8 Best Gifts for Surfers (2021 Reviews)

Are you planning to surprise your surfing buddy with a gift this spring? 

There is a whole bunch of things you can buy as gifts for surfers. The best gifts for surfers have to be highly resourceful and versatile. Things that surfers need every time they take to the waters, but they don’t have. 

The market is chock-full of gift ideas to the extent that it can be overwhelming to choose the best products for your surfing buddy. 

We did detailed research on your behalf to find the best gift ideas you can consider buying today. The following is our complete list. 

Top Pick 

Neolife Premium Surf Leash is our top pick. This is a handy accessory for any surfer.

With this leash, a surfer will not have to waste time chasing after his or her surfboard when he or she falls in the water. It does a great job of helping a surfer maximize his or her surfing experience. 

Here are Our Best Gifts for Surfers Reviews

Neolife Premium Surf Leash 

Key Features 

  • Ten-foot long 
  • Quick-release design
  • 360-degrees connector 
  • Triple Velcro 
  • Multi-use 

The Neolife Premium Surf Leash is a great gift idea for surfers. It is a must-have accessory when surfing bigger waves. 

The leash has a diameter of seven millimeters and a maximum length of ten feet when fully stretched. It features a coiled design, which is great because it keeps it out of the water and reduces drag.

The coiled leash design is also great when surfing smaller waves. You’ve got a three hundred and sixty degrees adjustable stainless steel connector that does a good job of preventing tangling. 

The ankle cuff is made of a soft neoprene material that prevents chafing and blistering when attached to the leg for a long time.

The added padding on the ankle improves comfort. It comes with a triple Velcro design that conveniently connects the leash onto the board. 

Another good feature is the quick-release design on the rail saver that allows you to tie the leash effectively. 


  • The neoprene ankle cuff prevents chafing and blistering 
  • The connector swivels 360 degrees to prevent tangling 
  • The triple Velcro design allows for easy and quick connect 
  • The quick-release design adds versatility 
  • The coiled design keeps the leash out of the water and drag-free


  • The design may be too bulky for some surfers 


  • This amazing product will keep a surfer safe when surfing big waves. It also allows for easy retrieval of the surfboard. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band 

Key Features 

  • 330 feet depth rating
  • Deterrent technology 
  • No battery or charging 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Four available colors 

The Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band is a great gift for surfers. It is made of premium quality material that is highly durable.

The band has a superior waterproof rating of up to three hundred and thirty feet underwater. 

The Sharkbanz features patented magnetic technology, which is great because it effectively disrupts a shark’s electrical sense.

This ensures the shark is deterred from you when surfing those big waves. The device doesn’t depend on charging or battery to stay operational. 

The band has a universal fit, which means it can fit any adult surfer. The band has many sizing holes for easy fitment. It is also available in four different colors for preference. 


  • Offer an ergonomic, durable, and secure design 
  • It fits universally for surfers of all ages 
  • Have a superior depth rating of three hundred and thirty feet 
  • The active shark deterrent technology is very effective 
  • No batteries or charging is needed


  • It is possible to receive a band with quality control issues 


  • You have probably never planned to go near a shark, but if you do, this incredible shark deterrent band will keep you safe. 

Overall Rating: 4.7 

Ho Stevie Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat 

Key Features 

  • Durable waterproof material 
  • Great for changing poncho
  • Portable design 
  • Comes with drawcords 
  • Keeps your car dry 

The Ho Stevie Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat is a gift that any surfer will appreciate. You no longer have to change your wetsuit on the beach or in a dirty parking lot. 

The mat is made of high-quality material, which is great because it is highly waterproof and durable. This mat ensures that no dirt gets to your wetsuit when changing.

It helps keep your car dry when transporting your wetsuit from the beach. It is large enough to hold a towel and a wetsuit. 

Using the mat is easy. All you have to do is spread it on the ground. Then stand on top of it and change in and out of your suit.

Once you are done changing, pull up the drawstrings to enclose the suit and the towel inside the bag. 


  • It features a high-quality that is rip-resistant 
  • Have a superior waterproof rating to help keep your car dry  
  • The design is portable and easy to transport 
  • Keep your wetsuit protected from the sand
  • It is large enough to accommodate a towel and a wetsuit 


  • It is possible to experience off-gassing during unboxing 


Your buddy will appreciate the fact that he no longer has to expose his wetsuit to sand or dirt if he has this changing mat in his possession. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Board Buddy Surfboard Carrier 

Key Features 

  • ABS plastic construction 
  • Rubber contact points 
  • Textured hand grip 
  • Superior UV protection 

The Board Buddy Surfboard Carrier is a highly resourceful and versatile equipment that any surfer will appreciate as a gift.

It is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic, which is great because it has superior abrasion, cracking, and UV-resistance. 

It comes equipped with rubber contact points that provide a superior textured handgrip for added comfort and versatility.

It provides you with a firm grip on your surfboard for easy transportation. This equipment also doubles as a hanger for storing towels. 

It is available in three unique colors (blue, pink, and colorless) for preference. Its ergonomic design is also suitable for kids.  


  • The ABS plastic design is rust and corrosion resistant 
  • Rubber contact points provide a textured hand grip
  • The device is highly rust and corrosion resistant 
  • Have a firm grip for ease of transportation
  • Provided in more than one color for preference 


  • It is possible to receive a flimsy design that may break after a few rounds of use 


  • If you receive a model with no design issues, this carrier is a sturdy and durable arm extender that makes for a great gift. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boots 

Key Features 

  • Made of neoprene 
  • Unisex design 
  • Three available sizes 
  • Puncture-resistant sole 
  • WEB design 

The pair of Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boot is a good gift for a surfer. It is available in three different thickness sizes, including three, five, and seven millimeters for added versatility. 

