The 4 Best Electric Surfboards (2021 Reviews)

Who needs big waves to surf, with electric surfboards around?

This new surfing equipment allows you to cruise anywhere even in calm artificial lakes. All you need is a high-capacity battery pack that can last for at least half an hour.

Electric hydrofoil surfboards allow you to cruise above the water without drag or water resistance. You can hit maximum speeds with ease.

Electric scooter surfboards, on the other hand, give you a thrilling on-water experience.

Electric surfboards, however, are relatively new, and finding the best electric surfboard may not be entirely easy.

Therefore, in our selections, we’ve taken into account all the important features you might love your first electric surfboard to have.

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Top Pick

Sell-Best 2017 New Electric Surfboard is our top electric surfboard. This hydrofoil board delivers the best above water experience for surfboarding enthusiasts

It is one of the most accessible boards to ride thanks to the detailed instructions it comes with.

The Best Electric Surfboards are:

Sell-Best 2017 New Electric Surfboard

An electric surfboard that provides you the feeling of flying over the water. It is an exceptional choice for the money.

The board comes with instructions and tips on how to get started. It is simple to learn, just start on your belly, move to your knees, and then stand on the surfboard.

After about half an hour of surfing, it will be ready to take it for a spin. Then you can rise on the board to start flying above the water for a thrilling experience once getting comfortable riding on the surfboard.

In fact, this board is electric, which means it has no lag and it delivers maximum torque. It glides smoothly on water and allows you to fly with ease.

You must be wondering what powers this incredible board.

It uses a heavy-duty Li-ion battery pack that powers the electric motor. An ergonomically engineered hand controller controls the power-efficient motor.

The board is fun to ride, and it gets more fun when you master it because there are plenty of moves to try on and above water. You will eventually be able to jump out of the water and make deep carves.

It has an impressive runtime of about one hour if you ride at a speed that exceeds twenty-five miles per hour. Maintaining the board is remarkably easy.

All you have to do is detach the battery pack and recharge it for a couple of hours. Once it is fully charged, put it back in, and go for a ride.


  • Easy to follow instructions are provided
  • You will never experience lag as with traditional surfboards
  • The hand controller is ergonomically designed
  • The hand controller is ergonomically designed


  • Could be better with more runtime

Efoil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

If you are looking for a hybrid surfboard that is designed to deliver the best and most memorable surfing moments, look no more than this amazing electric hydrofoil from Efoil.

This electric surfboard carves like a snowboard allows you to surf anytime, anywhere without the presence of waves or wind. Considerably, it is fast and very convenient.

The board has a powerful engine with a high weight to power ratio.

The engine is powerful enough to generate the electric power needed to drive the hydrofoil surfboard. It is made up of a joystick, a power device, a hull assembly, and the main tail.

The hull assembly is streamlined, which is great because it can glide smoothly through the water.

It comes with a durable deck pad made of diamond grooved EVA for superior grip performance.

The traction pad helps keep you glued to the board, especially when making water moves with the board. It is also suitable for protecting the deck of the surfboard.

You have a joystick at the nose for operating the board. The intelligent, ergonomic design of the joystick puts the control buttons for on and off within your reach.

The electric start system is straightforward to operate. The board can indeed fly above the water and reach a top speed of forty kilometers per hour with a weight capacity of approximately one hundred and eighty pounds.

The hydrofoil attaches to this board has an innovative design that reduces the effects of rough or choppy waters. You can easily angle higher without worrying about the wind slowing you down.


  • The streamlined design of the board cuts smoothly against the wind
  • It comes with a non-slip deck pad to improve stability
  • The joystick controller is extremely easy to operate and control
  • The innovative design of the hydrofoil eliminates drag in choppy waters
  • It can hit speeds of up to forty kilometers per hour


  • Could be better with a slightly longer joystick controller

Roadwi Electric 2019 Underwater Scooter Surfboard

This electric underwater scooter surfboard features an intelligent design that you will grow to love with each wave section. It has automatic protection and detection function.

Unlike your usual surfboard, this unique model from Roadwi requires you to use your hands for surfing instead of your legs.

It has a high hydrostatic surface speed of up to fifteen kilometers per hour thanks to three thousand two hundred watts’ high propeller power.

The propeller gets its power from a high capacity Li-ion battery that is not only eco-friendly but also takes a considerably short time to recharge.

This battery pack has a runtime of thirty to sixty minutes, depending on your surfing speed.

Get multiple surfing experience with the two modes of operation, sport and standard. You can select the standard mode if you are a beginner and later switch to the sport mode when you master the board. The board has four gears for different users and different water areas.

We truly appreciate the high definition LCD, considering how easy it is to read and interpret various parameters like fault functioning warning, low battery indicator, and remaining battery charge.

The board is made of heavy-duty ABS material that has superior corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, heat resistance, and impact resistance. It also has a superior gloss that shines beautifully.


