The 5 Best 4 Person Towable Tube in 2021

Towing a flatten tube behind the boat is great fun. And the fun will increase some folds more if it’s possible to go riding with four people at a time. Yes, it’s entirely possible as there are lots of towable tubes that can accommodate four people.

But, the twist is that all of the products have no made equally with high-quality material. That’s why you can be a bit confused when you’re in the market to buy one of them.

Don’t fret, we have done your job with in-depth research. So, you’re all set to just choose any one from the below list to get most of the tubing experience. Well, let’s start going through the entire content.

Top 5 Best Four Person Towable Tube

1. Sportsstuff Bandwagon 4-Person Towable Tube for Boating

The Bandwagon of Sportsstuff is a towable tube suitable for 4-person. It features a design of a reduced dragging nose that allows easy towing.

Also, it eliminates nose plunging at startup. Because of its ground-breaking new seating collection provides you to be seated backward, forward, lying down, or kneeling.

That means you can do whatever style you prefer to ride. Thanks to two plus two seating arrangement, it’s easy to go for riding with the whole gang at the same time. The product also has received lots of positive reviews from many happy users across the world.

The most significant thought needs to be the protection of the users being pulled when the artists of the tube are only a single huge reason to purchase. As it’s simple to clashes with heads of the people use it while towing, it has designed separately to avoid this issue.

With every rider getting the right quantity of space separately, you get two passengers at the front side and two more at its backside. As you can see it in the image of the product, you can use it in the right same way.

It looks safer than many other tubes right now on the marketplace, while it’ll not eliminate risk. Also, they might sometimes be hard to traverse a typical inflatable tube if you’ve small kids. It’s because this is tough to maintain their head stalled.

The seating arrangement should make sure that they’ve got lots from the ride with this tube that’s more secure than many other models available these days. For these lots of practical features, we highly recommend this tube for our readers.


  • Suitable for watersports & boating
  • Quick & easy connecting rope
  • Durable nylon cover
  • Comfortable EVA padding


  • Poor quality customer service

2. WOW Sports’ WOW World of UTO towable Tube

If you’re fancy of pulling in the lake or seawater using a UFO, the WOW World towable tube is your right fit. You might be surprised to learn it, but this is quite possible with it.

The model is much expensive than many tubes available in the current market because it’s ready to give you more entertainment than them.

It allows you and your partner riders to stand vertically, unlike most other 4-person tubes. As a result, it’s aimed to be enjoyable to see the distance it can last. Apart from standing up, you also can sit and kneel on this tube. But, the most crucial selling tip with it is its standing feature.

The users can side on or a site in the middle of the tube if they’re not braves enough. For EZ tube towing and great riding, while kneeling, standing, and even laying, UTO has designed with a balanced gliding curved drop bottom.

So, it allows you to depend on the outer deck radius as it gets fits about four riders when they decide to kneel, stand, or lay. As it comes with the EVA foam with slip-proof pads, you can choose your preferred, colored arrangement on the outer of the deck.

Thanks to its heavyweight extensive webbed unbreakable tow system, its numerous riding places allow riders to ride sit, stand, or kneel. Also, it comes with a durable cover of full nylon with sturdy zippers.

As a result, it ensures the long-lasting for years with a bit of proper maintenance. As its cockpit is very deep, you and your partners can stand on it with ease. For these handy features, we suggest this item for our readers.


  • Unique design
  • Durable
  • High-quality
  • Larger in size


  • Expensive

3. AIRHEAD Mega Slice Towable Tube

You almost certainly need the Mega Slice of AIRHEAD if you’re seeking something reasonably priced. The tube is as simple as suitable for four people at the same time. We’re just surprised seeing its size and capacity within this price. It seems like an average tube in the images.

But, it’s indeed huge and effortlessly holds up to four people. The strength of the tubes can be something like hit/miss. However, we’ll never face any problem with them, and almost every reviewer has given it positive reviews as well.

Although the product is not higher in quality, as the premium models, it’s excellent in terms of cost, which is almost half of the expensive ones. So, there is no way to hesitate to buy this product as it has the most features that the luxury ones have.

If you’re buying your first big tube as it’s trouble-free to inflate, comes with a fundamental shape, and safe to chose, then it’s most likely the best towable tube to get for you.

Since the tube has built with the pointed gusset, it provides excellent towing characteristics with a more relaxed riding position as well as easy to mount from the remaining water body. Also, it offers peak performance that’s guaranteed with topside neoprene of Mega Slice.

Also, it has made with eight nylon-covered handles plus knuckle guards of neoprene. Because of its 30-gauge PVC made bladder with 840-denier nylon, the tube is as sturdy as long-lasting.

Like other models, this one also comes with a convenient Quick Connect feature. As a result, it allows you simple hook-ups while a Safety Valve of speed controlling for quick inflating and fast deflating.


