The 7 Best Fishing Paddle Board (2021 Reviews)

One of the best new angling methods for fish on a fly rod is from a stand-up paddleboard.

Most surfers have been fishing off their surfboards for years, but the recent SUP designs have created all sorts of venues for more progressive salt and freshwater fishing.

Besides providing easier portability, the paddleboard gives you a better platform to spot, sneak up on, and cast to fish.

The choice of fishing paddleboards, however, is enormous, and not every fly fisher can make the best buying decision. So, in our top seven selections, we took into account all the important features you would want the best fishing paddle board to have.

Top Pick

Rock Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the most liked and a bestseller.

The all-around design is exceptionally stable and comfortable to maneuver when fishing.

You’ve also got a four-point bungee and five D-rings for tieing down your fishing equipment.

The Best Fishing Paddle Boards Are: 

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

Fishing has never been better with the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

It is all about the fishing lifestyle, and the Roc embodies it all.

What’s included in the package are the SUP board, upgraded backpack, waterproof bag, hand pump, a removable fin, safety leash, and collapsible aluminum paddle.

The roll-top carry bag design features a shoulder harness and a comfortable waist belt, which allows you to carry everything you need to the water.

The board is thirty-three inches wide and ten feet long, providing with more than enough space to carry all the essential fishing gear.

The SUP board has two sets of stainless D-rings on the deck pad area, which is great because you can use them to tie down your fishing crate and kayak seat.

The four-point bungee in the front is great for securing your waterproof bag. The bag will allow you to bring along all the essential fishing accessories, your cell phone, and keys.

You can also attach your paddle to the bungee system when you are busy fishing.


  • Multiple D-rings on the deck pad allow for easy attachment of a fishing crate
  • Bungee system enables you to bring along a waterproof bag with accessories
  • The deck pad is long, wide, and provides great non-slip traction
  • The board has an incredibly large weight limit of up to 300 pounds
  • The aluminum paddle is adjustable and floatable


  • Could be better if it had fishing rod holders
  • It is possible to receive a low-quality pump

iRocker Nautical Inflatable Paddle Board 

One of the best you could have ever wished for: The Nautical from iRocker is fully equipped to give the best performance during your fishing expedition.

Two specific features make this paddleboard great for fishing. The first is the inclusion of three pairs of D-rings on the deck pad, which will allow you to strap or tie down a fishing cooler, a fishing crate, and a gearbox.

The six-point bungee system at the front provides additional storage for fishing gear and equipment.

The board is thirty-two inches wide and approximately twelve feet long, which means it is stable and easier to maneuver during a fishing expedition.

The SUP is extra durable thanks to the military-grade drop-stitch material. The board will not be damaged by drop, ding, or dent and it has a considerably high weight limit of two hundred and forty pounds.

There is an additional D-ring next to the valve for attaching an anchor or safety leash. Two grab handles, one at the nose and the other one at the tail, make it easy to pull the SUP to and out of the water.

The center carry handle allows for easy transportation of the board.


  • The board is extremely stable and easy to maneuver
  • It’s easy to attach a kayak seat, a cooler, or a crate
  • Two grab handles and one carry handle improve portability
  • The paddle is adjustable and effortlessly floats on water
  • EVA deck pad provides superior traction


  • May come with a leaking pump-valve combination
  • The pump may require some muscle to get the SUP inflated

SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

This incredible paddle SUP from SereneLIfe is uniquely and expertly designed for fishing, paddleboarding, surfing. You can use it for fishing in a lake, ocean, or river.

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Besides, this product can be used it as a paddle board for yoga.

It is made out of heavy-duty double OVC material with reinforced seams for strength and durability.

When fully inflated to 15 psi, the SUP is 10.5 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick with a load-carrying capacity of 275 pounds. There is a non-slip EVA deck that provides superior traction for better performance when standing.

The board is fitted with a four-spot bungee system that is great for tieing down your fishing waterproof bag and rucksack.

You’ve got two sets of D-rings on the deck area for strapping down a fishing cooler and a gearbox. You can also use the additional D-ring at the tail to attach a foot leash or an anchor.

The board comes with three bottom fins. The large central fin is detachable for easy storage and increased maneuverability and provides great stability when paddling in a straight line.

But here is the thing, the paddle does not float and it can easily sink if you accidentally drop it in the water.


  • A great choice for fishing in the ocean, lake, or river
  • Heavy-duty design allows you to carry all the important fishing gear
  • Bungee system provides storage for a waterproof bag and rucksack
  • Multiple D-rings allow you to tie down fishing equipment
  • Very stable, you can fish when standing or seated on the side


  • The paddle does not float on water
  • Quality control may be inconsistent with some models

Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

This is one of the top quality inflatable SUPs in the market. It is a highly versatile choice for fishing, surfing, boating, and recreational paddleboarding.

The SUP comes complete with all the essential accessories, including the board, repair kit, paddle, three fins, high-pressure pump, safety leash, and a backpack.

The high-pressure pump is incredible, it will take you roughly five minutes to fully inflate the board. The SUP is thirty-three inches wide and eleven feet long, which means you’ve got lots of space for your SUP fishing gear.

There are two pairs of D-rings on the deck pad. You can use one set of D-rings to tie down a cooler or fishing crate and the other one to tie down your gearbox and anchor.

You can use the front four-point bungee to secure your waterproof bag and other equipment or you can use the D-rings to tie down additional gear.

The drop stitch technology used to make the board gives it superior air holding capability. This translates to a higher carrying capacity of up to three hundred and fifty-two pounds.


