Best Inner Tube for River Floating (2021 Reviews)

Relax floating on a river with a heavy-duty inner tube. 

Inner tubes are great inventions for floating on the river. You can lounge all day long on the river while sightseeing in the surrounding environment.

The latest designs come with backrests for comfort, and bottle holders for added convenience. 

The choice of the best inner tube for river floating; however, is huge, and not everyone knows what to look for on the market.

So, we researched on your behalf and found six top models for you to buy. 

Top Pick 

BigMouth Inc. Driftin’ Duck Inner River Tube is our top pick. This incredible model is available in five different styles (duck, flying pig, butterfly, bronco, and beaver).

You’ve got a comfy mesh seat, a built-in cup holder, a comfortable backrest, and a grab and latch rope. 

Here are Our Best Inner Tube for River Floating Reviews: 

BigMouth Inc. Driftin’ Duck Inner River Tube 

Do you want to float and lounge in style at your favorite spot in the river?

You can have all the fun with this incredible inner tube from BigMouth Inc. 

Key Features 

  • Multi-color design 
  • Comfy mesh seat 
  • Built-in cupholder 
  • Grab n’ latch rope 
  • Easy inflate and deflate 

This high-quality tube is available in multiple colors and styles. You can choose the duck, flying pig, bronco, or beaver style depending on your preference.

The beaver, bronco, and flying pig head styles are great options for ladies, while men are better off with the duck style. 

This inner tube is remarkably large, which is great because it packs lots of volume for superior buoyancy and floatation. It is extremely stable in crowded river environments. 

It has multiple air chambers for improved stability. The head provides a great holding spot, while the backrest keeps you comfy when lounging. 

You’ve got a comfy mesh seat inside the raft that ensures your booty is safe from the rocks in shallow river waters.

The grab and latch rope with built-in grommets help keep you attached to the tubes of your friends.

The fun is doubled with the presence of a built-in cupholder that keeps an ice-cold drink closer to you.  

The eighteen-gauge vinyl construction is highly resistant to puncturing, tearing, and abrasion when it comes in contact with the rocks in shallow river water.

The air valve is uniquely designed for fast and effective inflation. You’ve also got a quick-release for quick deflation.  


  • It is wide, buoyant, and extremely stable 
  • The backrest is very comfortable and the head provides additional support 
  • The 18-gauge vinyl construction is puncture and tear-resistant 
  • The built-in cup holder keeps a cold drink nearby 
  • The grab and latch rope allows you to float with family or friends 


  • You’ve only got one cup holder 


This is probably the sturdiest and most stable inflatable you will ever come across. Not to mention that it is big enough to accommodate slightly heavy people. 

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge Inner Tube 

Have fun river floating with the River Run I Sport Lounge Inner Tube from Intex. It is made for high performance all day long. 

Key Features 

  • 18-gauge PVC vinyl 
  • Built-in backrest 
  • All-around grab rope 
  • Mesh bottom
  • Two heavy-duty handles and cup holders  

The Intex River Run I comes with 18-gauge PVC vinyl construction, which is great because it is highly tear, abrasion, and puncture-resistant. 

With a diameter of 53 inches, the tube holds more than enough volume to provide superior buoyancy and floatation for stability on the water. It has a superior maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

You’ve got a mesh at the bottom for keeping you cool and comfortable when lounging on the river. The tube is integrated with a cushiony backrest that provides support and comfort for your back. 

You’ve got two grab handles for supporting yourself into and out of the tube. Next to the grab handles are two cup holders for keeping your favorite drinks closer to you on the river. 

The River Run I is equipped with an all-around grab rope for ease of use. The tube is also fitted with the brand’s connect and float system that allows you to connect your tube to another River Run I model.  


  • It has outstanding tear, abrasion, and puncture-resistance 
  • The built-in backrest improves comfort when lounging 
  • The two grab handles allow for easy entry and exit 
  • The cup holders make sure your drinks are within reach 
  • It can effectively support up to 220 pounds


  • It is possible to receive a River Run I model that leaks 


Whether you are cruising down the river or lounging on the lake, the River Run I is the best choice. Just make sure you don’t get a model with leaking issues. 

Bestway CoolerZ Single Person Rapid Rider Inner Tube 

The Bestway CoolerZ is one of the best inner tubes for river floating. It can take a beating when dragging it through rocky shallow spots. 

Key Features 

  • Sturdy pre-tested vinyl construction 
  • Cool mesh bottom 
  • 53-inch outer inflated diameter 
  • Heavy-duty handles 
  • All-around grab rope 
  • Comfortable backrest 

The Bestway CoolerZ is made of eighteen-gauge pre-tested vinyl, which is great because the material is strong enough to withstand bumps and rocks when dragged through rocky shallow waters. 

The tube has a large diameter of 53 inches when fully inflated. It is big enough to support adults weighing up to 350 pounds.

The built-in backrest allows you to lean back when lounging at the deepest part of the river. The mesh bottom; on the other hand, lets you cool off. It also gives you the support you need. 

The grab handles are strong and sturdy, providing you with superior support when getting in and out of the inner tube. 

The tube is fitted with an all-around grab rope along with built-in grommets, which is great because you can use the rope to support yourself or use the built-in grommets to link several Bestway CoolerZ tubes.   


