Best Fishing Pontoon Boat (2021 Reviews)

Fishing from pontoon boats (especially one-person inflatables) will make you a blow-up boat enthusiast.

In fact, the modern inflatable fishing pontoon boats are a good bet for many people who like river and lake fishing. Inflatable pontoon boats weigh less than conventional rigid boats of the size.

They are capable of supporting more weight than similar-sized rigid boats. 

You will not run short of fishing pontoon boats on the market. But you wouldn’t know which model is best for you until you do a little research.  

We researched on your behalf and found five products that are highly recommended for fishing. 

Top Pick 

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat is our top pick. This is a heavy-duty one-person fishing pontoon boat.

It will probably exceed your expectations with its high-quality features. It is one of the best choices for stealth fishing when hunting walleye. 

Here are Our Best Fishing Pontoon Boat Reviews:

  1. Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat – Our Top Pick 
  2. Aleko Inflatable Personal Fishing Pontoon Boat
  3. Inflatable Floating Dock Pier 5x4FT Pontoon Fishing Boat
  4. Inflatable Floating Dock Pier 11×5.5FT Pontoon Fishing Boat 
  5. Inflatable Pontoon 10×2.7FT Fishing Platform Boat 

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat 

If you are looking for a portable, versatile, and highly reliable pontoon fishing boat, you should look for the Classic Accessories Colorado. 

Key Features 

  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds 
  • Classic materials 
  • Fly patch 
  • Heavy-duty rod holders 
  • Nine-foot pontoons 

The nine-foot pontoons have a large volume, which is great because they provide superior buoyancy and floatation.

The pontoons have a considerably large weight-bearing capacity of up to four hundred pounds. This means you can bring all your fishing gear without exceeding the weight limit. 

You’ve got lots of storage for your fishing gear, including twelve zippered and ten meshed pockets. The storage pockets will keep your gear dry and well-protected from the elements.

It comes equipped with a dual-side stripping apron that is fitted with a fish ruler. With the stripping apron, you get easy entry as well as exit without unclipping. 

The storage platform is spacious and large enough to accommodate an electric motor mount that can handle up to thirty pounds of thrust.

The rod holder, on the other hand, can be set-up in three different positions on the individual oar stands. 

You don’t have to worry about fishing for more extended hours because the boat comes equipped with an adjustable seat and footrests.

The footrests provide a wide range of leg lengths for added versatility and comfort. The boat has a strong anchor system that will help maintain your fishing spot. 


  • The boat sails high for superior visibility 
  • Lots of storage for all your fishing gear and equipment 
  • The dual-side stripping apron makes fishing much easier 
  • The fish ruler allows you to measure your big catch 
  • The adjustable seat and footrests are very comfortable 


It may not be an easy watercraft to get into the water by yourself


It comes complete with all the necessary accessories you would need for fishing. The seat, backrest, and footrests improve comfort when fishing for longer hours. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Aleko Inflatable Personal Fishing Pontoon Boat 

This incredible pontoon fishing boat from Aleko is nimble, rugged, and reliable. It’s time you elevated your fishing experience. 

Key Features 

  • Ten-foot pontoons
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frames 
  • Adjustable seat
  • Military-grade PVC construction 
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds

The boat comes equipped with two ten-foot pontoons, which is good because they have superior buoyancy and floatation volume. 

The heavy-duty frames and pontoons provide a maximum weight-bearing capacity of three hundred and fifty pounds. So, you can bring all the important fishing gear and equipment without worrying about sinking. 

The pontoons are made of strong PVC for superior abrasion, tear, and puncture-resistance. The aluminum frames are powder-coated for improved rust as well as weather-resistance.

The stainless steel oarlocks, on the other hand, are extremely rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Designed for full customization when out fishing, the seat of the Aleko is fully adjustable to accommodate your personal needs.

The seat swivels three hundred and sixty degrees, allowing you to cast your bait from any direction. The seat rides in a high position for improved visibility, and you can adjust it backward or forward.

The backrest is generously cushioned for added comfort when fishing for extended periods.  

You’ve got two zippered side pockets for bringing fishing and personal items. The bags are removable in case you don’t need them.

At the back, you have a robust platform for mounting your electric motor for stealth fishing. But you can always use the oars for paddling. 


  • The boat rides exceptionally high for improved visibility 
  • The pontoons provide superior buoyancy for unmatched stability 
  • The seat can be adjusted and swivel for added versatility 
  • The backrest is cushioned for comfort during long fishing hours 
  • The strong platform allows for easy motor mounting 


It does not come with a stripping apron or fish ruler 


With 10-foot pontoons, heavy-duty frames, and a versatile seat, this boat is perfect for fishing and cruising the lakeside. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Inflatable Floating Dock Pier 5x4FT Pontoon Fishing Dingy Raft Boat 

If you have been looking for a great pontoon fishing dingy raft boat, then look no further than this incredible model. 

Key Features 

  • 0.9 mm PVC construction 
  • Fiberglass deck 
  • 5 by 4 feet size 
  • Motor backboard 
  • Aluminum bench 

The 0.9 mm PVC construction is abrasion, tear, and puncture-resistant. So, you can bump into the river bank without damaging the boat.

The precisely sized continuous curve of the boat enhance ride, capacity, and maneuverability. 

The five-foot pontoons ensure you are buoyant and floating for improved maneuverability and stability even when carrying your fishing gear.

The fiberglass deck is not only strong, but it also has a superior flex on the water. Moreover, the deck has an excellent ability to absorb shock that makes the boat smoother to ride.   

It comes with a strong backboard for mounting a small, powerful trolling motor. Alternatively, you can use heavy-duty oars to sail the boat.