  • It has a superior hydrostatic surface speed for a thrilling experience
  • ABS material is corrosion, heat, and low temperature resistant
  • Two modes of operation make the board highly versatile
  • The lithium-ion battery has a good runtime and recharge-time
  • The LCD is super easy to read and interpret


  • Could be more effective with a higher weight limit

F2 Electric Powered Surfboard

Bring a cool feeling to your summer with the F2 Electric Powered Surfboard from Coohome. It is a great chioce for both men and women, children, and adults.

The main body of this incredible surfboard is made of plastic absorption forming technology, which is great because it has a high strength to weight ratio. The plastic material is corrosion, low temperature, heat, and UV resistant.

The F2 has a dynamic structure that glides through the water with. This unique design reduces water resistance during operation. Its buoyancy is incredible and you can use it in an emergency to rescue someone.

You will love the intelligent control system this surfboard comes with. The control system is integrated with two modes of operation (motion and standard).

The standard mode is ideal for people who are new to electric surfboarding, while the motion mode is a great choice for those who are used to electric surfboarding.

With the motion mode, you can do several stances on and above the water.

The next amazing thing about this model is the LCD screen. It will let you know the amount of juice the battery still holds and the surfing mode you are operating.

The board has superior safety features, including magnetic switch design and buoyancy thrust after power failure.

Another good feature that comes with this board is the camera hole, which is great because it allows you to install a compatible camera and take cool pictures as you surf low waves.


  • The heavy-duty plastic body is corrosion and low-temperature
  • It has two operation modes for added versatility
  • The clear LCD screen keeps you updated about battery life
  • It has buoyancy thrust after power failureErgonomically designed camera hole allows for camera installation


  • The battery pack does not provide a lot of run time

Things to Consider When Looking for An Electric Surfboard

Electric surfboards are pretty new in the market and finding the best model may require some research. So, here are the various things you have to take into account.

The Type of Electric Surfboard

There are two main types of electric surfboards you can consider.

Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards

What is a hydrofoil surfboard?

It is basically a flying board.

How do they make surfboards fly?

The operation of a hydrofoil is similar to that of an airplane. The wings of an airplane work as a lifting surface and it is precisely the same with a hydrofoil.

It is a wing that is underneath the water. The hydrofoil (wing) has a flat surface on the bottom (higher pressure) and a curved surface at the top (lower pressure).

The fluid on the curved surface moves faster than that on the more downside, lifting the surfboard above water.

Why would you want a hydrofoil?

Hydrofoil surfboards are pretty cool because you can go very fast on the water.

Unlike traditional electric surfboards, hydrofoils do not suffer from drag or water resistance.

The water does not act against the hull because the board is above the water. You can conveniently ride above big waves.

Electric Scooter Surfboards

These are unique electric surfboards that are built like underwater scooters.

Unlike traditional surfboards that you can step on when cruising the waters, scooter surfboards require you to use your hands.

A scooter surfboard has a powerful propeller that is powered by a Li-ion battery. Most battery packs have a runtime of thirty to sixty minutes and a charging time of two to five hours.

These boards, however, come in different sizes and weight limits. The best models can withstand a higher gravity of up to one hundred kilograms.

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What is a hydrofoil?

A hydrofoil simply refers to a wing-like the one you see on an airplane.

The bottom part of the wing is flat, and the upper part is curved.

When you operate a hydrofoil surfboard, water moves faster on the curved surface and slower on the flat surface, creating the lift effect that allows you to fly above the water.

What shape of a hydrofoil surfboard works best?

The best shape for a hydrofoil board is the traditional one with a round nose and a flat tail.

Even though the board does not directly contact water, a planing hull makes the board more maneuverable and easier to control when flying over water. The shape should have more rocker for increased stability.

How do I connect the hydrofoil to the surfboard?

The board usually comes with detailed instructions on how to attach the hydrofoil.

But most models come with a four-screw plate mount and two tracks spaced at ninety millimeters apart.

Are electric scooter surfboards fun to ride?

Electric scooter surfboards allow you to glide smoothly on the water while sightseeing and recording beautiful moments with a mount-on camera.

Of course, you cannot fly above the the water, but you can cruise on water at remarkable speeds.

Final Thoughts

The winner of the list of is Sell-Best 2017 New Electric Surfboard, which is available in three different styles (dynamic, blue ocean, and hippo).

It has one of the best hydrofoil designs in the market. This model is a lot easier to ride than you think. All you have to do is follow the instruction if you are a beginner.

It has a powerful electric motor attached to a hydrofoil with enough speed to lift you and fly above the water. It is easy to learn how to ride this electric surfboard.

You can start on your stomach to get a feel of the board. When you start mastering the board, you can get up on your knees, stand up, and then hydrofoil.


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