Best Fishfinders for Pontoon Boats (2021 Reviews)

If your goal is to find and see fish and contours clearly, you need the best fishfinder for Pontoon Boat. 

Modern fish finders use digital CHIRP technology to display the most vivid images. This groundbreaking technology scans the water for fish, structure, as well as bottom contour. 

However, the choice of fish finders is huge, and not every pontoon boat owner knows what to look for. 

So, in our top fish Finder selections, we have considered all the important features you have looking for. 

Top Pick  

Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP MSI Fish Finder is our top pick. This is a highly versatile unit that you can use on both fresh and saltwater.

It comes with the most advanced technologies like dual spectrum CHIRP sonar and MEGA side and down imaging. 

Here are Our Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP MSI Fish Finder 

Improve your pontoon boat fishing success rate with this incredible fishfinder from Humminbird. It is an impressive piece of technology. 

Key Features 

  • High-DEF display
  • Mega down imaging 
  • Dual Spectrum CHIRP
  • Precision GPS
  • Ethernet networking 

One of the first things we would like to point out about this model is the brightness of the screen.

This unit comes equipped with a seven-inch high-definition LED-backlit display with 480 by 800 pixels resolution. 

The Helix 7 GPS-capable model has a single microSD card slot tucked away behind the waterproof door.

It is conveniently located on the side. The unit is compatible with Humminbird cartography, such as LakeMaster and Navionics. 

On the back of the unit, you will notice that it has three friction-fit connection ports.

First, you have the power port connected to a 12-volt battery source.

Second, it is the communications port for connecting the GPS output to optional accessories like DSC radio.

Third, you have a port to connect your dual-frequency transducer or down imaging transducer. 

This fish finder features two available mounting systems. The first one is a simple to use gimbal mount that consists of a gimbal bracket and two gimbal locks.

The second mounting system is the IDMK H7, which uses an adhesive gasket for flush-mounting the helix in the console of your pontoon boat. 

Controlling the unit is easy with a four-directional keypad and an eight-button keyboard.

You have buttons for the following functions: view, zoom-in, zoom-out, enter, mark, go-to and man overboard, exit, and menu.  


  • Include two search modes, narrow for detail and wide for coverage 
  • Allow you to account for turbulence, temperature, and water depth
  • The built-in base map provides a detailed view of the underwater terrain
  • It’s equipped with charts for numerous lakes and coastal coverage 
  • Easy to build a strong fishing system with high-speed Ethernet 


  • Some models may arrive with defective buttons


Overall, this is an incredibly easy-to-use fish finder with intuitive and easy-to-navigate controls. Just make sure you don receive a model with defective buttons.  

Lowrance Hook Reveal 9 SS Fish Finder 

Whether you are fishing for walleye in a local spot or unacquainted spots, find the best and most rewarding fishing grounds with this great model from Lowrance. 

Key Features 

  • High-resolution images 
  • Preloaded maps (the US and CAN)
  • HDI transducer 
  • Autotuning sonar 
  • Lowrance CHIRP sonar 
  • What is truly impressive about this model is the Lowrance CHIRP sonar. 

This technology uses multiple frequencies, allowing you to see more fish targets under the water with a reduced cluttered display.

You can clearly identify individual game fish in or around the bait schools.

Game fish are effortlessly seen when you hold the unit near the water.  

So, CHIRP sonar offers a more clutter-free display as well as enhanced targets.

You get all these benefits regardless of whether you are fishing off the coast or inland lakes.

This technology can also provide options for a continuous range of frequencies in low, medium, and high range settings. 

The unit features autotuning sonar, which is great because it automatically acquires the best sonar images as you continue to fish.

Preloaded maps (for the US and Canada) allow you to fish unacquainted water spots with ease.  

The fish finder is easy to mount in the console or sides of the boat.

The CHIRP sonar will give you detailed images regardless of where it is mounted. It has the easiest-to-use menu settings and a dedicated keypad. 


  • Provides clear and crisp images of fish and underwater terrain 
  • The menu and keypad are super easy to use 
  • The CHIRP sonar provides enhanced targets and clutter-free display 
  • It automatically adjusts sonar settings while you are busy fishing 
  • Preloaded maps allow you to fish unfamiliar waters with ease


  • The delivery of the Lowrance Hook Reveal can be late 


The split-shot high CHIRP sonar and down scan imaging make Lowrance Hook Reveal perfect for fishers who want the best views and images of fish and the underwater terrain. 

Garmin Echomap UHD 74CV 7-Inch Fish Finder 

It is time you found more fish with ease with the help of the Echomap UHD 74CV from Garmin. This is one of the best models you could have ever wished for. 

Key Features 

  • 800 by 480 pixels resolution 
  • WVGA display type 
  • BlueChart G2 preloaded maps
  • Dual-frequency sonar capability 
  • CHIRP sonar technology 

This high-quality fishfinder features ultra-high-definition sonar capabilities. With the higher frequency sonar, you will get more or less photographic images of the bottom.

You can easily discover all the fish hiding spots with this amazing fishfinder. 

The sunlight-readable seven-inch screen is bright and incredibly easy to read.

It is a touchscreen, which is great because you can easily, quickly, and intuitively access the menu, mark function, home, and navigational information. You’ve also got keyed assist buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. 

The unit comes with preloaded coastal charts (blue chart G3) with advanced Navionics data for easy and quick finding of hidden fishing spots. It has outstanding sonar sharing capabilities with other units.  

You’ve got two mounting options for the Echomap UHD 74CV from Garmin, including the flush mount and swivel with a quick-release cradle. 


