The 6 Best 1 Person Towable Tubes (2021 Reviews)

Never mind age or sex, a towed ride on the water brings out the weekend wally in us all!

Whether they carry one or multi people, towable tubes have long been considered the reigning royalty of the water toy kingdom.

The game had been famous even before they were colorfully covered and equipped with handles and tow bridles.

They are great toys in the water, aren’t they? But there are way too many options to choose from.

So, in our selections of the best 1 person towable tube, we took into account all the important features you would want an one person towable tube to have.

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Top Pick

Viper 1 Rider Towable Tube is our top pick. It is a fun towable toy in the water.

  • The ergonomic cockpit seat is accompanied with an innovatively designed backrest for superior support and comfort.
  • The padded handles with knuckle guards guarantee maximum support and comfort.
  • It is also highly visible in the water for added safety, and the valve doesn’t leak easily.

The Best One Person Towable Tube 

Viper 1 Rider Towable Tube 

This one-person towable tube is made using only top quality materials that have been tested for durability. It is indeed a towable beauty on the water.

This unique model is designed to hug you when you enjoy the ride.

It has a backrest which is so relaxing to rest on when you cruise over the pounding waves with a decent view of the cruiser in front of you.

The bottom of the tube has the shape of a boat hull to provide a stable ride. This is one of the top beginner tubes in today’s market, making it ideal for young riders. It can hold a child or an adult comfortably.

Crafted for comfort, this towable tube has inflated floors that provide you with a comfy seat for prolonged rides.

You will appreciate the two handles complete with knuckle guards that are secured to the body, considering how easy it is to hold on as you sail through the waters.

The heavy gauge PVC bladder is reinforced with welded seams, which is great because it ensures the tube is protected.

On the other hand, the durable drop-stitch nylon cover helps maintain the tube’s high-quality construction.


  • The inflated floor provides a comfortable seat for long rides
  • Inflated backrest guarantees comfort during bumpy rides
  • Reinforced PVC bladder keeps the tube protected
  • Boat hull like bottom offers a stable ride
  • Heavy-duty handles give you all the support you need


  • Tends to be hard to get into the tube from the water
  • Possible to receive a model with poorly designed seams

SportsStuff Big Bertha Towable Tube for one person

Whether you want to sit inside or lie down on top, you will enjoy yourself on the Big Bertha Towable Tube for one person from SportsStuff.

The sunken center makes it easier for you to stay on.

The tube features an air-cushioned floor that provides superior comfort when you sit at the bottom.

The floor will also cushion your feet when you are seated on top of the tube.

It is fitted with non-slip padded handles for superior comfort as well as stability.

The handles are also reinforced with heavy-duty knuckle guards for strength and durability when you pull on during a bumpy ride.

With this model, you’ve got a KWIK-connect feature that allows you to quickly, easily, and effectively tether the towable tube to your boat.

You will appreciate the speed safety valve that comes with this 1 person towable tube, considering how fast it allows you to inflate and deflate the tube:

The valve allows for one-way inflation, which is great because it prevents air loss when placing the cap.

On the other hand, deflation is easy, just open the valve for the air to expel.


  • Partial heavy-duty nylon cover improves durability
  • The speed safety valve allows for quick inflation and deflation
  • Double safety valve locks prevent air loss when placing the cap
  • KWIK-connect makes it easy to tether the tube to your boat
  • Padded handles with knuckle guards provide strong support


  • The cover of some models may rip off easily

WOW Watersports Thriller 1 Person Towable Tube

Cruise across the water in style on the WOW Watersports Thriller Towable Tube. It is a great choice for people of all ages, including children and adults.

The bright graphics make for a cool eye-catching aesthetics as you fly by other boats.

It features high-visibility colors, including green, orange, yellow, and red. These shades keep you visible in the water for additional safety.

This 1 Person Towable Tube is fitted with a speed safety valve for quick inflation and a thick front to prevent submersion.

The valve is innovatively designed to allow for one-way inflation to help prevent air leakage. The tube deflates quickly for storage.

The tube is made up of two heavy-duty materials: PVC and nylon.

The PVC bladder is water, corrosion, and abrasion-resistant, which is great because it is tough and reliable. The rubber-like flexibility of the bladder gives the tube superior elasticity, strength, as well as durability.

The tough nylon shell; on the other hand, improves durability.

You also get double webbing foam handles that are strengthened with knuckle guards to give you maximum support when the waves throw you up and down the water.


  • Double webbing foam handles are extremely comfortable
  • Tough nylon shell gives the tube maximum protection
  • Inflating or deflating the valve is fast, thanks to the speed safety valve
  • Heavy-duty materials improve strength and durability
  • Shouting colors keep you visible in the water


  • May come with poorly attached handles
  • Possible to miss a connector for the tow rope

SportsStuff Rascal Towable Tube for One Person

Have fun on a sunny day in the warm waters with the SportsStuff Rascal Towable Tube. Its performance is surprisingly impressive.

The compact size of the Rascal is super easy to handle, making it highly versatile for young and adult riders.

The classic round donut shape is very versatile. You can sit at the bottom for an immersive experience or at the top for all-around fun.

The tubing bladder is crafted from high-quality PVC, which means it is flexible, strong, and durable.

The bladder is also reinforced with RF welded seams for improved strength and durability.

The outer cover is made of nylon that is double-stitched for long-lasting resilience.