The boot is made of premium quality neoprene, which is good because it has superior chemical stability and water-resistance.

It is also capable of maintaining flexibility in extreme temperatures. The heavy-duty sole is glued as well as sewn to the upper for superior puncture resistance. 

You’ve got a water entry barrier (WEB) construction behind the zipper that does a good job of preventing water entry. 

It is a unisex design, making it a great gift for both male and female surfers. You’ve got eleven available men sizes and two available female sizes. 


  • It is a great gift for both male and female surfers 
  • The neoprene construction is highly flexible and water-resistant 
  • The sole is glued and sewn for heavy-duty puncture resistance 
  • The water entry barrier ensures the zipper is waterproof
  • Many sizes are available for men 


  • It is available in only two female sizes 
  • Some sizes of this boot tend to run small


  • This wetsuit boot is a great choice for the price and an amazing gift for both male and female surfers. But you have to get a size that will not run small. 

Overall Rating: 4.6

Hevto Guardian II Surfing Wetsuit 

Key Features 

  • Neoprene material 
  • Closure type zipper design 
  • 3 and 5 mm thickness 
  • Long-sleeve design 
  • Warm, stretchy performance 

Surprise your surfing friend with the Hevto Guardian II. A premium quality wetsuit made from neoprene. It has outstanding water and chemical resistance as well as warmth, stretchy performance. 

The collar is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the neckline, which helps avoid chafing and prevent water from flushing into the suit.

The neoprene CR and four-way stretch fabric enhance the wetsuit’s comfort level and ductility. This unique construction maximizes stretch for unmatched flexibility. 

You’ve got a heavy-duty black plaid printed chest panel that is highly visible under the hot sun. The knee area is reinforced with an ottoman fabric to improve durability.  

The wetsuit is also integrated with a strong loop fabric lining and GBS seaming, which is great because these two features improve cold-resistance.

The wetsuit can effectively maintain your body’s warmth regardless of how cold the weather is on the water.   

Apart from surfing, your buddy can use this wetsuit for paddle boarding, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, wakeboarding, swimming, and diving. 


  • The four-way stretch fabric improves ductility and comfort 
  • Unbroken loop fabric design enhances cold resistance 
  • Ergonomic neckline prevents chafing and water flushing 
  • The black plaid printed chest panel improves visibility 
  • Reinforced knee pads improve protection and durability 


  • Could be better with a seal skin line on the neckline 


  • If you consider the price and the advanced features it comes with, this is a great wetsuit for the money and a good gift for surfers. 

Overall Rating: 4.7

Winthome Surf Poncho Changing Robe 

Key Features 

  • Polyester/ polyamide microfiber 
  • Absorbent 
  • Thick and warm
  • Quick-drying 
  • Large hood

The Winthome Surf Poncho is a great changing robe for surfers. It is available in four colors, flame red, Biscay green, yellow, classic blue, and black for preference. 

The changing robe is made of microfiber, which is good because it has superior absorption capability compared to cotton.

It is also soft and pleasing to the skin. The robe is extra large for ease of changing and added comfort. 

This innovatively designed towel poncho comes equipped with a side pocket for storing personal items. The other side of the robe is fitted with a hole opening for fastening or unfastening your belt.  


  • It is available in five different colors for preference 
  • The microfiber construction is highly absorbent 
  • It is extra-large for stress-free changing and added comfort 
  • The side pocket provides convenient storage 
  • Fastening the belt is easy with the side opening 


  • Some models may come with poor sewing that comes off easily 


  • The microfiber construction is highly absorbent and very pleasing on the skin. Just make sure you avoid products with poorly designed seams. 

Overall Rating: 4.5

Ho Stevie Surfboard Traction Pad

Key Features 

  • Three-piece design 
  • Middle arch supports 
  • 3M adhesive 
  • Heavy-duty kicktail 
  • Six available colors 

Another great gift for surfers. The Ho Stevie Surfboard Traction Pad comes in a three-piece design, which is great because you can conveniently spread the pads of superior customization.

The traction pad is available in six different colors for you to choose from. 

It comes equipped with a heavy-duty kicktail that allows you to lock in your stance effectively. You’ve got a middle arch that does a great job of supporting your foot.

You’ve also got 3M adhesive for attaching the pad to the surfboard. 


  • The three-piece design improves customization 
  • The kicktail improves a surfer’s stance 
  • The middle arch provides superior foot support
  • The 3M adhesive provides a strong attachment 
  • It is available in more than one color 


  • It is possible to receive a package with a missing pad


  • This is a great three-piece traction pad for the money and a great gift for surfers.

Overall Rating: 4.6 

What to Consider When Looking for Gift Ideas for Surfers 

Here are the essential considerations you have to make. 


Some gifts may require you to consider whether your surfing friend or relative is a male or female. This applies particularly to wetsuits and surf booties.

Size and constructions for men and women are not usually the same. 

Seasons of the Year 

It is important to consider the season of the year you are buying the gift. For instance, it will not be logical to gift your friend with a spring wetsuit or gloves during winter. 

Know What Your Surfing Buddy or Relative Doesn’t Have 

If you know what your surfing friend or relative has, it will be much easier for you to buy a gift that is most needed at the time.

However, consider some of the most important things a surfer got whenever they go to the water, such as: a leash, a surfboard sock bag, a shark repellent band, a changing mat, a surfboard carrier, a changing robe, among others.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing gifts for surfers isn’t a difficult proposition. You just have to know what the most important accessories are for your surfing friend or relative at the moment you are buying the gifts.

There are some things that surfers need whenever they go to the water and some that they need in a specific season of the year. 


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