The 5 Best Longboard Surfboards 2021

With longboard surfboards, you get more glide, flow, drive, and maneuverability.

A longboard surfboard is shaped with purpose. Although it looks like one piece of equipment, many modifications make it a unique piece of art.

Apart from having fun, longboard surfboarding helps with leg and core strength, back and shoulder strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

But the choice of the best longboard surfboards is huge and not every beginner can make a profound choice.

So, in our top five selections, we took into consideration all the important features you would want a longboard surfboard to have.

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Top Pick 

Paragon Retro Noserider Longboard Surfboard is the most liked and the bestseller.

This model is ideal for all wave conditions, including double-up, crumbly, reform, point breaks, reef breaks, and beach breaks.

You will love the glide, flow, drive, and stability of this piece of art.

The Best Longboard Surfboards Are: 

Paragon Retro Noserider Longboard Surfboard 

The Paragon Retro Noserider is a high-performance modern longboard surfboard that is capable of many things in the water. This high-end board is 9 feet long and 22.25 inches wide.

The longboard is versatile and easy to ride.

You can effortlessly stroke into mellow conditions and let the board do the work or push yourself into new levels with powerful and aggressive surfing moves. The Paragon Retro Noserider has all the tricks in the box.

Designed to excel in beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, reform waves, crumbly waves, and double-up waves, it is fast and easy to paddle while still maintaining high-end performance.

The wider nose and added volume through the center of the board provide stability and endless glide.

The board has a traditional single fin setup, which is great because it improves stability.

The fin creates a resistance that helps to stop the longboard surfboard from sliding side to side when in trim across the wave.

The fin also provides a pivot point that you can push off when trying to rotate the board during a turn without the risk of the tail sliding away.

The longboard’s unique construction is precise, light, and strong. The ParaLite epoxy materials come together to create a high-performance board with an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

The meticulous design of the board undergoes thorough testing before it gets into the market.

The classic wide nose and low entry rocker offer glide turns for paddling and flowing through slow sections of the wave.


  • The board is stronger, lighter, and more buoyant
  • The wide nose glides smoothly through waves
  • Has a traditional single fin setup for stability and lift
  • The board is easy to maneuver for both beginners and experts
  • It is innovatively crafted for nose riding


  • Some models may come with a crack
  • Quality control may be inconsistent from one model to another

Wavestorm 8’ Sunburst Graphic Longboard Surfboard 

This is a go-to longboard surfboard for surfers of all ages and abilities who are looking for a high volume board that offers maximum stability.

This board is going to turn well for a surfer who wants to do more high-performance maneuvers on beach breaks, reef breaks, and point breaks. It has a precise, light, strong construction.

When you look deeper into the board’s shape, the full nose and relatively low entry rocker allow for easy paddling, stability, and plenty of glide in small waves.

The round-square tail and innovatively designed rocker offer tight turning and control when the waves get good. On the bottom of the board, a single concave runs from the nose to the tail.

This unique design is a favorite for most surfers because it allows for faster cruising and easy rail-to-rail turning.

The Wavestorm Sunburst Graphic excels in low and overhead waves. If you want to catch the most waves per section, this is your longboard surfboard.

It does not matter your skill level because this board will take on every wave that comes your way without struggling.

The textured traction pad in the front allows for superior nose riding. The non-slip traction allows you to create an advantage when the curl of the wave breaks on the back of the board to push the nose up.

The board comes with two side fins and one center fin. The center fin is great for stability and lift.

On the other hand, the side fins contribute to speed generation, reducing the possibility of the board slipping down the wave face and losing both speed and position.


  • The EPS core is light, strong, and extremely durable
  • It is easy to nose ride with the textured traction pad
  • Single concave design improves speed and rail-to-rail turning
  • The large center fin improves stability and lift
  • The side fins help prevent the board from slipping the down wave


  • It is possible to receive a damaged board

Paragon Surfboards Performance Longboard Surfboard

This incredible mini longboard surfboard comes in classic colors (white, seafoam green, and woody).

The Paragon Surfboards Performance is a distinguished ride in different wave sections. You will effortlessly stroke the waves and trim like never before.

If you are looking for a classic nose rider without the excess weight of a traditional board, this is your ride.

The board’s unique construction is meticulous, lightweight, and strong. The polyurethane core provides you with a high performing surfboard that has an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

The board has an innovative low entry rocker that is wide and straight with a unique rail design. This combination creates a board that trims effortlessly, while the wide single concave nose generates a superior lift. The lift results in the next level of nose riding stability.

In the tile, the rocker lifts a little through the last few inches and the fin cluster is positioned slightly forward, which transforms the board and makes it much easier to turn than a traditional heavy nose rider.

The single fin setup provides superior versatility and stability. The presence of the fin underneath the board generates a resistant surface that prevents sideways sliding. You can also use the fin as a pivot point when rotating the board or making sharp turns.

However, the thing is, this board could perform even better with side fins. Also, it may not be the most choice for taller surfers who are six-plus feet tall.


