5 Best 4/3 Wetsuits (2021 Reviews)

Wetsuits are designed mainly from neoprene, and the thickness of the neoprene determines to what extent the suit can withstand cold.

Thickness is measured in millimeters, ranging from 1 or 2 for warm waters up to 5 or 7 for cold waters.

To improve performance, manufacturers have come up with multi-thickness designs, and the most popular one is 4/3 mm wetsuits.

The best 4/3 wetsuit provides optimal warmth and superior stretch performance that’s ideal for temperatures ranging from 58 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

But here is the thing, the choice of 4/3 wetsuits is huge on the market, and a few are knowing what’s best for his or her body.

So, in our top five selections, we considered all the important features that make for a high-performing 4/3 wetsuit.

Top Pick  

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 4/3 Wetsuit is our top pick. This high-performing 4/3 design comes equipped with all the features you need for temperatures ranging from fifty-eight to sixty-three degrees Fahrenheit.

It is available in thirteen sizes with larger sizes for plus-size people.

Here are Our Best 4/3 Wetsuit Reviews

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 4/3 Wetsuit 

If you are looking for high performance and durability, look no further than the Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 4/3 Wetsuit from Rip Curl.

Key Features 

  • 4/3 mm thickness
  • E5 neoprene
  • E5 flash lining
  • E4 thermoflex black mesh
  • Chest zip entry system

The wetsuit is made of heavy-duty E5 neoprene fabric, which is great because this material is ten percent warmer, twenty percent lighter, and thirty percent stretchier compared to conventional materials.

The wetsuit is also fitted with E5 flash lining from head to toe for outstanding quick-dry properties. Another good thing about the flash lining is its lightweight nature and superior insulation.

You’ve got E4 thermoflex back skin panels that effectively reduce wind chill and maximize solar absorption. We truly appreciate the fact that stress points are E5 taped for improved strength and durability.

The unique thickness of 4/3 provides exceptional protection and warmth in water temperatures ranging from fifty-two to fifty-eight degrees.

This wetsuit provides unmatched warmth as well as mobility for most surface water sports, including surfing, scuba diving, paddleboarding among others.

The Dawn Patrol is available in many different sizes for superior versatility. But, you’ve got only four colors to choose from, including khaki, blue, black, and green.


  • It provides superior warmth and mobility for most water sports
  • It performs excellently in a wide range of temperatures
  • All stress points are E5 taped for unmatched strength and durability
  • The E5 flash lining has great quick-dry properties
  • The neoprene is lighter, warmer, and stretchier


  • The wetsuit is available in limited color options


  • The Dawn Patrol provides amazing warmth and protection for surface water sports. You’ve got numerous sizes; so, finding the perfect fit isn’t a problem.

Rip Curl Women Dawn Patrol Back Zip 4/3 GB Wetsuit

This innovatively designed wetsuit from Rip provides great protection, warmth, and durability at an excellent price range.

Key Features 

  • Back zip design
  • Made of E5 neoprene
  • Taped stress points
  • E4 thermoflex back skin panels
  • 4/3 mm thickness

The women’s Dawn Patrol back zip is of great value without compromising quality. This unique wetsuit is made for the back zip entry, which is especially beneficial for women.

You’ve got an ergonomically designed flap between the zip and the body that does a great job of preventing water from getting into the wetsuit and staying there.

This is exactly what you need because less water means more time on the surface and less cold conditions.

We truly appreciate that the Dawn Patrol Back Zip for women is integrated with stress point hand taped seams.

They create a unique barrier for effectively preventing water leakages.

Throughout the arms and the shoulders of this wetsuit, you will find E5 neoprene, which is good because it provides thirty percent more stretch than conventional neoprene.

Then throughout the body and the legs, you will find E4 thermal lining that provides a combination of flexibility and warmth.

The Dawn Patrol Back Zip for women is available in nine different sizes and three color options (black, navy, black/white).


  • The back zip design is highly ergonomic and easy to put on
  • The unique flap helps prevent water entry at the back
  • The stress point hand taped seams prevent leakages
  • The E5 neoprene provides superior stretching performance
  • The E4 lining offers a great combination of warmth and flexibility


  • Some of the available sizes may run small
  • Color options are limited


  • This is a pretty epic wetsuit with great value for the money without compromising durability or function.

O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3 Wetsuit 

The Men’s Epic 4/3 from O’Neill has been redesigned to give it a luxurious feel and function. It guarantees an epic performance for all surface water sports.

Key Features 

  • 4/3 mm thickness
  • Full length back zip design
  • Sealed seam construction
  • 100 percent stretch neoprene
  • Seamless paddle zones

This uniquely designed model is a 4/3, which means the core body of the suit is four millimeters thick neoprene, while the shoulders and the lower legs are three millimeters thick.

This provides you with a good combination of warmth and flexibility.

The chest area is made of heavy-duty shark skin material that is highly wind-resistant. This is great because it will help keep your core warm.

