Best Anchors for Pontoon Boats (2021 Reviews)

Your pontoon boat’s engine can get you to beautiful places, but it is your boat anchor that will allow you to stay there. 

The best anchor for a pontoon boat needs to perform several things. It must dig into the bottom when a pull is first applied and present as much surface area as possible to the bottom to resist movement under load.

Choosing a model that is ideal for your pontoon boat may require you to do a little research. 

So, in our top five selections, we have considered all the important features you have been looking for. 

Top Pick 

WindRider Pontoon Boat Anchor is our top pick. This is a fluke type anchor that is recommended for 20 to 32 feet long pontoon boats.

The anchor comes as a ready to launch kit that is easy to use. The flukes dig into mud and sand at an angle to provide superior holding power.

You even have a recovery hole for retrieving the anchor when it gets stuck in the bottom. 

Here are Our Best Anchors for a Pontoon Boat Reviews: 

  1. WindRider Pontoon Boat Anchor – Our Top Pick
  2. Seachoice Deluxe Pontoon Boat Anchor
  3. Marine Now Deluxe Portable Anchor
  4. Marine Now Black Mushroom Anchor
  5. Fortress FX-7 Marine Anchor

WindRider Pontoon Boat Anchor 

This incredible model from WindRider is a perfect plug and play for anchoring pontoon boats. It comes complete with a chain, shackles, and rope. 

Key Features: 

  • 18 to 32-foot pontoon boats 
  • Weigh 13 pounds
  • 8-foot chain
  • 100-foot of 3/8 in rope 
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel  

This high-quality anchor is recommended for pontoon boats that range in length from eighteen to thirty-two feet.

You get ready to launch a kit that only requires you to plug and play. You shouldn’t be worried about drilling a hole or splicing the line.  

It is a fluke style anchor, which is great because it articulates and digs into the sand and mud bottom. This ensures that the anchor is properly secured at the bottom.

But we advise you to give the flukes time to burry into the ground. 

You’ve got a predrilled recovery hole that is also galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion. This hole makes it easy for you to retrieve the anchor when it gets stuck.

We truly appreciate the fact that the anchor is hot-dipped galvanized because it helps extend its durability even in saltwater.     


  • It is a convenient choice for most pontoon boats 
  • Come as a ready to launch anchor kit 
  • It digs deep into the mud and sand for superior holding power 
  • Predrilled hole makes recovering the anchor super easy 
  • Hot-dip galvanized to improve rust and corrosion resistance 


  • It may fail to come with an instructions manual 
  • Some models may come without a predrilled recovery hole 


The WindRider is a great anchor for pontoon boats. Its plug and play design is extremely user-friendly. Just make sure you don’t receive a model with issues. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Seachoice Deluxe Pontoon Boat Anchor 

If the length of your pontoon boat ranges between 17 and 24 feet, then the Seachoice Deluxe is what you should be looking for. 

Key Features:

  • 17 to 24-foot boats 
  • Wide flukes 
  • Nylon rope anchor line 
  • Muddy and sandy bottom 

The anchor comes equipped with heavy-duty flukes that are 11-3/4 inches long. They are uniquely designed to dig into loose gravel, mud, or sand effortlessly.

They get buried deep enough for superior weight to holding power ratio. All you have to do is put your boat in reverse for the flukes to dig deeper. 

You’ve got a nylon rope anchor line, which is great because it is one of the strongest rope fibers. It has a high stretching factor, dynamic load application, and shock absorption.

The nylon rope also has high resistance against chemical exposure, rust, rot, UV rays, and abrasion. 

The kit comes with a heavy-duty lead chain, which does a good job of adding weight to the anchor’s shank. This provides a superior bite or dig into the bottom of the water.

The chain is hot-dip galvanized to help prevent rust and corrosion.  


  • It is a great choice for muddy and sandy bottoms
  • Wide, long flukes bite deeply into the bottom 
  • The anchor line is elastic, stretchy, and resistant to destructive jerking 
  • The lead chain adds weight to improve anchoring performance 
  • Have a great weight to holding power ratio 


  • Some models may come with cheap coating and sloppy welds
  • It is not recommended for rocky bottoms


This model offers superior anchoring for the money. You no longer have to worry about destructive jerking thanks to the elastic and stretchy anchor line. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Marine Now Deluxe Portable Anchor 

The Marine Now Deluxe is a decent option for a helmsman who wants to keep his pontoon boat anchored in a lake or ocean with a modest design. 

