Top 5 Best 2 Person Towable Tube 2021 Reviews

Tubing is the latest addition in terms of exhilaration and thrill. Indeed, towable tubing has taken it to a more exciting level.

The experience of tubing increases into a double when you’re on the tube with your beloved one.

But, using a substandard tube can make your thrill into a nightmare.

That’s because towable tubes are used to endure heavy and rough use in the hard water.

You should have a tube that’ll assist your while you’re on taking pleasure with your companions.

Your search for a 2-person towable tube could be as tiring as frustrating because of lots of products out there in the current marketplace.

Finding out a safe, reliable, and pocket-friendly tube is a bit tricky task. But, no worries!

We’re going to help you with this issue to get your preferred water toy.

Top 5 Best Two Person Towable Tube

#1. Airhead Mach2 Safe Towable Tube

The Mach2 comes from the renowned brand of Airhead, which has made of high-profile PVC. Because of this quality material, the tube is not just durable; it’s safe to use for kids.

The tube has nylon cover with a double-stitch that helps you to keep away from harmful UV rays.

Also, it ensures long-lasting for years due to its durable material.

Despite its lightweight feature, the material gives you positive buoyancy with keeping your steady when you’re on board.

With two-person capacity, the tube has made with striking color of sky blue will increase the enjoy into a double.

It comes with a tube of cockpit type with good deep that provides a safe ride for adults and kids.

You’ll get enough space for two teenagers or kids, but it’s a bit tight for you and your partner means two adults.

Because of its four luxury handles, the tube gives you better safety for people of all ages.

Moreover, it has a neoprene knuckle protector that essentially maximizes the safety.

Apart from providing enough security, this is very comfortable because it has a headrest and inflatable floor.

The tub has designed with a speed valve that ensures rapid inflation as well as Deflation.

All of these features have made it incredibly user-friendly. Also, this product has secured the first position in our review list for these many useful features.

It’s the right choice for you if you’re a newcomer in this field of entertainment and don’t have enough skills on the tubing.


  • Inexpensive
  • Deep seats
  • Comfortable grip
  • Safe


  • Tricky weight distribution

#2. Sportsstuff Big Mable 2-Rider Towable Tube

In the towable tubing business, Sportsstuff has a reputation of over 20 years. In this enormous period, they have manufactured lots of tubes to satisfy a wide range of customers worldwide.

What has made this brand is its high-quality product with extended-lasting and high performing features?

The tube is a type of product that has designed to its users an exciting experience.

It can entertain two people at a time. Thanks to its PVC construction, the tube is as sturdy as it prevents the tearing of the tube by water.

Also, this tube has nylon made cover with a suitable zipper that provides the best protection when it comes to UV rays.

As a result, the tube lasts for years without any issue if you take its proper care and usage. With Air Cushioned an EVA Foam backrest, the seating of the tube is very comfortable.

It has no dividers between two seats that can bring two people together when they run it at a higher speed.

The sidewall’s air acts like a pad that provides relaxing and excellent side support. It also prevents you from getting flipped into the water.

Besides, this Big Mable comes with sturdy handles that offer you the highest safety and firm grip.

Apart from these, the tube also has some carefully planned features that make the product extremely user-friendly.

Among the others, it comes with Kiwi Connect that ensures secure and faster towing.

Likewise, its speed valve provides specific support to make sure faster inflation as well as Deflation.


  • Easy towing
  • Comfortable seating
  • UV resistant
  • Great side support


  • The issue with drainage vent

#3. Airhead G-Force Rider 1-2 Rider Flat Towable Tube

If you want to take tubing to some next significant level, the G-Force should be your best friend.

The tube is suitable for people who love extreme adventure. It’s a fully flat tube that has no backrest or walls. Using this tube will be more enjoyable if you lay down on the belly.

With a virgin PVC of 30-gauge, you’ll get more protection from its nylon cover.

Since the materials are durable and rugged, they help you prevent the water from abusing. The tube lasts for years if you store and use the proper way.

The manufacturer claims that the tube can accommodate three people. It’s suitable for two people with ease, and it’s a bit crampy for three persons.

However, this tube comes with more stability than others despite its smaller accommodating space.

For safety, you have to use your hand to grip the handles. Although the tube is not a very high-end product, it has made easy but efficient construction.

Among lots of handy features, Kiwi Connect and Speed Valve are the main ones.

These features have made the tube as user-friendly as easy to set up.

So, if you have one thrill-seeking partner, take a ride on this tube and enjoy a great adventure. The tube disregards centrifugal power with its topside preservative fins.

With the speed valve, the tub has designed to ensure rapid inflation plus Deflation. Because of these features, the tube is extremely user-friendly.

Likewise, it has secured a good position in our review list for these many practical features.

So, if you’re new in this field of entertainment and don’t have enough tubing skills, then it’s the right choice.


  • Strong handles
  • Easy to use
  • Simple set-up
  • Easy & stable to pull


  • The cover may rip off.

#4. O’Brien Super Screamer 2-Person Towable Tube

It’s a circular-type tube that comes into two different striking colors such as sky blue and parrot green.

