability
  • Rounded nose improves lift, buoyancy, and floatation 
  • The three-fin set-up improves stability, control, and direction 


It may come smushed and dented 


The Classic Pinline is a great surfboard for the money. It is designed to offer one of the best mini Malibu surfboard performance. Just be on the lookout for dented designs. 

Overall Rating: 4.5 

South Bay Board Co. Guppy Mini Mal Surfboard 

What a better way to have fun during the summer season than surfing your favorite waters with the Guppy Mini Mal Surfboard from South Bay Board Co. 


  • Lightweight EPS foam core 
  • Double stringer system 
  • Slick HDPE plastic bottom 
  • Wide squash tail 
  • Three fin set-up 

The Guppy is made of a lightweight EPS foam core, which is great because it has a closed-cell structure that keeps it from absorbing water in case of any dents. So, you should expect this model to be highly durable.

Its core is reinforced with a double stringer system that does a great job of absorbing and resisting impacts when you come across bumps.

The two stringers bend and flex in and out of turns to prevent the Guppy from snapping. 

You’ve got a slick HDPE bottom that is exceptionally strong and durable. This unique bottom construction provides resistance-free riding to enhance maneuverability and speed.

The single to double concave at the bottom gives the board a loose feel, especially during turns. 

The creatively designed rounded nose enhances floatation as well as paddle speed when trying to catch the waves.

The nose has an entry-level rocker that keeps the board from stalling on the top of the wave. This ensures that you are not thrown over the falls.

There is an entry-level exit rocker at the tail that helps maintain speed and maneuverability.

You’ve got a three-fin set-up that gives the surfboard direction, control, and stability. They do a great job of maintaining speed and transitions. 


  • The closed-cell design doesn’t easily get dents 
  • The dual stringer system absorbs shock and resists impacts 
  • The slick bottom enhances maneuverability and control 
  • The rounded nose improve floatation and stability 
  • The three-fin set-up enhances direction, control, and stability 


The board seems to be overly priced when compared to models in its class


The Guppy is a basic mini mal beginner surfboard that will give exceptional performance when chasing and riding waves. 

Overall Rating: 4.4  

Creative Army Five Sugars PU Mini Mal Surfboards 

Have you been looking for a highly versatile mini mal surfboard? The Five Sugars from Creative Army fits the description. 


  • PU construction 
  • Cedar stringer 
  • Single flat board contour
  • Neutral rail design 
  • Rounded nose 

The Five Sugars features a heavy-duty PU core that is heat-laminated for strength and durability. It is CNC-milled to improve its long-lasting performance. 

You’ve got a progressive flex pattern that improves the performance of the board when turning.

A high-grade timber stringer reinforces the core to prevent it from snapping during sharp turns. The PU construction makes this board suitable for most wave conditions. 

The Creative Army Five Sugars comes equipped with neutral rails, which is great because they allow for easy rail to rail transitions in critical parts of a wave.

The rail profile is the same from the widest section to the tail. The rounded nose offers you great lift and buoyancy for the best nose-riding performance. 

This model comes equipped with a single flat board contour that works wonders when surfing large waves. Its paddling speed is exceptional when chasing after waves. 

The Five Sugars comes with three removable fins that improve maneuverability, direction, and stability. They help make rail to rail transitions seamless. 


  • The PU core is CNC-milled for strength and durability 
  • Single flat contour improves speed and control in large waves
  • Neutral rails improve maneuverability and transitions 
  • Rounded nose improves lift, buoyancy, and nose-riding performance 
  • Fins improve direction, control, and stability 


  • Could have a better flex profile if it had two stringers 
  • Not the most versatile choice when surfing choppy waters 


The Five Sugars give the performance you have been craving for all this time. But it may not be the most exceptional choice for choppy waters. 

Overall Rating: 4.4 

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE Mini Mal Surfboard 

With a traditional bodyboard shape and unique refinements, Liquid Shredder 70 FSE builds on old school construction to guarantee a streamlined performance for beginners. 


  • EPS core 
  • Soft foam deck 
  • Rounded nose 
  • Squash tail 
  • Three removable fins 

We truly appreciate the 70 FSE EPS core, considering that it is lightweight and exceptionally strong. The board is laminated with epoxy to improve its performance and durability. 

You’ve got a soft foam deck, which is great because it is very forging when surfing bigger waves.

Apart from strengthening the core, the slick bottom (engineered from a hand-shaped heat-laminated composite) improves speed and maneuverability. 

The wooden stringers make the surfboard stronger and more durable. But most importantly, the stringers offer superior flexing performance when getting in and out of turns.

On the other hand, the three removable fins enhance the direction, speed, and stability of the board. 

You’ve got soft rails on this surfboard, which means you can make turns much easier and quicker with less effort. The soft rails also improve speed on flat water when try to catch bigger waves. 

The rounded nose construction with a low rocker improves lift and buoyancy for superior performance, while the squash tail design gives you better control and hold, especially when turning. 


  • The core is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting 
  • The soft foam deck is forgiving when surfing bigger waves 
  • Slick bottom enhances speed and maneuverability 
  • Wooden stringers give the board a superior flex profile 
  • Soft rails allow you to turn much easier and quicker 


Quality issues are possible from one model to another 


The Liquid Shredder 70 FSE is the ultimate beginner’s board that offers good enough performance when learning basic surfing maneuvers in your favorite summer waters.

But be on the lookout for models with design issues. 

Overall Rating: 4.4  

Things to Consider When Looking for Mini Mal Surfboard 

Not all mini mal surfboards are created equal. Here are the most important things to consider:


Mid-length surfboard range in size from seven to eight feet. The most recommended size for beginners is seven feet, while for advanced surfers is eight feet. 

Stability and Thickness 

Wider mid-length boards with a fuller outline provide superior stability, which is great for jumping to your feet during high-speed maneuvers. The thickness of a mini mal surfboard has a direct influence on floatation.

If you are a beginner or a slightly heavier rider, then the thicker the board needs to be.  


When choosing a mid-length board based on material, you need to remember that the more force you need to accelerate and turn, the heavier the board.

You would also need more momentum to carry through chop and dead sections. 

Consider the impact resistance of the material. You don’t want your board to dent or crack with every bump or little knock. Choose a material that will not absorb water in case it gets a dent or crack.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is South Bay Board Co. Heritage Mini Mal Surfboard.

The length, thickness, and volume of this board make it a great choice for beginners.

It is designed to provide greater buoyancy, floatation, and stability. The heavy-duty construction features high-quality materials and outstanding aesthetic appeal. 

The EPS foam core is lightweight and highly maneuverable. Its closed-cell structure ensures that it will not absorb water in case of dents or cracks.

The rounded nose improves floatation and paddling speed, while the wide chest area allows for easier pop-ups. The low rocker improves maneuverability, speed, and control.


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