Key Features: 

  • Hot-dipped galvanized flukes 
  • Nylon anchor line 
  • Stainless steel rope thimble 
  • 17 to 25 feet long boats 
  • Long stock length 

Its drop forged flukes effectively dig and bite into sand and mud debris after just a few feet of drag from natural water movement. Once hooked into the bottom, the flukes hold firmly and securely. 

The kit comes with a sturdy galvanized anchor chain that is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

The chain adds weight to the shank for better anchoring, but you can remove the chain and just use the anchor rope. You’ve got super strong shackles with a superior breaking strength. 

The anchor comes with a high-quality nylon rope, which is great because it is super strong, stretchy, and elastic. It has exceptional breaking resistance compared to conventional anchor rope materials. 

The strong shank provides the much-needed weight to force the flukes to dig deep into sand or mud.

The sturdy stock makes sure that the arms of the anchor rest vertically on the bottom to provide superior holding power. 


  • Hot-dipped galvanized parts have great rust resistance 
  • The flukes dig deeper into the sandy or muddy bottom 
  • The sturdy stock helps increase the holding power of the anchor
  • Lead chain ensure a horizontal pull and prevent chafe at the bottom 
  • The nylon rope is highly stretchable, elastic, and strong 


  • Some models may come with very sharp edges 
  • You may get an excessively long stock on some models 


This anchor is a great choice for a twenty-four-foot pontoon boat. It offers exceptional holding power without chafing at the bottom. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Marine Now Black Mushroom Anchor 

The Marine Now Black Mushroom will securely dig into mud or sand at the bottom of most lakes and rivers, making it a great choice for pontoon boat owners. 

Key Features: 

  • Vinyl coated 
  • 8 to 30-pound sizes 
  • Up to 25-foot boat size
  • Durable cast iron construction 
  • Strong steel eye 

This is an ideal mushroom anchor for pontoon boats up to twenty-five feet long. They are highly efficient in rivers and lakes. It is the perfect choice for fishing along the riverbed. 

When you drop this anchor into the water, it runs with the river instead of hooking into the bottom. So, it allows you to fish and maintain the ideal speed as you catch fish from your pontoon boat. 

It features a durable cast iron construction bowl-shaped head (with three arms) fastened to a forged shank. The heavy-duty steel eye allows you to attach an anchor line or rope easily. 

The anchor is vinyl coated, which is great because the coating protects it from the harsh environment. You can also store it in your vessel without worrying about ding and dents. 

The adhesive around it ensures that the metal inside the anchor stays intact. 


  • The vinyl coating protects it against harsh underwater environment 
  • Excellent holding power in muddy bottoms and riverbed 
  • Moves slowly on the riverbed, allowing you to fish efficiently 
  • Large steel eye allows for easy connection of an anchor chain or rope
  • A great choice for mooring a pontoon boat 


It is not a suitable choice for rocky bottoms 


Have you been looking for a suitable anchor for fishing along the riverbed? Look no further than this great model from Marine Now. 

Overall Rating: 4.6 

Fortress FX-7 Marine Anchor 

This hardened, rust-proof, high-tech aluminum and magnesium alloy anchor is innovatively engineered to offer the best anchoring performance in muddy and sandy bottoms. 

Key Features: 

  • 16 to27 feet boat length 
  • Anodized aluminum alloy 
  • Pivoting fluke design 
  • Rust-proof coil chain
  • Heavy-duty nylon rope

This pontoon boat anchor has many advantages over conventional steel anchors. It is fifty percent lighter, and when disassembled, it fits into a small bag that can be stowed almost anywhere in the vessel. 

The Fortress FX-7 is remarkably quick and easy to assemble, making it a great choice for first-time users. It uses the Danforth style design that has been proven time and again to have exceptional holding power. 