  • The touchscreen is bright and sunlight-readable
  • It produces clear images with reduced cluttered display
  • Two mounting options are available for added versatility 
  • Preloaded maps allow you to access unfamiliar fishing spots with ease 
  • It supports all-seeing sonar technology 


  • It may fail to come with all the necessary mounting gear 
  • It could be better with a basic auto-guidance feature 


This unit may not have auto-guidance features, but it is one of the most reliable fishfinders for pontoon boats on the market. It will improve your fishing experience for the better. 

Lowrance Elite-7 Ti2 7-Inch Fish Finder 

The small footprint of the Elite-7 Ti2 from Lowrance makes it a perfect choice for small pontoon boats. It comes with enhanced display technology and active imaging. 

Key Features 

  • 7-inch high-resolution display 
  • Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer
  • CHIRP sonar technology 
  • Genesis Live 
  • Wireless networking 

You know how good value it is once you see it. That is the performance that matters on the water. You get both with this incredible fish finder from Lawrance. 

It comes with popular premium features and the latest innovative and highly advanced sonar technology, built just for you.

It allows you to see the highest detailed images of structure and fish with active imaging.

The advanced active imaging sonar offers the highest performance compared to conventional structure imaging technologies. 

We truly appreciate the wireless networking this unit comes with.

You no longer need cables to conveniently share the route, waypoint, and sonar data with wireless networking capability. 

It is creatively engineered to map in real-time. What this means is that you can easily map fishing spots that have not been mapped, as well as update the maps of all your preferred fishing grounds in real-time with half-foot contours.

The unit uses digital depth to produce high-definition maps effectively. You can easily discover all the hiding spots of fish like ditches, points, and drop-offs. 

The unit gives you superior control over depth, contour density, and contour transparency, among other things. 

Automatic route planning, on the other hand, allows you to navigate much easier and faster.

It automatically plots the safest as well as shortest course depending on your pontoon boat’s height, beam, and draft. 


  • It is ideal for pinpointing drop-offs, ditches, weed beds, and rockpiles 
  • Delivers high-resolution images and superior clarity 
  • Easy to share routes, waypoint, and sonar data with wireless networking 
  • Creating high-definition maps is easy with digital depth 
  • Automatic route planning makes navigation easier and faster 


  • It doesn’t come with the transducer 


This high-quality, high-performing fishfinder makes fishing incredibly easy with its advanced features. It is also easy to mount and operate. But the thing is, it doesn’t come with the transducer. 

Garmin Striker 5CV 5-Inch Fish Finder 

The Garmin Striker is a high-performing fishfinder that comes equipped with built-in GPS for marking waypoints, creating routes, and viewing your pontoon boat’s speed. 

Key Features 

  • 800 by 480 pixels resolution 
  • Dual-frequency sonar capable 
  • Dual-beam sonar capable 
  • Water temperature log and graph 
  • Adjustable depth line 

This is a sonar with free GPS built into the unit. And with that, you get all the different types of CHIRP sonar options from traditional CHIRP, Clearview CHIRP, and even side-view CHIRP.  

This model has a very compact and rugged construction that is perfect for pontoon boats.

It has a superior depth range of one thousand one hundred feet in saltwater, and it is capable of scanning up to two thousand three hundred feet in freshwater.

The five-inch display shows more data, including scanning sonar, depth, down view sonar, as well as waypoint views.

We truly appreciate the scaling features, considering that it leads to an uninterrupted image when the unit changes frequencies.  

This fish finder does not have any maps that are built into it. But you can, with your transducer, create your customized maps, which are referred to as quick-draw contours.

You can easily draw one-foot contour lines on the screen itself for up to two million acres of fishing area. You can mark waypoints to navigate back to points all from the screen.

You can also do split screens to have more features displayed on the screen. 

The control buttons are conveniently located on the right-hand side of the screen. They are super easy to operate. 


  • Come with a transducer for superior imaging 
  • It’s easy to create routes and mark waypoints with built-in GPS 
  • Quick-draw contour mapping allows you to create as well as store maps
  • The rugged design can withstand harsh marine conditions
  • The split-screen feature allows you to view more details at once   


  • It does not come with preloaded maps
  • You do not get a manual for operating the unit


Although it doesn’t come with manual or preloaded maps, the Garmin Striker 5CV 5-Inch Fish Finder will give the best results once you learn how to use it.  

Things to Consider When Looking for Fishfinders for Pontoon Boat 

Here are the most important considerations you have to make: 

Works on Any Type of Water 

Always choose a fish finder that works on any type of water, whether saltwater, freshwater, or ice.

Look for a unit with the clarity and power you need to navigate and fish coastal waters, rivers, lakes, and ice.

Choose a device that can help you understand what’s underneath the ice. 

Ease of Mounting 

Regardless of your pontoon boat size, you need a fish finder that you can effectively mount on the console or bow.

Alternatively, you can consider a model that is portable for handheld use. Choose a unit that comes with its complete installation gear for ease of use and convenience. 

Control is At Hand 

Controls are critical when operating a fish finder. Most modern designs will come with a keypad and a touchscreen.

Ensure the keypad allows you to toggle from one screen to another while navigating calm or rough water. The touchscreen, on the other hand, should have multi-gesture capability. 

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP MSI Fish Finder.

What makes this unit stand out is that it indeedly features several advanced technologies, including a built-in base map, GPS, AutoChart Live, Bluetooth, Ethernet networking capability, dual spectrum CHIRP sonar, MEGA down imaging, and MEGA side imaging. 

The device is extremely easy to use with its intuitive touchscreen display, which allows for multi-gesture capability.

You can swipe, pinch, and tap the screen. You can conveniently use the ergonomically designed keypad to easily toggle between views or screens while navigating calm or rough waters.


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