  • The pre-tested vinyl design is sturdy and highly durable 
  • The handles provide strong holding power and support 
  • The backrest makes floating and lounging very comfortable 
  • The cool mesh bottom makes floating more comfortable 
  • Two cup holders keep drinks closer to you


  • Some models may arrive with an air leak
  • Look out for ripped seams on some models 


You will have lots of fun floating on your favorite spot on the river with this tube. Just make sure you don’t receive a model with an air leak or a ripped seam. 

Intex River Rat Swim Inner Tube 

Have you been looking for a multi-purpose inner tube that you can use to float in the river, lake, and water park?

Look no further than the Intex River Rat Swim Inner Tube. 

Key Features 

  • Sturdy and durable construction 
  •  An all-around grab line 
  • 48-inch diameter 
  • Two air valves with double valves 
  • Repair patch available 

This high-quality inner tube for river, lake, and water park floating is made from heavy-duty PVC vinyl.

The double-weld seams enhance the tube’s strength, puncture-resistance, tear-resistance, and durability. 

The 48-inch outer diameter when fully inflated and the two air chambers offer superior buoyancy and floatation.

The inner of the tube is designed to support an adult. You have two large handles for supporting yourself when getting in and out of the tube. 


  • It is super strong and highly puncture-resistant 
  • Has colorful graphics for added visibility on the water
  • The outer material has exceptional UV-resistance 
  • It is designed with two air chambers for added safety 
  • Comes with a convenient repair patch


  • It doesn’t have bottle holders or a backrest 


The heavy-duty construction is extremely strong, puncture-resistant, and durable. Not to mention that it comes with two air chambers for added safety. 

Ozark Trail River Inner Tube 

The Ozark Trail River Inner Tube is a simple, sturdy, and best value option that’s sure to get you floating in comfort on the river. 

Key Features 

  • Puncture-resistant material 
  • 39 inches wide and 0.6 inches high 
  • Grab rope with built-in grommets 
  • Multi colors

The Ozark Trail River Inner Tube is available in multiple colors (red, blue, green, and multi-colors), which is great because you get to choose a color that you like the most. 

Once inflated, the tube measures thirty-nine inches in diameter and 0.6 inches high. When fully inflated, the tube provides great buoyancy and stability.

You can use either an electric air pump or a handheld pump to effectively and quickly inflate the tube. 

The tube is designed with long-lasting durability in mind with its puncture-resistant and tear-resistant construction. 

It comes equipped with built-in grommets for attaching it to another inner tube when hanging out with a friend in the river.

You can also insert a grab rope into the grommets for support when getting in and out of the tube. 


  • You’ve got multiple colors to choose from 
  • The construction is UV, tear, and puncture-resistant 
  • It offers superior buoyancy and floatation 
  • Built-in grommets allow you to connect several tubes 
  • The grab rope provides support 


  • It doesn’t come equipped with grab handles
  • Could be more convenient to use with integrated bottle holders 


This is a suitable tube for floating and relaxing in the river. It is also extremely easy to inflate with an electric air pump. 

Trans American Swim and Snow Adventure Inner Tube 

This swim and snow adventure inner tube works great for river floating or if you just want to lounge and lazy around at your favorite spot in the river. 

Key Features 

  • 100 percent commercial grade rubber 
  • Safety valve system
  • UV and tear-resistance 
  • Available in multiple sizes 

This high-performing inner tube is made from one hundred percent latex-free commercial-grade rubber.

This material is tear and puncture-resistant. It will last years of regular use down the river. 

The tube comes in a variety of sizes, including medium (36 inches), large (40 inches), extra-large (45 inches), and monster size (68 inches).

So, you can confidently pick the one that is right for your body size and weight. It features a tucked-away safety valve system that is extremely easy to inflate.

Deflating the tube is also easy, just press the valve sideways to get rid of the air. 

But here is the thing folks, this inner tube doesn’t come equipped with any extras like a cup holder, handles, backrest, or a grab rope. It is also impossible to connect it to other tubes in the river.  


  • The rubber construction is latex-free and durable 
  • The tube has superior tear, abrasion, and UV-resistance 
  • Multiple sizes are available for preference and added versatility 
  • The tucked-away valve is safe to operate


  • The tube doesn’t have a cup holder or grab handles
  • It doesn’t come with a backrest or a meshed bottom for added comfort 


This is a great inner tube for the entire family, including kids, teenagers, and adults thanks to the multiple size options available. But it doesn’t come with extra features. 

Things to Consider When Looking for Inner Tubes for River Floating

There are many options for floating inner tubes, but not all of them are suitable for river floating.

But here are the most important features that can help you choose the best model:


The most ideal inner tube for river floating must have a heavy-duty vinyl construction that is puncture, tear, and abrasion-resistant. You should be able to bump into rocks without damaging the tube. 

Special Features 

The most convenient inner tubes for river floating are ones that come with a backrest for added comfort, a cup holder for keeping a cool drink at hand, and a grab rope for attaching your tube to your relative’s or friend’s tube. 

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is BigMouth Inc. Driftin’ Duck Inner River Tube. This high-quality tube is available in four different styles (duck, beaver, flying pig, butterfly, and bronco) for preference.

It comes with an eighteen-gauge vinyl construction that is highly puncture, tear, and abrasion-resistant. 

The tube’s valve inflates and deflates easily and quickly. It comes equipped with a backrest for lounging comfort, a cup holder for keeping your drink within your reach, a duck head for additional support, and a grab rope for attaching the tube to other tubes in the river.


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