The oars are rugged and can endure punishment when used in a river. When you are not using the oars, you can safely stow them in the oarlock and oar stopper. 

You’ve got heavy-duty lifelines on the sides, which is great because they can help keep you from falling overboard.

The D-rings are strong and highly rust, and corrosion-resistant. The boat also comes with a strong and durable sliding bench seat. 


  • The heavy-duty construction is abrasion and puncture-resistant 
  • The boat’s buoyancy, stability, and maneuverability are exceptional 
  • The fiberglass deck provides great flex on the water 
  • The strong backboard allows for easy and effective motor mounting
  • The lifeline keeps you from falling overboard 


The boat’s limited capacity will not support heavy fishing gear 


This is a great pontoon fishing boat for one person. It is spacious enough for fishing but not big enough for carrying heavy fishing gear. 

Overall Rating: 4.6

Inflatable Floating Dock Pier 11×5.5FT Pontoon Fishing Boat 

This is a great pontoon raft boat for drifting and fishing in beautiful rivers and big lakes. Once you get it on the ground, set-up is quick and easy. 

Key Features 

  • 11 by 5.5 feet in size 
  • Fiberglass deck material
  • A strong motor backboard 
  • Multiple colors are available 
  • A carrying bag, pump, and raft are included 

The first and most impressive feature of this model is the heavy-duty fiberglass deck. It creates a spacious, sturdy, rigid platform that can effectively accommodate two anglers.

The uniquely curved fishing deck gives you full access to the raft for useful fishing space. 

When the boat is fully inflated and the deck and backboard installed, it creates a rigid platform.

The extensive stance of the eleven-foot pontoons, along with the structural strength of the deck, make for secure and truly stable fishing space.

The boat will maintain its stability even if you stand on one side of the platform. So, casting bait is super easy when standing or sitting.

The heavy-duty motor mount backboard can take up to a 3HP gas motor or up to a 70-pound thrust electric motor. You can also use lightweight and easy-to-paddle oars for paddling the boat. 

The boat can effectively accommodate two sliding bench seats, which are not included in the package. You’ve got rust and corrosion-resistant D-rings on the sides and at the top of the nose.

The side D-rings are equipped with strong lifelines to help prevent you from falling overboard. The heavy-duty grab handles provide you with superior support when you come across turbulence.  


  • The sturdy fiberglass deck provides useful fishing space 
  • It is extremely stable for casting while standing 
  • The strong backboard allows for easy motor mount 
  • It is designed to accommodate two sliding bench seats 
  • You’ve got several D-rings for added versatility 


  • It doesn’t come with sliding bench seats 
  • No returns are allowed only exchanges for defective product 


This is a great fishing pontoon boat for two. It is extremely stable and maneuverable even when you face some turbulence. 

Overall Rating: 4.6     

Inflatable Pontoon 10×2.7FT Fishing Platform Dingy Raft Boat  

Have you been looking for a super stable inflatable pontoon fishing platform for one person? This model is the real deal. 

Key Features 

  • 10 by 2.7 feet in size 
  • Polyvinyl chloride construction 
  • Unique moto backboard 
  • 1.2 mm PVC raft 
  • Stock blue pontoons

The unique surfboard-like design provides you with an extremely stable one-men fishing pontoon boat. 

You’ve got heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride pontoons that are tear and abrasion-resistant. The pontoons have a stock blue color that is highly visible from the shore.

The ten-foot pontoons are slender, stable, and highly maneuverable. 

The 1.2 mm PVC raft offers superior strength, flex, and stability when casting from a standing position.

The PVC platform is long enough to accommodate a fishing crate, a raised seat, and a battery for operating an electric motor. The remaining space is larger enough for standing. 

The seat swivels allow you to cast bait from any direction. The seat and the backrest are padded for added comfort if you will be on the water for extended durations.  

Apart from the trolling electric motor, you can also use a standup paddle to sail the boat. The boat, however, does not come with lifelines on the sides. 


  • The slender design is extremely stable and comfortable to maneuver 
  • The raft can accommodate most of your fishing gear 
  • The strong backboard allows for a reliable electric motor mount 
  • It is extremely stable for casting from a standing position 
  • The design is super easy for one person to set-up 


It may not be a suitable design for fishing in deep waters 


This is a simple yet stable, easy-to-sail, and highly maneuverable one-man fishing pontoon boat. Just make sure you don’t receive a model with design issues. 

Overall Rating: 4.6

Things to Consider When Looking for Fishing Pontoon Boats 

Here are the most important things to look for in a fishing pontoon boat

Rigid or Inflatables 

You can choose between rigid and inflatable fishing pontoon boats. The inflatables are more convenient between the two because of several reasons.

First, inflatables can be deflated for extreme portability and easy transport once you are done fishing on the lakeside. Second, inflatables will bounce off a rock unharmed, but the same cannot be said of rigid pontoons.

Capacity and Storage

Whether you choose a rigid or an inflatable fishing pontoon boat, enough capacity and storage are crucial.

A boat with a weight-bearing capacity of around 300 or more pounds is ideal. As for storage, make sure you’ve got spacious bags and pockets for your fishing and personal gear. 

Final Thoughts

The ultimate winner of this roundup is Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat. This is a highly versatile inflatable that comes with very strong and durable construction.

This boat will bounce off a rock unharmed, thanks to the heavy-duty PVC pontoons. The seat and footrests are adjustable for comfort. 

Its large weight limit of four hundred pounds allows you to bring all your fishing gear. You’ve also got enough storage, including twelve zippered pockets and ten mesh pockets.

There is a wide platform behind the seat for mounting your motor. Alternatively, you can use the two-piece aluminum oars for paddling.


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