  • Has an innovatively designed nose for nose riding
  • The low entry rocker trims and glides smoothly
  • Single concave nose creates a superior lift for nose riding
  • The single fin panel improves stability and versatility
  • You get the board at a good price point


  • The board may not be the best choice for taller surfers

Creative Army Five Sugars PU Longboard Surfboard 

If you are looking for a longboard surfboard that has a design focused on stability, glide, seamless trim, and speed, look no further than the Five Sugars from Creative Army.

This amazing all-rounder comes with a unique medium rocker, which is great because you get more maneuverability.

If you are an advanced surfer, the medium rocker is ideal for you because it responds quickly when making tight turns. A flat panel cutting throug4h the board’s midsection helps enhance flow and glide.

Nose riding and late takeoffs are much easier thanks to the small lift in the nose. You also have a small lift in the tail that improves drive and glide for smooth tight arcs when turning.

You have a 2+1 fin configuration at the bottom, which is good because the side fins enhance speed generation by preventing the board from slipping down the wave, while the main center fin boosts stability and turning.

This incredible board has subtle contours that are very effective. The innovatively rolled V-shape through the tail makes rail-to-rail transitions exceptionally easy.


  • The flatter midsection allows for fast trimming
  • It delivers superior maneuverability and glide in overhead waves
  • The small lift in the nose allows for superior nose riding
  • It generates a nice and smooth drive when making tight turns
  • The slightly pulled in design at the tail enhances drive and acceleration


  • The medium rocker tends to create drag under the water

Creative Army Huevo PU Longboard Surfboard 

One of the most versatile longboard surfboards from the Creative Army. It is available in three different sizes (8’, 7’, and 6’).

The board has a medium rocker, which is great because it is slightly loose and easier to make tight turns and it enhances the trim of the board. The medium rocker also helps keep the nose of the surfboard from digging into bumps on the wave.

The SLX construction combines the added advantage of less weight and the versatility of epoxy materials. The CNC milled design and high strength to weight ratio make the board very sensitive, responsive, and lightweight under your feet.

The board has a vee concave that comes back in the rails a little, which loosens up the front end. The vee lets you have a smooth rail-to-rail transition.

On the entry on the front that little bitty vee keeps it from having to catch both rails at the same time, helps the entry.

You will love the three-fin configuration at the bottom. You have a slightly bigger center fin for that flowing glide and stability and the side panels for the extra drive and speed.

This board, no matter what your level of surfing is, you are going to get so much out of it with every wave section. You are going to love the pedal, flow, and fly.


  • The board is very responsive and lightweight
  • Vee concave allows for smooth rail-to-rail transition
  • The lifted nose allows for easy nose riding and takeoffs
  • Two plus one fin setup improves stability and drive
  • A great choice for beginner surfers


  • Expect some drag from the medium rocker

Things to Consider When Looking for a Longboard Surfboard 

Choosing the a longboard surfboard is not just about length and looks. There are a few things you have to consider.

Choose an Appropriate Length 

Perhaps one of the most basic parts of a longboard surfboard is the length because it affects paddling, catching a wave, and riding.

Paddling a longboard supporting your body out of the water is easier and faster than paddling a board that leaves a part of your body in the water.

Another feature that affects paddling ease and speed is the waterline length.

This refers to the length of the longboard surfboard touching the water. The greater the waterline length, the faster and easier it will be to paddle.

Consider a Versatile Width 

Why is the width important?

  • First, it influences the amount of curve that can be shaped into the rail.
  • Second, it affects the amount of surface area the bottom of the board will have.

One of the most versatile widths is the vee bottom, which lets you have a smooth rail-to-rail transition.

Choose a Versatile Rocker and Rail

The bottom curve of a longboard surfboard is what we refer to as the rocker. The rocker needs to be curved because the wave face is curved.

It also keeps the nose of a longboard surfboard from digging into chops or cross swells. If the bottom is straighter, you will have to keep your weight back to raise the nose, stalling the board. Too bigger of a curve; on the other hand, will slow the board due to dragging.

The rail or edge of a board is what determines the way a surfboard turns.

A harder rail allows for sharper, more powerful turns, while a softer rail allows for easier yet slower turns. The hardness of a rail is usually on a gradient from tail to nose.

What is the Board’s Nose Riding Ability? 

What’s more fun than noseriding on a longboard surfboard. It is the only way you can catch a killer wave and make the best of it in that wave section.

The best noseriding board should have a low entry rocker and a wide nose.

Final Thoughts 

The winner of this roundup is Paragon Retro Noserider Longboard Surfboard.

The best you could have ever wished for surfing. You have two unique sizes (9’ and 8’) to choose from with five eye-catching colorways (orange/white, white, seafoam green, multi-color, and blue/white).

The board has a superior waterline length that allows for faster and easier paddling.

The width and thickness of the board are proportional to smooth rail-to-rail transitions. The low entry rocker and wide nose make noseriding super fun.

Overall, the design of the board is ideal for beginner surfers, intermediate, and experts weighing up to two hundred and fifty pounds.


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