With lots of space, the tube has designed for two people to ride together. As a result, you and your partner will not bump with one another.

The bladder of the tube comes with a sturdy PVC construction covered with nylon.

It’s a common material for the most types of tubes because it ensures better longevity and durability. Like the previous one of Airhead, this one also has no backrest or walls.

If you lay down on the belly, then using this tube will be more enjoyable. And you can lay down with comfort because there are pads under the arms and body to feel your ease.

As the pads are very soft, they help you avoid bruises on belly, elbows, and thighs.

Besides, its six handles with knuckle-guards are suitable for the firm and comfortable grip.

It’s a stable tube that’s even suitable for your kids as the tubes’ stems have strategically located to keep up the proper balance.

While tubing using this one, somebody always finishes up in the water if one wants to jump on the way or happen by accident.

It might be fun for you, but it becomes challenging to recoup on their tube.

However, the manufacturer has designed halt straps to get help from it.

As a result, one can hold its straps to come back on their deck quickly. The double towing positions of the tube makes it unique than some others available in the current marketplace.

This feature helps you to increase your enjoyment with two unique experiences.


  • Easy inflation & Deflation
  • Easy & secure towing
  • Prevents evading of air
  • Two different colors


  • Paint goes out after a few uses.

#5. Airhead Slash Steerable 2-Person Towable Tube For Boating

Since the Slash comes from the renowned brand of Airhead, the tube has made of high-quality PVC.

Because the tube has nylon cover with dual-stitch, it helps you keep away from damaging UV rays. And due to its long-lasting material, it ensures durability for years.

The material provides you positive optimism with offering you steady while boarding on despite the insubstantial quality.

The product has made with the beautiful color of sky blue that increases your pleasure into a double with the capacity of two people.

As it has a tube of ring-type and high deep, it provides as safe as a smooth ride for you and your kids.

Although it comes with enough space for two teenagers or kids, it’s somewhat tighter for two adults.

The tube provides you an excellent safety for you or any age group of people due to four comfortable handles.

Also, because of its neoprene knuckle protector, it importantly maximizes the safety.

With providing excellent protection, the tube is extremely relaxed to use as it comes with a headrest and inflatable floor.

Due to its design of the speed valve, it makes sure high-speed inflation plus Deflation.

As a result of these features, the tube is extremely user-friendly; it’s also practical and comfortable.

No matter it has come at the last position in this review list. It has similar useful features that premium products have. It means you can depend on the item without any stress.

If you want to know about its drawbacks, the tube sometimes fills up with hard water, and it has no draining system.

You can remove the water from the tube if you increase the speed of the boat. But, speeding up of the boat is a bit risky for some people.


  • Supportive sidewalls
  • Design with open back
  • Knuckle guards with Handles
  • Easy and safe to use


  • The zipper is not in the ideal position.

Buyer Guide for Best 2-Person Towable Tube

It doubles that tubing is a very thrilling activity. But buying a suitable tube is a bit bothersome.

The issue is not for you if you know some factors or features to have your tube.

That’s why we’re going to discuss some deciding factors.


Choosing a tube that has made of premium material is the most vital thing to consider before you buy one of them.

As the tube will be pulled by some higher speed boats, it can get worse in the water’s middle to leave you cut off if it has not built up with the right standard.

In many cases, the tube construction comes with simply covered and encased a pump up the bladder.

With nylon cover, the bladder usually has built with a PVC material. It has a catch at this point as every product has not made with the same type, high-quality material.

Typically, nylon of 420-denier makes the cover very strong even though some are made of 840-denier for more durability.

In any case, a higher count of denier nylon and PVC gauge made tubes are highly recommended.

Tube’s Type

It’ll get confusing to decide the correct type if you’re new to the world of tubing.

That’s because there are loads of different kinds of tubes are available. Some tubes come with the style of the cockpit that gives your maximum safety.

Also, they come with a supportive backrest that makes them more comfortable. These should be your preferred tubes to go for if you’re a newcomer to tubing.

Also, it’s suitable for people who are scared of very open tubes. Besides, flat tubes are for people who seek more thrills while tubing.

Tube Capacity

The capacity of the tube indicates the number of people it can accommodate on board. It’s not good to depend on what its manufacturer says regarding the ability of the tube.

So, before you make any decision, look at the dimensions of your preferred tube. Also, the divider is another good thing to look for if you’re going to buy a tube for more than one person.

FAQs & Answers Section

How Can I Patch My Towable Tube?

Find out the hole of your tube, dry and glue it and then fix it with the patch of the right size.

How Long Will My Towable Tube Canvas Last?

It widely depends on the canvas, some last many years while some others last some weeks.

Does My Towable Tubes Be Tied In With Ropes?

No, you need to buy it separately.


A towable tube has fun, but a bit risky if you don’t buy a better product. In this case, we assure you that if you buy any of the above-reviewed items, you’ll be able to ride on it with ease and comfort without any risk.

So, it’s your time to take action on buying one of the reviewed products.


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