Best Groveler Surfboards (2021 Reviews)

You can make the most of smaller or weaker waves with the best groveler surfboard

Grovelers tend to be fat with more volume, floatation, and buoyancy. All these features combined give you the stability, paddling speed, control, and maneuverability you need to catch and ride small waves. 

But not everyone knows what to search for when looking for groveler boards. So, in our best selections, we have considered all the important features you would want your groveler surfboard to have. 

Top Pick 

KONA SURF Co. Custom Groveler Surfboard is our top pick. You’ve got two sizes and three color options to choose from. This model is packed with the best features you have been looking for, including a mid-rocker, rounded pin nose, rounded tail, strong and durable PU core, and a five-fin set-up. 

Here are Our Best Groveler Surfboard Reviews:

KONA SURF Co. Custom Groveler Surfboard – Our top pick

Have you been looking for a state-of-the-art groveler board that guarantees the best surfing performance? Look no further than this incredible model from KONA SURF Co. 


  • PU core with epoxy resin  
  • Double concave bottom 
  • Rounded pin-tail 
  • Heavy-duty stringer 
  • Four-fin set-up 

This high-quality, high-performing groveler from KONA features an advanced PU core. This material makes the board sit slightly lower in the water, allowing you to slice through choppy waters with ease. 

The core is laminated with epoxy resin to improve its durability. The epoxy also improves the board’s floatation ability, making it easier for a beginner to surf. The core is integrated with a stringer system to improve flexing.  

It comes with a slick bottom that adds strength to the board and improves its maneuverability and speed when catching waves.

You’ve got a rounded pin-tail, which is great because it helps create more lift, making the board easier and faster to turn. Water effectively wraps around the tail, giving you lots of hold on the rails. 

The double concave design under the nose lifts to prevent hitting bumps and then flattens out to a single concave for better maneuverability. The wider mid-section increases volume and buoyancy for better stability. 

You’ve got a four-fin set-up, which is great because it improves direction, stability, and control when surfing bigger waves. 


  • The rounded pin nose gives you sufficient kick when chasing waves 
  • The mid-rocker provides superior lift and control for late take-offs
  • The double concave design provides freer maneuvers and looser turns 
  • The rounded pin-tail allows for easier and faster turns 
  • The four-fin set-up improves direct and stability 


  • It is available in limited sizes and color options 
  • It is overpriced compared to similar models from other brands


If you are working with a hefty budget, then this is the groveler to go for. Its design features guarantee the best surfing experience for beginners and experts. 

Overall Rating: 4.9 

KONA Surf Co. Twinner Fish Groveler Surfboard 

If more buoyancy and tighter turns in small waves are what you are looking for, then the Twinner Fish from KONA Surf Co. is the perfect groveler for you.


  • PU construction 
  • Low rocker design
  • Rounded nose 
  • Fish-tail design 
  • Heavy-duty stringer 

This groveler has a polyurethane construction, which means it performs excellently when cutting through the face of a small wave. It is also a great option for surfing choppy waters. 

When it comes to catching small to medium waves, the Twinner Fish from KONA is the real deal, thanks to its rounded nose and superior width.

It packs lots of volume for a small board, improving control and maneuverability in weaker waves. You get more lift and buoyancy for those epic maneuvers in smaller waves. 

The tucked in swallow-tail has a loose and fast feel. It allows for effective planing of speed, and it is capable of holding when negotiating turns on higher waves. You will hardly lose traction as you gain speed when riding steeper waves.   

You’ve got a low rocker, which is great because it catches waves with a decisive amount of speed.

Also, the low rocker provides a resistance-free surface that glides smoothly on the water, improving paddle speed when catching small waves. 

The core is reinforced with a good quality stringer system to reinforce its strength and provide exceptional flexing without snapping in tight turns.


  • The PU construction provides you with a stronger and reliable groveler 
  • Rounded nose design improves maneuverability in small waves 
  • Tucked in swallow-tail offers a looser and faster feel 
  • The low rocker improves paddling speed when catching small waves 
  • It is reinforced with a stringer for superior flexing during turning 


The price tag may be a little bit high for a limited budget


The Twinner Fish is a great groveler for advanced surfers and beginners. It provides plenty of paddling speed and maneuverability. 

Overall Rating: 4.9 

South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Groveler Surfboard 

The Six-Foot Guppy from South Bay Board Co. is a high-performing groveler for beginners. It has made surfing small waves much easier. 


  • Lightweight EPS core 
  • Double stringer system 
  • Rounded nose design
  • Slick HDPE plastic bottom 
  • Low rocker construction 

At six feet long, twenty-one inches wide, and three inches thick, the Guppy has a superior volume of forty liters. This volume gives you optimum buoyancy and floatation. 

We really like this groveler are the basic design features that make it a great performer in weak waves.

The rounded nose at the front enhances floatation and paddling speed to make sure that you never miss those small waves. The nose has an entry-level rocker that prevents bogging.

The wide twenty-one-inch chest allows for outstanding popups.  

The squash tail makes the Guppy looser and faster as you chase after those weak waves.

It also offers more hold and control as it slightly sinks into the water to give you more maneuverability. The low rocker in the tail adds maneuverability and helps you maintain speed. 

The Guppy has a lightweight EPS core with a closed-cell foam structure. This makes it a great groveler because it will never soak water when it gets dents.

