Best Bodyboards (2021 Reviews)

Your fun watersport for this year should be bodyboarding. 

It is an extreme sport that is more versatile than surfing. Lying on the board in a prone position, you can do epic maneuvers like drop knee riding, cutback, front and backflips, air roll spins, and bottom turn. All you need is a high-quality bodyboard. 

Finding the best bodyboards, however, may not be easy for new bodyboarders. So, in our best selections, we have considered all the key features a high performing bodyboard should have.    

Top Pick 

The Chef PP Bodyboard is our top pick. This new release has taken the bodyboarding community by surprise with its impressive design features.

It has a high weight limit of up to two hundred pounds. Not to mention that it is available in three different sizes and four unique color options. 

Here are Our Best Bodyboards Reviews: 

  • The Chief PP Bodyboard – Our Top Pick
  • Universal Imperium Loggerhead Bodyboard
  • Woowave Super Lightweight Bodyboard
  • GYN Trade Legendary Pro X Bodyboard
  • Bo-Toys Lightweight Bodyboard 

The Chief PP Bodyboard 

This high performing board is designed to bring high-performance bodyboarding to riders weighing up to two hundred pounds. 


  • Polypropylene core 
  • Two stringers
  • 60/40 crescent tail
  • Surlyn slick bottom
  • Gripping finger bulbs 

The core of this high performing model is made of polypropylene, which is great because this material is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. 

It makes the rails of the board sit a little bit lower on the water to improve maneuverability. This unique core design is also suitable for bodyboarding in choppy conditions. 

The Surlyn slick bottom with an integrated mesh has exceptional elastic properties, which improve the board’s responsiveness and recovery from flexing. The Surlyn slick enhances the board’s longevity by preventing creases.     

You’ve got two A-grade stringers along with a layer of mesh to reinforce the PU core as well as give it a more rock-solid flex profile. This allows you to do cutbacks, bottom turns, and 360 reverse turns with ease when trying to control speed. 

It comes equipped with a 60/40 crescent tail that’s a great addition for those who like to do a lot of drop knee riding. Another good addition to this board is the finger bulbs that provide superior gripping. 


  • The PU core is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant 
  • It is a great design for riding in choppy conditions 
  • The Surlyn slick bottom enhances the board’s responsiveness 
  • A-grade stringers provide a rock-solid flex profile 
  • The innovatively designed crescent tail makes drop knee riding easy 


  • The PU material is not environmentally friendly 
  • Limited size options are provided 


This bodyboard has every bit the high-tech construction and design of any high-end model. It’s a new release that has taken the market by surprise with its unique design and performance. 

Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0

Universal Imperium Loggerhead Bodyboard 

Have you been looking for a bodyboard that is not only lightweight but also durable? Look no further than Loggerhead from Universal Imperium. 


  • Lightweight EPS core 
  • XPE deck foam 
  • Slick PP foam bottom 
  • Crescent tail design 
  • Unisex turtle design 

The Loggerhead’s core is made of lightweight EPS material, which gives the board superior strength to weight ratio. The material also gives this board exceptional buoyancy and maneuverability. 

On the other hand, the deck is made of XPE foam, which is good because this material provides superior comfort and helps with extra shock absorption in choppy conditions.

The XPE foam also makes the board more buoyant. You’ve got a slick PP foam bottom that strengthens the core for added durability. 

If you are a drop knee rider, you will truly appreciate the uniquely designed crescent tail of this board.

It has less contact with the wave face, increasing the board’s fluidity inshore breaks, close-out, and barreling conditions. 

The PP bottom has two channels, which is great because they provide superior water channeling for enhanced directional control and movement. This allows for freer maneuvers and easy turns. 

The rails, on the other hand, have a rounder profile to provide superior maneuverability.  


  • The lightweight EPS core offers superior strength to weight ratio 
  • The XPE foam deck increases buoyancy and shock absorption 
  • Rounder rails improve the board’s maneuverability 
  • The crescent tail makes drop knee riding remarkably easy 
  • You’ve got three color options to choose from 


  • Could have a better flex profile if it had A-grade stringers
  • It is available n limited size options


This model is engineered to last with its EPS cored, XPE deck, and PP slick bottom. The two channels at the bottom and the unique crescent tail allow for better maneuverability. 

Overall Rating: 4.8/5 

Woowave Super Lightweight Bodyboard 

This is a perfect bodyboard for kids, teenagers, and adults. It is available in three eye-catching bodyboarding colors. 


  • Heavy-duty EPS core 
  • Slick bottom 
  • Crescent tail design 
  • 60/40 rails 
  • Available in three different sizes 

The Woowave comes with a heavy-duty EPS core that is lightweight, strong, and very durable. This material makes the board more buoyant, easy to maneuver, and easy to catch waves. 

At the bottom of the Woowave, you’ve got a slick material that improves the performance features of the board.

Not only does the slick bottom add strength to this bodyboard it also offers a resistance-free riding experience. Not to mention that it improves water channeling, maneuverability, and speed during wave-catching. 

You’ve got 60/40 rails on this board, making it the best choice for riding steep faces in bigger waves because the rails offer superior control and maneuverability. 

The crescent tail design, on the other hand, improves drop knee riding performance. 

We truly like the Woowave because there are three different sizes for three different rider weights. 

Kids can ride the 33-inch model that supports up to 65 pounds, teens can ride the 36-inch design that supports up to 120 pounds, and adults can ride the 41-inch model that supports up to 188 pounds.    