These incredible materials allow for a maximum weight limit of one hundred and seventy pounds.

Like all tubes from SportsStuff, the Rascal is also equipped with a speed safety valve.

This inventive fixture allows you to inflate or deflate the tube in a few minutes.

The valve has a double safety lock feature that prevents leakage.

The next good thing about this 1 Person Towable Tube is the padded handles, which provide a non-slip grip and superior comfort.


  • Handles are padded and non-slip for a strong grip
  • The PVC bladder is flexible and durable
  • The double stitching on the nylon cover provides long-lasting resilience
  • Can support up to one hundred and seventy pounds
  • Double safety lock prevents the valve from leaking


  • The bad position of the seam may cause board rash

SportsStuff Big Mable 1 Person Towable Tube

The Big Mable has been redesigned to include an even backrest to lean against during a bumpy ride.

It is a creative design that guarantees an enjoyable ride.

What’s unique about this tube is the chair-like shape, which means you can sit on the tube and have a good view of the water or kneel on the seat facing the backrest to enjoy the moment with your pals on the boat. You can kneel, stand, lay, and sit, whichever way you see fit.

The side walls are air-cushioned to keep you comfortable on board.

The bladder is molded from heavy gauge PVC. This means it has great corrosion, abrasion, and chemical resistance. It is also strong, flexible, and highly durable.

The bladder is fully covered with heavy-duty nylon to enhance puncture resistance and durability.

You are safe when towing on this tube, thanks to the double safety locks on the valve that allows for one-way inflation. This ensures there is no leakage regardless of how many times you bounce up and down the tube.

The 1 Person Towable Tube is also highlighted with high-visibility (orange, yellow, and red) colors for increased water visibility. These colors are also eye-catching for kids.


  • An excellent choice for one person boating and watersports activities
  • You have two tow points to choose from for the best experience
  • The speed safety valve will not leak air
  • KWIK-connect technology allows for quick and effective towing
  • The tube is fully covered for comfort and increased durability


  • It may arrive with some missing parts
  • Possible to receive a defective model that doesn’t hold air

WOW World of Watersports Bingo Towable Tube

This amazing 1 Person Towable Tube from WOW World of Watersports is action-packed regardless of whether you are towing a boat or having a big moment at the watersports.

It is a towable tube that will be loved by everyone in the family.

It comes with a deep cockpit seat that’s very supportive and comfy during bumpy rides.

You’ve also got a wide backrest that you can lean on for comfort when seated in the cockpit, or lean against for support while holding onto the handles.

Never worry about your safety when riding the Bingo because it comes equipped with padded handles that are strengthened with knuckle guards for superior hold-on support.

The heavy-duty PVC bladder, on the other hand, is flexible and rip-resistant. The bladder is also fully covered with nylon for extended durability.

With the Bingo Towable Tube, you get a double delight, thanks to the front and back tow points. You can enjoy cockpit seating cruising or a chariot style towing.

You and your kids will love the high-visibility graphics on the Bingo. Vibrant colors like red, yellow, and orange make sure you are seen from a distance.


  • Highlighted with vibrant colors for high visibility
  • Two tow points provide two riding positions and experiences
  • The deep seating cockpit is very comfortable
  • Padded handles offer comfort while knuckle guards guarantee support
  • Easy to switch tow points with the innovative tow connector


  • It’s possible to receive a model with a leaking valve
  • Not the most stable option when riding in the chariot position

What should you concern when Shopping for a Towable Tube?

Towable tubes are fun, but they can also be annoying if they are defective in any way.

Therefore, here are a few factors to consider to find that perfect model.

Style or Shape of the Tube

There is a bunch of different 1 Person Towable Tube styles that you can choose from.

  • The first and most popular style is the traditional donut style tube.
  • The second one is a round tube with a deck on top.
  • The third is the unique chariot-like tube with a seat and a backrest.

Apart from the aforementioned styles, other numerous variations have wings on the side and so on.

It’s really up to you to choose the style that feels most comfortable.

Durable Materials and Visibility 

It would be best if you chose an 1 Person Towable Tube towable that is made of high-quality materials.

The material that comes highly recommended for the bladder is heavy gauge PVC.

PVC has the best corrosion and rip-resistance. Hence, it will not suffer from scratches or abrasion, and it is highly flexible.

Make sure the cover is made from heavy-duty nylon with double stitching for added durability.

You can also choose between fully and partially covered tubes, depending on your preference.

You need to be visible to other vessels on the water apart from the boat that is towing you. So, always go for a towable tube with vibrant colors and patterns.

Choose an 1 Person Towable Tube with Reliable Safety Features 

Your number one go-to towable tube should have a speed safety valve that is quick to inflate and deflate.

However, the valve must have double safety locks for preventing leakage.

You can also choose a design with two tow points for a double delight, but ensure the two points are robust.

Final Thoughts 

The winner of this list is the Viper 1 Rider Towable Tube.

An innovatively designed cockpit-style tube that’s intended to deliver the best on-water cruising experience. It is the perfect choice for one rider.

  • It has a high performing speed safety valve that prevents leaking.
  • This model features a high-quality bladder made from 30 gauge PVC for superior corrosion and rip resistance.
  • It is fully covered with double stitched nylon for long-lasting durability.
  • In terms of comfort, the Viper has air-cushioned walls and backrest and padded handles.


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