Best Hybrid Surfboards (2021 Reviews)

A hybrid surfboard is a combination of two surfboard designs, usually a shortboard and either a fish or a round tail. 

A hybrid board is a perfect bridge between a modern-day shortboard and a mini mal. This unique board construction is one of the best for performance surfing.

The distinctive template combines the additional volume of a shortboard with an overall outline of a more advanced shape that you see in the shortboards. 

Choosing this type of board, however, requires you to do a little research. We researched on your behalf and found the five best hybrid surfboards you can buy today.     

Top Pick 

Paragon Retro Fish Hybrid Surfboard is our top pick. This incredible model provides you with a great mix of a shortboard and a modern-day fish. Its template, outline, and rocker provide you the hybrid performance you have been looking for. 

Here are Our Best Hybrid Surfboards Reviews: 

  1. Paragon Retro Fish Hybrid Surfboard – Our Top Pick 
  2. KONA Surf Co. Custom Groveler Swallow Tail Surfboard
  3. KONA Surf Co. Twinner Hybrid Fish Surfboard
  4. KONA Surf Co. Custom Groveler Rounded Pin Tail Surfboard
  5. MROSW Fish Tail Surfboard

Paragon Retro Fish Hybrid Surfboard 

The Paragon Retro Fish Hybrid construction comes in two key sizes and is available in blue and white carbon. 

Key Features :

  • Retro fish design
  • Polyurethane (PU) core 
  • Single to double concave 
  • Twin-fin configuration 
  • Fish-tail design 

This is one of the most versatile hybrid surfboards in the Paragon line of products capable of serving as a true retro fish.

Paddle into waves with ease with the fish design, then step back and feel the responsiveness in control of a traditional shortboard. 

The construction is precise, strong, and light, providing an exceptional level of value and longevity thanks to Paragon’s unique production process.

The polyurethane core combined with a heavy-duty glass lamination creates a surfboard with an extremely high strength to weight ratio.

The strong stringer system and glass-bottom control flex and provide even more strength.

When we look deeper into the hybrid shape, the wide nose and relatively low entry rocker provide an easy paddling, speed, and stability through flat sections of the wave.

The creatively made fish-tail, on the other hand, ensures superior control at high speeds and the ability to draw deep, powerful turns. 

On the bottom, a single to double concave helps maintain fast rail to rail surfing, especially when the waves are not pumping. The twin-fin configuration offers some versatility with the personal option to go finless. 

The hybrid feels comfortable in waves that are waist higher or all the way overhead. It can also surf small waves while holding the rails pretty well. 

Pros :

  • Provide superior paddling speed and responsiveness 
  • It features a superior strength to weight ratio 
  • The stringer and glass-bottom control flex and offer more strength 
  • Low entry rocker offers easy paddling, speed, and stability 
  • Twin-fin set-up improves the board’s versatility 

Cons :

Polyurethane is not environmentally friendly 

Verdict :

With the Paragon Retro Fish Hybrid Surfboard, you should check superior stability, maneuverability, responsiveness, and paddling speed. 

Overall Rating: 5.0

KONA Surf Co. Custom Groveler Swallow Tail Surfboard 

Surf free and fast with this bat tail hybrid from KONA. This is a creatively designed board that is loose and fast, with lots of control for negotiating tight spots. 

Key Features :

  • Groveler shortboard 
  • Rounded pin nose 
  • Double concave 
  • PU blank with epoxy resin 
  • Bat-tail design 

What makes this hybrid special is the shortboard construction with a bat tail. The shortboard part of this model guarantees you high-performance surfing in the critical section of the wave.

You can ride as fast as the wave will push you. 

The shortboard design allows you to go rail to rail while gaining speed when getting in and out of the acute part of the surf.

What helps you do that is the rounded pin nose, which gives you additional buoyancy and more lift. Not to mention that the rounded pin nose increases paddling speed when catching waves. 

Then you’ve got the bat tail that is uniquely designed to give you projection and release.