The anchor features aluminum-magnesium alloy construction without welds that would otherwise weaken the metal.

You’ve got two adjustable shank angles at 45° for muddy bottoms and 32° for both sandy and muddy bottoms.  

This high performing model has a superior working load of seven hundred pounds.

When hooked at thirty-two degrees in a sandy bottom, the anchor offers an outstanding holding power of two thousand eight hundred pounds.

When hooked at forty-five degrees in a muddy bottom, it delivers a strong holding power of eight hundred and forty pounds.

At thirty-two degrees in a muddy bottom, the anchor provides a holding power of up to four hundred and twenty pounds. 

We also appreciate the anodized, precisely machined, interlocking components, considering that they are nonmagnetic, corrosion-resistant, and easy to put together. 


  • It is made of high-quality material for long-lasting durability 
  • Have two adjustable shank angles for added versatility 
  • The aluminum-magnesium alloy construction doesn’t contain welds
  • Deliver a strong holding power at thirty-two degrees in a sandy bottom 
  • Anodized and precisely machined components are corrosion resistant 


  • The brand’s customer service isn’t the most reliable 
  • The bolted design isn’t as strong as the welded ones 


This uniquely designed anchor will hold pontoon boats up to twenty-seven feet long. And it will resist rust and corrosion effectively. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Things to Consider When Looking for Anchors for Pontoon Boats 

Choosing an anchor for your pontoon boat can be an easy proposition if you take into account the following factors during your search. 

Types of Pontoon Boat Anchors 

The most popular types of anchors you can consider are: 

Fluke Anchor 

This type of anchor is made up of two pivoting flukes, a shank, a stock, a crown, a tripping ring, a lead chain, and an anchor line. It is one of the lightweight types on the market. 

A fluke anchor offers superior holding power by burying itself into muddy or sandy bottoms.

The most advanced fluke anchors come equipped with adjustable shanks for different holding angles, usually 32° and 45°.

However, this type of anchor has poor holding ability on clay, grassy, rocky, coral, and gravel bottoms. 

Mushroom Anchor 

This type of anchor is made up of a thick shank and a bowl-shaped head with either holes or three arms. It is a great choice for small pontoon boats.

Mushroom anchors are usually vinyl coated for added durability. The coating also ensures the anchor will not scratch your boat when you bring it on board for storage.

Mushroom anchors are great for use on a riverbed when fishing from a pontoon boat. 

Fisherman Anchor 

Another good choice for pontoon boats is a fisherman anchor. This type of anchor is made up of diamond-shaped flukes, a shank, a stock, and an anchor chain or line. 

A fisherman anchor works efficiently as a rock pick. But it must be large and heavy to be most effective. The best thing about this anchor is that it can penetrate and hold in rocks, gravel, and weed.

If it should fall on its side, the stock upsets the anchor to its proper position. The harder the pull on the chain, the more the fluke digs in until it is buried up to the crown. 

What is the Condition of the Bottom?

If you have known the best ideal types of anchors considered for your pontoon boat, the next important consideration is the bottom type.

In most cases, pontoon boats are sailed in rivers, lakes, and seas with muddy or sandy bottoms.

If that is the case, then the best option of anchors can either be fluke or mushroom.

But for a grassy or rocky bottom, you will be better off with a fisherman anchor.    

What Size Anchor Do I need? 

Once there was a popular rule of thumb that stated one pound of anchor for every foot of boat.

In our experience and given the modern anchor constructions, this rule may be overkill. Instead, use the manufacturer’s recommended sizing, which is normally presented in a range.

Look for anchors that are rated for boats ranging in length from seventeen to thirty feet.  

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is WindRider Pontoon Boat Anchor.

This heavy-duty fluke anchor comes with a ready to launch kit with all the major components connected except for the lead chain and the anchor line.

It is a great choice for pontoon boats that range in length from twenty to thirty-two feet long. 

The flukes are innovatively designed to hook into sand or mud at an angle to deliver the strongest holding power. You’ve got a predrilled recovery hole for easy retrieval of the anchor.

The lead chain is galvanized for superior corrosion resistance.

The nylon anchor line is solid, elastic, and stretchable.  


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