The 5 Best Cold Water Wetsuit (2021 Reviews)

The best cold water wetsuit is an invaluable resource for people who love water sports in the winter.

A wetsuit built to survive the harsh realities of the cold in winter will give you the confidence and drive you to need to go out in the cold and enjoy your favorite water-based activity.

With a thickness of 5 or 7 millimeters, you can go surfing, swimming, scuba diving, paddle boarding, among others without shivering.

But here is the thing, finding the best model isn’t exactly a walk in the park. You need to do a little research to find a product that works for you.

On your behalf, we found five products that are built to excel in the cold waters.

Top Pick 

Bare Elastek Full Suit Men’s Cold Weather Wetsuit is our top pick. This premium quality wetsuit has a thickness of 7 mm, which is exactly what you need in the unforgiving winter.

It features a double-glued construction with secure-lock seams for maximum heat retention. You’ve also got a whole bunch of high-quality features that will keep you safe in the cold water.

Here are Our Best Cold Water Wetsuit Reviews

Bare Elastek Full Suit Men’s Cold Weather Wetsuit 

Whether your next expedition on the water is scuba diving or surfing, the cold weather will not stop you if you have the Bare Elastek with you.

Key Features 

  • 100 percent stretch neoprene
  • 7 mm thickness
  • Reinforced knee pads
  • Glideseal neck seal
  • Large size map

The most impressive feature of this cold weather wetsuit is its anatomically correct design. This means it is not two pieces of neoprene just stitched together but rather form-fitted to the human body.

You will notice that you have the forearm, upper arm, and elbow area designed to stretch as a unit in the arm area. At the leg, you will find that it is shaped for the calf and the thigh area.

All these provide a very comfortable, warm suit.

The Bare Elastek has an elastic stretch to it, which is great because it is effortless to put on and off. We truly appreciate the glide skin in the neck, wrist, and ankle areas that allow for a superior skin-to-suit fit.

The glide skin also prevents flushing and water movement through the suit, making it warmer and more comfortable.

You’ve got heavy-duty knee pads that are very pliable, comfortable, and durable to help keep the knees in good shape.

Another great feature of this suit is the double glued secure lock seams, allowing it to be both air and watertight.


  • It is anatomically correct to contour to the human body
  • At seven millimeters, the suit is super thick for maximum insulation
  • Glide skin forms a watertight seal with your skin
  • The knee pads are pliable, comfortable, and durable
  • The construction is double glued and has a secure lock


  • The Bare Elastek comes in limited color options


  • This seven-millimeter thick suit is armed to the collar with all the features you need when exploring colder waters.

Scubapro Men’s EverFlex Steamer 7 MM Wetsuit 

The cold winter waters will not stop you from scuba diving, thanks to the Men’s EverFlex Steamer Full Wetsuit from Scubapro.

Key Features 

  • 100 percent stretch neoprene
  • Pure design concept
  • Diamond span inner lining
  • Diagonal rear YKK zipper
  • Double-blind stitched

The Men’s EverFlex Steamer features a pure design concept, which is great because it offers superior fit as well as freedom of movement compared to conventional designs.

The suit is made from 100 percent stretch EverFlex neoprene that offers unmatched thermal protection against the winter cold waters. This model features a double-blind stitched construction.

This means that it was first assembled with a water-based aqua glue for strength and waterproofness and then blind-stitched for durability.

The good thing about the blind stitch is that it doesn’t puncture the neoprene.

You’ve got multi-thickness panels (7/5 mm) on the suit for a great combination of flexibility and warmth.

The core is reinforced with seven-millimeter neoprene for steaming your body, while the arms, shoulders, and legs have five-millimeter neoprene for added flexibility.

On the inside of this incredible suit, you’ve got a diamond span inner lining that has the superior water-draining capability for improving cold-water protection.

You’ve also got a second lining that does a good job of enhancing stretch for easy donning and doffing.