The strength of the core is improved with the integration of a double stringer system. The wooden stringers ensure you don’t snap the board when turning. 

The soft top foam deck is lightly textured for superior stability and comfort when riding. It also improves buoyancy and floatation. 

You also get more direction, stability, and control in weaker waves from the three removable fins at the bottom. 


  • It packs superior volume for better buoyancy and floatation 
  • The rounded nose ensures you never experience bogging  
  • The squash tail offers great hold and control for better maneuverability
  • The foam deck is very stable and comfortable to ride 
  • You get more control, direction, and stability from the fins 


You may have to wax the foam deck to get more traction 


The Guppy is undoubtedly one of the best grovelers to consider during the summer season. It gives great performance on those weak waves. 

Overall Rating: 4.8 

Boardworks Froth Soft Top Groveler Surfboard 

If you are looking for a crafted groveler for fun and versatility, look no further than this great model from Boardworks. 


  • Expanded polystyrene foam core 
  • Soft EVA outer skin
  • Slick HDPE bottom 
  • Rounded tail design  

The board is made of high-quality expanded polystyrene foam that is lighter and more buoyant compared to PU cores.

The core is laminated with a soft EVA outer skin to improve strength and durability. The outer skin keeps the core water-tight to prevent dents. 

The bottom of this groveler is made of slick HDPE that adds strength to the EPS core and enables it to glide smoothly on the surface of the water. This improves maneuverability as well as paddle speed.  

You’ve got a rounded tail design, which is great because it offers additional volume when compared to a pin-tail. This simply means you get easier, quicker, and more effective turns in those small waves. This unique tail design gives you a superior hold.

The board has a low rocker construction that keeps more of the surfboard on top of the water, helping you generate more paddling and surfing speed in weak or small waves. 


  • The versatile design is great for beginner surfers and wake surfers
  • The soft EVA skin makes the core water-tight for added durability 
  • The rounded tail design provides easier and quicker turns 
  • The slick bottom glides smoothly on the surface of the water 
  • The three-fin configuration improves direction, control, and stability 


  • The package may come with the board but without fins and leash 
  • It is possible to receive a board with quality control issues 


As long as you receive a genuine surfboard, the Boardworks Froth will greatly perform when surfing small or weak waves. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Groveler Surfboard 

This hand-shaped surfboard with an EPS core delivers exceptional performance when surfing small and weak waves. 


  • Hand-shaped construction 
  • Expanded polystyrene core 
  • Dual wooden stringers 
  • Expanded polyethylene foam deck 
  • Slick bottom 

At twenty inches wide, the FSE from Liquid Shredder has a big flat section through the middle to increase the volume and floatation. This gives you superior stability when surfing weak waves. 

The core is made of expanded polystyrene foam, which is great because it is lightweight, eco-friendly, and durable.

The EPS blank is reinforced with dual wooden stringers for added rigidity and strength. They improve flexing when turning and help prevent the board from snapping. 

The high-density polyethylene slick bottom does more than just strengthening the board. It provides resistance-free surfing for added speed and maneuverability. 

The rounded nose provides superior lift and buoyancy for outstanding stability and maneuverability. The squash tail makes the Liquid Shredder FSE looser and faster with more maneuverability. 


  • The hand-shaped design is high performing and durable 
  • Dual wooden stringers improve the flex of the board 
  • The slick bottom enhances speed and maneuverability 
  • The rounded nose provides great lift and buoyancy 
  • The squash tail makes the board looser and faster 


  • The board can arrive broken 
  • Some models may come without a leash 


The Liquid Shredder FSE is a great groveler surfboard for beginners. Just make sure you receive a model with no design issues. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Things to Consider When Looking for Groveler Surfboards 

Here are the most important considerations: 

Material Selection 

Groveler surfboard materials play an important role in its overall performance and durability. The heavier the material the more you will need to accelerate and turn.

Heavy grovelers are more difficult to maneuver and, therefore, slower to turn, but they are good at holding their speed better in choppy waves. 

The next important attribute of any material you choose, whether PU or EPS, is impact resistance.

You don’t want a groveler board that gets dents easily. The best material does not absorb or soak water in case of cracks or dents. You also want a surfboard that has good heat and UV resistance. 

The Construction 

Once you have selected the best material, the next important consideration is the construction of the board.

The best groveler boards usually have a mid-rocker, which is good because it provides plenty of floatation and planing surface for riding weak or small waves. 

A medium rocker ensures that you glide smoothly on the water surface with minimum resistance. The paddling speed when chasing after a wave is normally high.

A groveler surfboard should have a good flex profile. As such, you need to choose a board that is fitted with at least one heavy-duty stringer. 

Apart from strengthening the core, stringers help prevent a board from snapping during tight turns. A rounded nose is recommended for preventing pearling.

For the tail, there are various designs you can consider, including rounded, fish, and squash tails. 

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is KONA SURF Co. Custom Groveler Surfboard.

This is a classic high-performing groveler that allows you to surf both big and small waves in style. It is slightly expensive when compared to similar products from other brands. But the package is worth every dollar. 

It comes with a mid-rocker construction that provides plenty of floatation and stability. The PU core is exceptionally strong and durable.

The rounded tail provides additional volume for creating more lift and easier turns. It also comes with five removable fins for superior control, direction, and speed. 


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