Best Electric Boat Anchor Winches (2021 Reviews)

Boat anchoring has been made easy with an electric anchor winch. 

The best electric boat anchor winch will easily and effectively hold your vessel in the desired anchored zone.

With a tool like this, you can quickly power-up or power-down your anchor with a press of a button or switch. 

The choice of electric anchor winches, however, is huge on the market. So, it would be best if you do a little research to find a model that’s suitable for your boat. 

We are able to find five innovatively designed products that are suitable for most boats out there. Here are our selections. 

Top Pick 

MinnKota Deckhand 40 Electric Anchor Winch is our top pick. This is a high-grade electric anchor winch that can effectively handle anchors weighing up to 40 pounds.

It comes equipped with a 100 feet pre-spooled nylon rope (800-pound test) for releasing and retrieving the anchor. 

Here are Our Best Electric Anchor Winch Reviews:

MinnKota 40 Deckhand Electric Anchor Winch 

Automatically lower and raise your fluke boat anchor with the MinnKota 40 Deckhand.

This model has a 40-pound anchor capacity, making it ideal for most anchors on the market. 

Key Features 

  • 40-pound anchor capacity 
  • Integrated stow and deploy switch 
  • Anchor shackle 
  • Pre-spooled with 100-foot nylon rope
  • Mounting hardware included 

This incredible electric anchor winch from MinnKota makes boat navigation and placement effortless and convenient when fishing.

It comes complete with an instructions manual and mounting hardware for easy and quick set-up. 

The Deckhand 40 is a great choice for 20 to 40-pound anchors. It is pre-spooled with one hundred feet of eight-hundred-pound test nylon rope.

The impressive length and test pound of this rope provide good chafe-resistance and the ability to absorb energy. The elasticity of the rope helps absorb shock, which should help the anchor hold. 

The universal davit comes equipped with a bow roller to help deck the anchor winch. The heavy-duty davit assembly is capable of lifting anchors of up to 40 pounds.

You can conveniently mount the davit in the remote position on the deck or at the base of the DeckHand.

The davit also does a great job of stowing the anchor horizontally to prevent the anchor from swinging. 

The anchor shackle, on the other hand, allows for quick and effective changes between boat anchors. 


  • The universal davit adds versatility and convenience 
  • The nylon rope has superior chafe-resistance and shock absorption 
  • The stow and deploy switch makes operation easy 
  • Changing from one anchor to another is easy with the anchor shackle 
  • Can work with boat anchors weighing up to 40 pounds 


  • The unit does not have a quick-release system 
  • Not a suitable choice for heavier boat anchors 


This is a great anchor winch for anchors that weigh up to forty pounds. But you will have to buy the 12-volt battery and the DeckHand 40 remote switch separately. 

Trac Outdoor 25-G3 Electric Anchor Winch 

With a maximum rode weight of 25 pounds, the Trac Outdoors Fisherman 25-G3 is a great choice for a small deck or fishing boats. 

Key Features 

  • 25-pound anchor capacity 
  • Power-up/down switch functions 
  • 70 FPM rope speed 
  • 5 mm by 100 feet rope capacity 
  • Separated davit/roller 

This uniquely engineered electric anchor winch will power your 25-pound or less anchor up and down with ease.

All you have to do is press the button. You’ve got an anti-reverse internal clutch system that does a great job of preventing free spooling. 

The winch is equipped with an all-steel 12-volt DC gear motor, which is good because it is highly efficient and uses less battery power compared to the competition.

The winch offers exceptional holding power with a rope speed of 70 FPM. 

This model comes with a separated davit, which is great because it allows for customized setup and operation of the winch.

You can keep the davit separated or attached to the winch, depending on how you plan to use the kit.

It does an incredible job of holding the anchor horizontally to keep the anchor from swinging. 

The winch comes equipped with a 100-foot by 5-mm double-braid anchor rope that is strong, elastic, and exceptionally durable. 

To mount this model, you will need several tools, including an electric drill, drill bits (3/8-inch and 3/4-inch), a socket wrench, a marker, and a Phillips screwdriver.

You will also need your davit and anchor winch, nuts, washers, bolts, circuit breaker, battery wire, shackle for anchor attachment, and an anchor. 


  • The anti-reverse internal clutch system prevents free spooling 
  • Power-up and down allows for the quick and effective operation 
  • The separated davit allows for superior versatility 
  • Two operating switches for added convenience 
  • You get all the necessary mounting gear out of the box


  • It may not work with a wireless remote control 
  • Some models may come with a defective control module 


With this electric anchor winch, you should expect a simple, smooth operation with superior holding power for small boats. Not to mention that you get a detailed instruction manual and mounting hardware. 

Trac Outdoor 40 AutoDeploy G3 Electric Anchor Winch 

If you are looking for an anchor winch that allows for a one-touch lowering and raising your 40-pound boat anchor, look no further than this great model from Trac. 

Key Features 

  • 100-foot pre-spooled anchor rope 
  • Auto-deploy push button 
  • 40-pound anchor capacity 
  • Heavy-duty davit system 
  • Auto-resetting circuit breaker 

The winch kit is appropriately packed and supplied with a detailed manual and mounting gear for easy, quick, and effective installation.

It is equipped with a davit, roller, and anchor stopper for preventing anchor damage. 

One of the most impressive features of this model is the auto-deploy mechanism. You’ve got a wireless remote control for superior versatility.

With a touch of a button, the auto-deploy automatically lowers the anchor. It will continue to release the line to allow your boat to drift.

It will eventually lock in place, or you can manually lock it into place with the press of a button at any given time. 

You can conveniently control the anchor winch with the wireless remote control or by the sealed membrane switch at the unit’s body.