This tail construction helps the rails run straighter down the hybrid surfboard’s length, while the point at the center improves stability and control. 

When surfing the PU construction of this board, you will feel how light the epoxy skin is under your feet. You are also going to feel the flex response and more energetic with your surfing.

The epoxy resin adds another level and dimension to how this PU hybrid would feel. One of the key advantages of the epoxy resin is its flexural memory.

The double concave bottom makes this board suitable for heavier surfers because it allows for freer and looser turns. The five-fin set-up, on the other hand, improves direction, control, and stability. 

Pros :

  • Provide high-performance in critical parts of the wave
  • Allow for superior rail to rail transitions 
  • Designed to provide superior buoyancy, lift, and stability 
  • Bat-tail design gives more projection and release
  • The double concave bottom makes it a great choice for heavier surfers

Cons :

It may not be a convenient choice for those used to longer boards 

Verdict :

The shortboard construction and bat tail design will give you the performance you have been craving for both in powerful and weak waves. 

Overall Rating: 4.9

KONA Surf Co. Twinner Hybrid Fish Surfboard 

The KONA Surf Co. Twinner comes in one size (five feet eight inches) and one color (white). It is a highly versatile hybrid that is suitable for surfers of different skill levels. 

Key Features :

  • PU construction 
  • Full rounded nose 
  • Twin-fin configuration 
  • Low rocker bottom 
  • Heavy-duty stringer 

The Twinner construction draws on years of surfboard design experience. The mission was simple, to create a hybrid that is easy to paddle, forgiving, and fast while being capable of conducting epic maneuvers. 

The result is a super stable, entry-level hybrid board that performs well in small waves. It will have you progressing fast and unlocking its advanced high-performance in no time. 

Twinner’s exclusive PU construction is precise, strong, and light. Comprised of a high-grade PU core, epoxy resin lamination, and gloss finish, this is a serious piece of equipment with superior longevity. 

The full, rounded nose and low rocker give you enough volume, stability, and paddle speed to catch every small to medium wave.

The tucked-in fish-tail design has a loose and fast feel. The uniquely designed soft rails provide increased rail volume, stability, hold, and superior drive down the line. 

The hydrodynamics of the soft rails ensure that the surfboard pushes through the water with ease.

You’ve got a heavy-duty stringer system that reinforces the core to improve flex and responsiveness when getting in and out of turns. 

Pros :

  • The PU core is strong, light, and precise  
  • The full, rounded nose improve stability and paddle speed
  • The tucked-in fish-tail offers a loose and fast feel 
  • The soft rails increase rail volume, stability and hold 
  • The heavy-duty stringer system improve flex and responsiveness 

Cons :

  • Only one size is available for this model 
  • No alternative color options are available 

Verdict :

This 5-foot 8-inch hybrid surfboard is innovatively created to provide the combined performance of a shortboard and a groveler. 

Overall Rating: 4.9

KONA Surf Co. Custom Groveler Rounded Pin Tail Surfboard 

This is a performance hybrid surfboard that is engineered to surf knee to overhead waves with ease. Not to mention that you’ve got several colors and sizes to choose from. 

Key Features :

  • Strong PU construction 
  • Epoxy resin lamination 
  • Double concave 
  • Rounded pin nose and tail 
  • Reliable stringer system 

This is your go-to hybrid surfboard when the surfs are high and pumping in the days when your everyday board just doesn’t cut it. There is no doubt that this is a versatile surfboard that will always have your back. 

This board comes with a heavy-duty PU construction for strength and longevity. The PU construction is laminated with epoxy resins to give you a lightweight feel and exceptional flex response.

The epoxy resin is more impact resistant and less likely to crack when bumped. The board is also reinforced with a stringer for added strength and flex in tight turns. 

You’ve got double concave contours, which is great because they channel water into two watercourses through the five-fin set-up and out of the tail.

These unique contours allow for freer and looser turns. The single concave under the nose gives this board an exceptional drive on the surf.  