  • Large platform
  • Simple to board
  • Deluxe handles
  • Easy to mount


  • A bit tough to connect


This Mega Rock Star of AIRHEAD has arrived to save you from the time when you need to vacant the boat to get everybody on your tube.

Although we’re reviewing this item for 4-person, you can board on about SIX people simultaneously. The tube has designed very smartly, which allows it to be extremely reliable.

But, it doesn’t compromise on maintaining aerodynamics that has made it effortless to pull. As the sides curve up, this towable tube can bend into spins well. This tube is an authentic blast for one to six riders, while its U-shape gives it to simpler cross wakes.

Since it makes the rocking motion, the tube adds lots of thrills! You can ride the tube in many ways.

For example, if you’re two guys to ride on, you can comfortably accommodate by lying down.

When you’re four riders, you can ride with kneeling, and you can add two more passengers in the same position.

While getting a total of six guys on the ride, you’re all set to go with the entire gang. The tube comes with mega-sized neoprene pads that have placed to elbows and protect knees. Because of its 14 nylon handles, its neoprene knuckle protectors make sure an excellent grip for everyone.

Thanks to its sturdy dual-stitched nylon of 840-denier, it covers the tube with a durable 30 gauge and PVC K80 inner bladder. Also, it comes with the Boston-style valve that makes things easier to inflating and faster deflating.

Its curved design of a towable tube makes it a gust regardless of you utilize it like a swimming platform or as a towable ride on the saltwater or Sweetwater.

The model is uniquely designed to help you glide easily when it gets pulled behind a boat. If you’re looking for a sizeable accommodating tube, this one is the right fit for your need.


  • Accommodates up to 6 people
  • Easy cross wakes
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality material


  • Durability issue

5. RAVE Sports Mega Storm 4-Rider Towable Tube

This Mega Storm has built for massive fun with your best four friends. Indeed, this is a great way to fly the waves.

That’s something more than just thrilling with this Mega Storm towable tube. With a big EVA chafe-proof guard and made of sturdy PVC, this tube can accommodate four people with ease at the same time.

Also, this Mega Strom towable tube will endure the most insistent tubers. It comes with lots of handy features such as its three straps of two-inch in rear boarding and a modest deck. That’s why the boarders on it can effortlessly climb on the tube repeatedly!

The tube comes with eight handles that are filled with foam along with guards of neoprene knuckle.

They help the riders to hold on while the tube turns faster. When the imaginative of the tube is only a single huge reason to purchase, the most noteworthy thought needs to be the protection of the users being pulled.

Unlike the other ones in the list, it has not designed separately to avoid this issue of clashes with heads of the people use it while towing. However, you get four riders with every rider getting the right quantity of space separately.

You can use it in the right same way since you can see it in the image of the product. While it’ll not get rid of risk, it looks secure than many other tubes right now. We highly recommend this tube for our readers for these lots of practical features.


  • High-quality build
  • One year-long warranty
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to pull up its straps


  • Not durable

Buying Guide For The Best 4 Person Towable Tube

Many features are out there that need to pay attention before you purchase a towable tube.

It’s not just enough to visit a shop or two, and you finalize your product. Let’s see what you should see besides only the outer side of the item.

Build Quality

Ensuring higher quality of any product is highly expected, and it’s also true for the towable tube. It can worsen while going to the water, and it may leave your family hurt if it has not developed to a higher standard.

A towable tube with has proper structure will last for years and give your entire family-pleasing summer. What you should look at build quality includes its material like nylon of 420 to 840- denier with at least a PVC chamber of 30 gauge.


Inflation is a type of feature that has overlooked most time. But, it’s very vital to know how much your tube inflates. A large number of tubes don’t come with PSI indicators, but it’s useful to know about its inflation means how much air it can hold inside.

It will not glide on the water if it’s underinflated. That’s why the rate of inflation is vital to know to make it the right way.

Knuckle Guards

Having this feature with your tube allows it to maintain riding for several hours with no pains. As it’s a portion of stuffing on the handles’ inside, it protects the hands from thumping the inflatable side.

You’ll not be able to finish up with scrapes or bashed knuckles on the hands without these.

FAQs & Answers Section

What Can I Do Prevent An Accident While Tubing?

The most important aspect of keeping your family and friends safe from accidents is to wear a lifejacket. It’s because falling accidents means you’re on the water, and a lifejacket can keep you alive.

What Can I Do If I Am A Driver?

When you’re the driver of the boat, you’re in charge of caring for your passengers safely. And don’t ride the boat more than 20MPH to avoid any unwanted moment.

How Long Should The Rope Be?

A rope for towing your tube may be at least 20 feet and highest 65 feet.


Finally, please tell us what you want to more than the above information from the product lineup to the buying guide. We think nothing more to remaining to learn about the towable tube.

So, it’s your time to choose anyone from our reviewed list to get the maximum pleasure. That’s because we have selected each item with great care and after lots of in-depth research.


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