  • Easy to transport to and from the water with the carry handle
  • Lots of D-rings for tieing down fishing gear
  • The bungee system is great for attaching a waterproof bag
  • Drop stitch construction has superior air holding capability
  • Non-slip pattern improves performance for inexperienced individuals


  • Could be more versatile with additional D-rings at the tail
  • The paddle does not float on water

Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board 

The Aqua Plus is the perfect go fishing, do anything SUP. With its heavy-duty design and abundance of high-quality features, Aqua Plus gives you the ability to paddle into your favorite fishing grounds.

This model’s design mimics that of a hardboard thanks to the military-grade PVC material with drop stitch technology.

In addition to that, the board is eleven feet long and thirty-three inches wide, with a maximum carrying capacity of three hundred and fifty pounds. The SUP is incredibly stable, making it suitable for all conditions and skill levels.

The board comes equipped with nine stainless D-rings, which is great because you can easily tie down or strap down all the necessary fishing gear.

Four D-rings at the front form a four-point bungee for holding a waterproof bag. The deck pad area is fitted with four D-rings for securing a cooler, gearbox, and or a kayak seat.

The all-around design of the Aqua Plus is perfect for cruising rivers and lakes. It is wider and longer, which means it is more stable and easier to maneuver in choppy waters.

But here is the thing, the board does not come with fishing rod holders. So, you have to install a cooler or crate that is equipped with fishing rod holders.


  • The all-around nose makes the board more stable
  • Enough D-rings to tie down a fishing cooler or crate
  • Easy to attach an anchor to the tail D-ring
  • The deck pad is nonslip and very stable for fishing
  • The paddle floats in case it falls in the water


  • Some models may come with a leaking valve
  • Could be better with fishing rod holders

Dama Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert paddleboard fisher, the Dama Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a great choice.

The Dama is thirty-two inches wide and eleven feet long. So, it is stable enough to allow you to catch fish when standing or seated on the side and it is long enough to allow you to bring along your fishing gear.

The board is fitted with two sets of D-rings on the deck pad, which is great because they are compatible with the strapping system that comes with most fishing coolers, crates, and gearboxes.

The D-rings are firmly attached to the board; so, they will not come out even if you encounter choppy waters.

The four-spot bungee storage is expandable and provides enough room for storing fishing equipment.

You can also use a longer bungee cord to tie down a fishing crate or a gearbox. There is a D-ring at the tail that you can use to attach an anchor.

The aluminum paddle has three parts for easy height customization. The paddle also floats, so do not worry about losing it in the water when it falls.


  • Has a large load-bearing capacity
  • The D-rings allow for easy tie-down of fishing equipment
  • The bungee cord is expandable for added versatility
  • The aluminum paddle is height adjustable and floats
  • The deck pad is highly slip-resistant


  • Some models may come with a defective paddle
  • It is not integrated with fishing rod holders

AKSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

Have you meant to get a stand-up fishing paddleboard for a while? This amazing SUP from AKSPORT is a right choice.

The seams of the board are appropriately secured for durability and leak-free performance.

The board is simple to operate, you just need about seven minutes to achieve the optimum psi (12 to 15). Transporting the board to the water once inflated is easy with the center carry handle.

What’s in the box? The inflatable SUP, travel backpack, adjustable alloy paddle, safety leash, premium hand pump, repair kit.

The SUP is 33 inches wide and 10.6 feet long, which means you have enough space to pack all your necessary fishing gear.

The deck pad is equipped with four stainless D-rings that you can use to strap or tie down a fishing cooler and a gearbox. In the front, you have a four-point bungee for added storage.

The removable center fin is extremely easy to install into the fin box. The fins help prevent sideways movement when paddling, which is great because it improves steering and balance.

The all-around nose design is super easy to maneuver and balance in choppy waters.


  • The valve is compatible with all electric pumps
  • The SUP is sturdy and super easy to maneuver
  • Has more than enough D-rings for tieing down fishing equipment
  • The four-point bungee offers additional storage
  • The all-around nose is easy to maneuver and balance in choppy waters


  • Possible to receive a package with missing parts
  • Some parts may arrive broken

See also:

Things to Consider When Looking for Fishing Paddle Board 

A fishing paddleboard is an extremely versatile fishing platform, a craft you can launch anywhere. But not all SUP boards you will come across are well equipped for fishing. So, here are a few things you can consider to find the best fishing SUP.

Displacement vs. Planning Hull 

Fishing paddleboards come in two unique hull designs (displacement and planning) that are tailored to the water conditions and your intended use.

  • A displacement hull (touring nose) board is crafted to cut through the water by displacing it on either side. The pointed nose is excellent for paddling through choppy waters.
  • A planning hull (all-around nose) board is shaped like a surfboard that smoothly glides on top of the water and is quick to maneuver. The wide and flat design is suitable for flat water fishing.

Length and Width 

When choosing the best-performing fishing SUP, consider a model that is longer and wider.

The best ideal size should not be less than 10 feet long and 32 inches wide. A wider board offers you superior stability for fly fishing.

Special Accessories 

A fishing SUP is never complete without unique accessories like bungee systems and D-rings.

Some boards have two bungee kits (a four-point and six-point), but even one bungee system is enough for onboard storage.

But most importantly, you need a fishing SUP with D-rings on the deck area (two to three sets) for tieing down your fishing equipment (cooler, crate, gearbox, and even a kayak seat).

Final Thoughts 

The winner of this roundup  is Rock Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

One of the most revered SUP boards in the market. The board is innovatively designed for fishing, exploring, touring, yoga, and recreational paddleboarding.

The planning hull glides smoothly on top of the water, making it easier to maneuver during a fishing excursion.

The planning hull with an all-around nose design provides you with superior maneuverability and stability, especially on flat water.

The 32-inch width provides you with a wide enough SUP for added strength and carrying space.

The D-rings on the deck allows you to tie or strap down your fishing cooler, crate, or gearbox.


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