Apart from the auto-deploy button, the membrane switch is also integrated with up and down buttons for manual lowering and raising the anchor.  

The integrated davit is designed to extend further over the side of the boat. It stows the anchor horizontally to ensure the anchor doesn’t swing. 

The 100-foot anchor rope is pre-wound for ease of use and double-braided for strength, elasticity, flexibility, and durability. 


  • Auto-deploy feature allows for effortless operation
  • The wireless remote is convenient to operate from different positions 
  • The membrane switch allows for effective manual control 
  • The pre-wound anchor rope allows for easy deployment 
  • The integrated davit can be extended for added versatility 


  • It is possible to get a model with a defective motor
  • No free-fall release


The auto-deploy feature and the wireless remote will make your life much easier, especially when stealth fishing for walleye or bass. 

Trac Outdoor Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch 

Have you been looking for carefree anchor deployment for your pontoon boat? Look no further than the Pontoon 35 from Trac Outdoor. 

Key Features 

  • Horizontal style winch 
  • 35-pound anchor capacity 
  • 100 feet of 3/16-inch anchor rope 
  • 24-foot boat length 
  • ABS construction with powder-coated steel frame 

This anchor winch has a horizontal design, which is great because it is effortless to mount and helps prevent swinging of the anchor. 

It can hold as well as retrieve anchors that weigh up to 35 pounds, making it ideal for boats that are up to twenty-four feet long. You have a suitably large rode size of 100 feet of 3/16 inches.

The anchor rope is braided for strength and pre-wound for quick and easy deployment and retrieval.

It has superior rope speed for both down and up movements with a maximum pull of one hundred pounds. 

The 12-volt gear motor is highly efficient and will consume less power.

The auto-reset circuit breaker ensures you’ve got a continuous operation in DC. The marine-grade 14-gauge tinned battery wire is highly rust and corrosion-resistant. 

The sealed membrane switch, on the other hand, allows for effortless up and down control.

You’ve got arrow-shaped buttons, one pointing up and the other one pointing down for ease of use.

The Pontoon 35 has an integrated davit, which is great because it extends further over the boat’s side.

The roller of the davit must be installed in the center and line with the rope spool.

The davit of the anchor must be located at the edge of the deck so that the roller extends over the edge and allows the anchor to clear the deck when it is docked.  


  • The horizontal style prevents the anchor from swinging
  • The auto-reset circuit breaker maintains continuous operation
  • The sealed membrane switch is super easy to operate
  • The pre-wound rope makes deployment and retrieval easy 
  • Instruction manual and mounting gear included 


  • Possible quality control issues with the motor design 


Although it lacks an auto-deploy feature, the Pontoon 35 has proven to be an effective winch for anchors weighing up to 35 pounds. 

MinnKota 25 Deckhand Electric Anchor Winch 

The MinnKota Deckhand 25 is a great electric anchor winch for small fishing boats.

It comes pre-spooled with sixty feet of eight-hundred-pound test nylon rope. 

Key Features 

  • 25-pound anchor capacity 
  • Sixty feet of 800-pound test rope 
  • Integrated stow and deploy switch 
  • Automatic drift 
  • Anti-drag system 

It comes pre-spooled with a sixty feet nylon rope of an eight-hundred-pound test.

The rope has superior chafe-resistance, elasticity, and flexibility. It is also resistant to rust, corrosion, mildew, and rot. 

The heavy-duty motor runs on a twelve-volt battery, and it is highly power efficient.

It lowers and raises a 25-pound anchor automatically with a single touch of a button.

You’ve got an anti-drag system that senses when the anchor has touched the bottom of the lake or river for controlled drifting.   

This model comes with a separated davit that is uniquely designed for stowing different styles of anchors.

You can conveniently mount the davit in the remote position or at the DeckHand base. 


  • It automatically lowers and raises the anchor 
  • The davit can be mounted in the remote position or at the DeckHand base 
  • The winch automatically stops when the anchor touches the bottom 
  • The motor is highly power-efficient 
  • It is pre-spooled with a heavy-duty rope 


  • The rope is a little bit shorter 
  • It is possible to get a winch with quality control issues 


This is a good option for small boat owners. It is designed to be power efficient and extremely easy to deploy and retrieve. Just make sure you don’t get a model with design issues, though. 

Things to Consider When Looking for Electric Anchor Winches 

There are a few important things you can look for in an electric anchor winch, such as:

Separated or Integrated Davit 

You can choose a model that comes with either an integrated or separated davit.

The one that comes with a separated davit usually gives you a lot of customization.

A model that comes with an integrated davit can also be extended further over the boat’s side. 

Weight-Bearing Capacity 

It would help if you chose a model that can effectively handle the weight of your anchor.

Always consider a model that can handle an anchor weighing at least 40 pounds.

The pre-spooled rope should be long enough (say 100 feet) with a superior pound test. 

Ease of Mounting 

The performance of any electric anchor winch depends mainly on how and where you will mount it. Make sure that the model you choose comes with all the mounting hardware. 

The instructions manual must come with the winch because you always have to consult the instructions for warnings and safety issues before you start drilling holes.

The manual will also help you familiarize yourself with the controls. 

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is MinnKota 40 Deckhand Electric Anchor Winch. This heavy-duty model can effectively handle anchors weighing up to 40 pounds.

The 100-foot pre-spooled nylon rope has a rating of 800-pound test for superior strength and flexibility. It is designed to make boating, navigating, and fishing much easier.  

You can effectively mount the davit horizontally to prevent the anchor from swinging. It comes with all the installation hardware for easy and quick mounting.

You also get an instructions manual that you can consult before mounting to learn any warnings or safety concerns you should be aware of. 


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