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Home March 4, 2010

We moved here! Check it out!


6 Responses to “Home”

  1. Hey Venture Athletics
    We will be sure to send you guests this season…have a good one. Should write an article about Kayaking and put it on my blog.
    Revere Guest House

  2. vas Says:

    Hey Ventura,

    Will you be adding any SUP this season?


    • venture921 Says:

      Yes, we will! They will be $30 flat rate for up to 4 hours. We open on May 26th for weekends only. Then open daily starting June 23rd. Hope to see you then!

  3. Stephanie Rosen Says:

    Great place to rent kayaks! More professional and courteous service than other rental places in Provincetown. Thanks for a great afternoon!

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