The rounded pin nose provides more buoyancy and lift, which means you can stand forward on the hybrid board for superior maneuvers.

Apart from increasing paddling speed, the rounded pin nose allows for outstanding nose-riding performance.

The rounded pin-tail offers more release and stability in fast, hollow surfs. It also provides ample control in tight spots. 

Pros :

  • The construction is strong and long-lasting 
  • The epoxy resin gives a lightweight feel on the surf 
  • Offer superior impact-resistance and outstanding flex 
  • The double concave allows for freer and looser turns 
  • You get more buoyancy and lift from the rounded nose 

Cons :

It may not be the best construction for making square turns 

Verdict :

Have fun surfing knee-high and overhead waves with this incredible hybrid board from KONA. You should expect great responsiveness, paddle speed, maneuverability, and control. 

Overall Rating: 4.9  

MROSW Fish Tail Surfboard 

Defined by a straight, wide railed template with a low rocker and fish-tail, the MROSW is designed to plane effortlessly over the water. 

Key Features :

  • EPS construction 
  • Wide railed template 
  • Low rocker design 
  • Rounded pin nose 
  • Fish-tail design 

This is a great hybrid board for any surfer who wants a user-friendly surfboard that’s capable of catching waves extremely easy without sacrificing performance. 

The MROSW unique construction is strong, precise, and light. The core of the board is made of EPS, which is great because this material has an outstanding strength to weight ratio. 

The lightweight yet strong lamination offers better flex in knee-high and overhead waves. It also makes the board highly shock-absorbing and smoother to surf. 

When we look deeper into the design aspects of the MROSW, the wide rounded pin nose and relatively low entry rocker provides exceptional stability, easy paddling, and speed.

The best unique fish-tail design is widened for superior small wave glide.

The four-fin set-up offers increased versatility with the personal option to go for dual-fin configuration.

The compact design is suitable for small, medium, and overhead waves. It is proven to perform well on the mushy small waves while still holding its overhead performance.  

Pros :

  • The EPS core has superior strength and durability 
  • Wide rounded pin nose allows for easy planing and paddling 
  • Low entry rocker offers superior stability and speed 
  • The widened fish-tail allows for easy small wave glide 
  • The four-fin configuration increases versatility 

Cons :

It may not be a great choice for surfers with a tight budget

Verdict :

If you’ve got a big budget, then you can have fun surfing small, medium, and overhead waves with this high performing board from MROSW. 

Overall Rating: 4.9

Things to Consider When Looking for Hybrid Surfboards 

Here are the most important things to consider when looking for hybrid surfboards:

What makes the board a great hybrid? 

A hybrid surfboard usually combines two separate board designs to give the ultimate best performance.

Most models combine a shortboard and either a fish or a rounded nose. It would help if you chose a combination that allows you to surf in the critical part of the wave.

The rail to rail transitions has to be great because you will need such maneuvers to gain speed in and out of the critical parts of the wave. 

Tail Design 

The tail design you choose determines the responsiveness and maneuverability of the hybrid board you choose. The best hybrid tails are usually fish and round tails. 

A fish tail’s response in changing direction is faster because the water wraps around the tip of each side and locks the water in the vee.

It is a great choice for going around the lip of a wave where you need some hold. It will also dig in deep for strong, powerful surfing.

A round tail design, on the other hand, provides more lift and buoyancy for faster and easier turns. You also get plenty of hold on the rails. 

Final Thoughts 

The winner of this roundup is Paragon Retro Fish Hybrid Surfboard. With this board, you get exceptional stability and maneuverability.

The slightly wide template provides an easy, stable planing platform for easy progression and effortless paddling when catching waves.

You get a pretty good hold on the rails for maximum control. 

The single to double concave provides added drive, which makes it a great choice for beginners.

The fish-tail provides more lift and planing speed, making the board a great choice for small waves and deep carves.

The dual-fin configuration, on the other hand, gives you more speed with a looser feel. 


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