You will appreciate the design of the diagonal rear YKK zipper, considering that it offers unmatched long-term durability in terms of corrosion resistance.

The compression-molded zipper spine pad, on the other hand, reduces water entry.


  • The pure design concept improves fit and freedom of movement
  • The double-blind stitched construction offers superior thermal protection
  • Multi-thickness panels provide great warmth and flexibility
  • Two inner linings make the suit warmer and easy to put on
  • The YKK zipper is extremely durable and water-resistant


  • It is only available in one color, which limits your options


  • The Men’s EverFlex is built to last, stretchy, and extremely comfortable. We just wish they could provide it in many color options for preference.

ZCCO Men’s 5 MM Premium Neoprene Wetsuit 

Whether you plan to go for cold water scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, or canoeing, this men’s 5 mm wetsuit from ZCCO will keep you well-protected.

Key Features 

  • 100 percent stretch neoprene
  • Front zipper opening
  • Glide skin neckline
  • Reinforced knee padding
  • It is anatomically correct and stretchy

This is a full-length cold water wetsuit with graduated thickness. So, you’ve got five millimeters in your core for superior thermal protection, and then it thins out towards the joints to give you added flexibility.

The ZCCO has a front entry offset zip design. So, the zipper comes off to one side and then goes all the way down to your crotch to give you a nice big opening to get in and out of the wetsuit.

Around your neck, you have a Velcro custom closure that seals around your neck for a custom fit.

The neckline is fitted with a glide-seal skin material that seals against your skin to prevent the water from getting in and out of the suit.

Inside the wetsuit, you have a flush guard material underneath the zipper, which has double glide skin materials (one on the inside and the other one on the outside).

Those skin materials seal against themselves to prevent flushing when you jump into the water for the first time.

On the inside, you’ve got a heavy-duty thermal lining that is very effective at trapping water, slowing it down, and holding it against your skin. It is nice and soft and very comfortable against the skin.

Moving down the arms, you’ve got reinforced elbows for reduced wear and tear. Inside the cuffs, you have the glide skin material that will seal against your wrists to prevent water from getting into the suit.

The knees are reinforced with strong nylon pads to slow down wear and tear. The ankle cuffs are also fitted with a glide skin material that seals against your legs to slow water from getting into the suit.


  • The suit is anatomically correct to fit naturally
  • The offset front zipper is ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • The neckline and the cuffs have glide skin material for preventing flushing
  • The lumbar area has a seamless design for superior flexibility
  • The high-stress areas are padded for added durability


  • Some places appear to be poorly stitched
  • The front zipper design may not be ideal for some people


  • This wetsuit comes with generous sizing, which makes it highly versatile. The chest and back areas are uniquely designed for maximum thermal protection.

Hevto Men Women Guardian II Wetsuit 

The Hevto Guardian II will keep you extra warm when scuba diving, swimming, surfing, or snorkeling in cold water. It is a great unisex wetsuit.

Key Features 

  • 100 percent stretch neoprene
  • 5/3 mm thickness
  • Back zip design
  • Warm, stretchy performance

GBS seaming

This high-performance wetsuit from Hevto features multi-thickness panels.

The core is five-millimeter thick for superior warmth and thermal protection, while the shoulders, arms, and legs are three-millimeter thick for enhanced flexibility.

The suit is made of one hundred percent stretch neoprene for high-performance, flexibility, and durability.

You’ve got a four-way stretch fabric that does not only increase ductility, but also the comfort level in cold water. The knee pads are strengthened with Ottoman fabric to reduce wear and tear.

You will appreciate the unbroken loop fabric and GBS seaming, considering how effective they are at the cold-resistance performance.

The neckline, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs are equipped with a glide skin material for slowing down water entry.

The material achieves this by creating a seal between the suit and your skin. This will ensure you don’t experience flushing when you jump into the water.

It comes with a very durable and ergonomic back zipper closure system. Apart from gliding smoothly, the zipper has a convenient loop the makes self-doffing extremely easy.