  • Available in 33, 36, and 41-inch sizes for added versatility 
  • The EPS core is lightweight, buoyant, and easy to maneuver 
  • The slick bottom adds strength and provides resistance-free riding 
  • 60/40 rail design makes riding bigger waves easier 
  • Drop knee riding made easy with the crescent tail design 


  • Some models may come without the swim fins tethers and leash 
  • The blue dye may bleed-off 


This board is truly designed for high bodyboarding performance with its HDPE slick bottom, EPS core, 60/40 rails, and crescent tail design. 

Overall Rating: 4.4/5   

GYN Trade Legendary Pro X Bodyboard 

The Legendary Pro X Bodyboard is not only designed to be aesthetically appealing but also high performing and long-lasting. 


  • Heat-sealed construction 
  • Hard, slick bottom
  • Bat tail design 
  • Available in 33, 42, 37, 41, and 45-inch sizes 
  • Seven color options available 

Unlike conventional bodyboard constructions that are usually glued, the Legendary Pro X comes with a heat-sealed design. The heat-sealed layers are stiffer, stronger, and highly durable. 

At sixteen inches wide and two inches thick, this board provides exceptional buoyancy and floatation, allowing for easy control and maneuverability.

This model is 33 inches long, which is the standard size for many bodyboarders. But you can always size up by choosing a 37, 41, 42, or 45-inch size. 

It has a hard and lightweight slick bottom, which is great because it improves the board’s strength and performance.

The slick bottom also offers a resistance-free bodyboarding experience with enhanced maneuverability and speed. 

You’ve got a bat tail design on this board that provides a wider foam area, increasing the overall volume for better buoyancy and floatation.

Unlike the crescent tail, the bat design has increased contact with the face of the wave for spinning and backflipping.

And if the checkered color isn’t appealing, you can always choose a more attractive color from the nine available options. 


  • Heat-sealed for better stiffness, strength, and durability 
  • Provides optimum buoyancy, floatation, and maneuverability 
  • It is available in several sizes and color options 
  • Slick bottom reinforces the core and enhances control 
  • Bat tail design offers more contact with the wave for backflipping 


  • It’s possible to get a model with quality control issues 
  • The provided safety leash isn’t of the best quality 


The board is very sturdy, and performance wonders on the water. But be on the lookout for models with quality issues. 

Overall Rating: 4.4/5  

Bo-Toys Lightweight Bodyboard 

Have you been looking for a good value bodyboard for your teenage son or daughter? Look no further than Bo-Toys Lightweight Bodyboard. 


  • EPS core 
  • Heat lamination technology 
  • Superslick HDPE bottom
  • 60/40 rails 
  • Available in 33 and 41-inch sizes

The Bo-Toys core is made of expanded polystyrene, which is good because the material is lightweight and stiff.

It provides the perfect platform for chasing waves and riding them to the beach while performing several bodyboarding maneuvers.

The core is heat-laminated, which means the layers are greatly bonded for unmatched stiffness and strength. This ensures the board doesn’t bubble. 

At the bottom of the Bo-Toys, you’ve got a high-quality, superslick HDPE that makes the board stronger and smoother to ride.

The slick bottom is integrated with two channels near the tail to improve maneuverability and to turn performance. The dual-channel design makes the board great for heavier riders. 

You’ve got a 60/40 rail design that allows you superior control over bigger and more powerful waves. This rail design allows you to cut back on a wave with a nice shoulder.

It also makes the bottom turns a breeze to maneuver. 


  • The rail design provides a smooth riding surface and maneuverability 
  • The heat-laminated EPS core is super stiff, strong, and durable 
  • Superslick HDPE bottom adds strength and channeling performance 
  • The crescent tail makes drop knee bodyboarding a breeze 
  • Its wider width offers more volume and superior buoyancy 


  • It is slightly overpriced when compared to similar products 
  • The available wrist strap is of low quality and not long-lasting 


This is a great bodyboard for the money. But it can come with low-quality accessories that will give you short-term service. 

Overall Rating: 4.3/5  

Things to Consider When Looking for Bodyboards 

Here are the key factors to take into consideration:  

Choose the Right Size 

It would help if you chose a board that stretches up to your belly button when you stand upright.

When you lie in a prone position on your bodyboard, the nose of the board should be on your chin, and the tail near your knees. You can also check the manufacturer’s sizing chart for more recommendations. 

Choose a High Performing Core

The performance of a bodyboard depends mainly on the core material.

The most popular core materials you can consider are polyethylene, polypropylene, dual-core polyethylene or polypropylene, low-density polypropylene, and expanded polystyrene. 

Always consider a strong, lightweight, and flexible core. We recommend boards with two or more stringers for added strength and flexing when turning. Stringers also help prevent the board from snapping. 

Crescent Vs. Bat Tail Designs 

You can consider several types of tails when looking for a new bodyboard, but the most common types are bat and crescent tails

With a crescent tail, the board has less contact with the water, which is great because it offers a smoother ride and superior board stability.

It is also the best tail design for drop knee bodyboarding because it holds pretty well on the wave as you do your epic maneuvers. 

With a bat tail, you’ve got more volume and floatation, especially towards the back of the board. This design increases speed when riding slow waves. A bat tail is a great choice for a prone rider.  

Final Thoughts

For this roundup, the winner is The Chief PP Bodyboard. This creatively designed board is extremely durable, thanks to the polypropylene blank.

The core is reinforced with two stringers to improve its strength and flexing. The slick Surlyn bottom with mesh enhances the performance attributes of the bodyboard. 

The board is exceptional for riding choppy waves and descending the crest of a tall wave. The unique crescent tail design redirects water flow, and it works for every type of bodyboarding style.

It can support heavier riders weighing up to two hundred pounds. Not to mention that it has ergonomically designed finger bulbs for superior gripping.


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