Not to mention that the suit is anatomically shaped to contour with your body.


  • The four-way stretch fabric offers superior flexibility and comfort
  • High-stress areas are reinforced for added protection and durability
  • It is anatomically shaped to contour to your body effortlessly
  • Several sizes are available for both men and women
  • Glide skin material on the openings help prevent flushing


  • Some of the models may arrive with poorly designed seams

Synergy Endorphin Women’s Triathlon 5/3 MM Wetsuit 

This is a high-performance 5/3 mm full sleeve wetsuit designed to provide great flotation, flexibility, and speed at an outstanding value.

Key Features 

  • Hydrodynamic neoprene
  • 5/3 mm thickness
  • Anti-chafing dual-smooth skin
  • 680 percent flexibility
  • Non-corrosive YKK back zipper

This amazing women’s wetsuit comes in many different sizes to ensure a snug, perfect fit. The suit has received several awards from LAVA Magazine and Triathlete Magazine.

It is made of heavy-duty neoprene.

You’ve got 5 mm neoprene in the core for maximum warmth and buoyancy, 2 mm neoprene in the shoulders and arms for superior flexibility, and 3 mm neoprene in the back and lower legs for warmth and flexibility.

We truly appreciate the six hundred and eighty percent flexibility this suit offers overall.

The collar comes equipped with adjustable Velcro closure for added customization. You can also have the Velcro tab out of the way without damaging the smooth parts of the fabric when putting the suit on or off.

The neckline is equipped with an anti-chafing dual-smooth skin that creates a seal between you and the suit to prevent flushing and improve warmth.

The YKK back zipper is completely non-corrosive and highly ergonomic because it glides smoothly for easy opening and closure. Right below the zipper, you’ve got a bio-align panel that provides superior support.

The joints, on the other hand, are heat taped for added strength and durability. You’ve also got heel speed cuts on the legs for a faster transition.


  • It is an award-winning cold water wetsuit for triathletes
  • It offers superior buoyancy and unmatched warmth
  • The adjustable Velcro closure system allows for great customization
  • The dual-smooth skin is anti-chafing and anti-flushing
  • The YKK zipper is easy to glide and corrosion-resistant


  • Some models may come with unraveled seams
  • The brand’s customer service may not be the most satisfactory


  • As long as you receive a model with no design issues, Endorphin is the ideal choice for all levels of ability in cold water.

Things to Look for in Cold Water Wetsuits 

Here are the key important things to remember during your search.

Heavy-Duty Construction 

Exploring your favorite water sports activities in cold waters requires you to be armed to the teeth with the ideal wetsuit construction for maximum thermal protection and flexibility.

We recommend a neoprene thickness level of not less than 5/3 mm for a hybrid design and 5 mm for a single thickness design.

You have to maximize thermal protection in the core of the suit and get optimal warmth in the arms, shoulders, and lower legs without sacrificing stretch and flexibility.

You are absolutely going to need a wetsuit that has taped seals and seams to enhance heat retention.

Size and Fit 

You want a wetsuit size that fits snugly and fitted to your body. A suit with such specifications will fit comfortably and will not have unregulated pockets of air and water.

Almost every brand of cold water wetsuits provides a sizing chart. You would want to use your height and weight to determine the ideal fit on the sizing chart.

But in some rare cases, the advertised sizes may not fit snugly and comfortably as you would have expected.

Some sizes may run small or large. So, you also want to consider a brand that would easily allow for a return in case you want to switch sizes to get that perfect fit.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Bare Elastek Full Suit Men’s Cold Weather Wetsuit.

This 7 mm thick model has all the features you need in a cold water wetsuit. It uses the latest technologies in neoprene laminates to deliver unmatched thermal protection with unrestricted stretch.

The wetsuit is available in multiple sizes to provide a snug and comfortable fit. The construction is double-glued with outstanding secure-lock seals and seams that retain all the warmth.

The contoured glide-seal collar with an ergonomic Velcro system prevents flushing.


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