The sharkskin material is also water repellent, which is good because water will hit it and drip off.

O’Neill has integrated a firewall, which is laminated on the inside of the chest panel to help you stay warm.

The Men’s Epic has seamless paddle zones, which means you’ve got no seams in the shoulders for unmatched stretchability.

You’ve got little paddle zones underneath the armpits, which also have no seams for superior flexibility.

We’ve got a chafe-free adjustable neck that does a good job of preventing water from flushing into the suit.

The rolling nature of the neck also helps prevent rashing on the neck.

It is equipped with a fullback cuff on the wrists to prevent the wrist seals from blowing out over time.

On the front knee pads, we’ve got abrasion-resistant reinforcement that helps protect the neoprene from shredding when you are kneeling.

The wetsuit is anatomically cut, which is good because it is engineered to look like the body is already in the suit.

The more the suit fits naturally in contour to your body, the less you have to struggle against the wetsuit design.


  • Provide a great combination of warmth as well as flexibility
  • The sharkskin chest panel offers outstanding wind protection
  • The seamless paddle zones improve flexibility and stretch
  • The neckline is chafe-free and exceptionally adjustable
  • The anatomically cut design ensures the suit fits naturally


  • Some models may come with defective craftsmanship, especially on the seams


  • This anatomically cut wetsuit from O’Neill will fit naturally and offer a very snug and comfortable feel. But be on the lookout for models with defective seams.

O’Neill Women’s Epic 4/3 Wetsuit 

The women’s Epic 4/3 wetsuit from O’Neill is packed with unique and innovative features. It is one of the best options for ladies.

Key Features 

  • 4/3 mm thickness
  • 100 percent stretch neoprene
  • Sealed seam construction
  • Full length back zip design
  • Seamless paddle zones

The shoulders and arms of the Women’s Epic have an ultra-flex neoprene for superior flexibility, while the lower part of the body features a fluid-flex neoprene.

The chest and back of this wetsuit are made of a glide skin material that offers outstanding wind-resistance and water repellency.

The neckline of the Women’s Epic is made of high-quality glide skin, which is great because this material creates a heavy-duty seal between your body and the wetsuit.

This helps reduce flushing and keeps you warmer. You’ve got a wonderful adjustable collar with an updated Velcro closure system.

You will appreciate the seamless paddle zones under the arms because fewer seams in the construction allow for superior flexibility and stretchability.

You’ve also got seamless paddle zones in the lumbar region of the wetsuit to give you more flexibility.

The knees of the Women’s Epic are Kevlar, and they have superior abrasion resistance. This means you can kneel on them without causing any ripping or shredding.

The right rear leg is equipped with a convenient external key pocket.

This model is a glued and blindstitched wetsuit, which is good because the seams are watertight and highly durable.

We truly appreciate the heavy-duty zipper that comes with this wetsuit.

There is a piece of neoprene along the length of the zipper that helps prevent water from flushing into the suit and also to give you some additional padding against the zipper.


  • The glide skin on the chest and back improves wind resistance
  • The neckline creates a superior seal that prevents flushing
  • The seamless paddle zones improve the flexibility of the suit
  • Kevlar reinforced knee pads improve abrasion resistance
  • Glued and blindstitched construction has watertight seams


  • Some models may come with a very annoying Velcro closure system
  • The neckline may be too tight for some people


  • The Women’s Epic from O’Neill is a great option for women looking for high-quality performance, flexibility, and durability.

O’Neill Men’s Heat 4/3 Back Zip Wetsuit 

If you are looking for a high-end wetsuit that is packed with unique refining features, look no further than the Men’s Heat from O’Neill.

Key Features 

  • 4/3 mm thickness
  • 100 percent stretch neoprene
  • Sealed and liquid taped
  • Short back zipper style
  • Kneepads and key pocket

With this model, you have four-millimeter neoprene in the core and three-millimeter neoprene in the shoulders and arms. This allows you to maximize stretch in the wetsuit.

What’s unique and impressive about the Men’s Heat from O’Neill is that you have a fluid welded seam. This is a durable, watertight seam. This wetsuit is first glued and then stitched on the seam.

The actual chest panel is made of O’Neill’s proprietary firewall, which is great because it is designed to increase the warmth on the chest and back.

The fluid seam is also integrated inside the wetsuit for added strength and durability.

The Men’s Heat comes with O’Neill’s trademark code red watertight zipper system that is extremely durable.

You’ve got neoprene reinforcement along the length of the zipper for enhanced waterproofness.

The front and back panels are integrated with a mesh system that helps repel water and help keep you warm when it is windy on the water.

The lumbar system of the wetsuit doesn’t have a seam running down, giving you more flexibility without putting any pressure on the seam.

The neck of the Men’s Heat is made of a glide skin material that creates a very effective seal between the wetsuit and your skin. Not to mention that it reduces flushing to help keep you warmer.


  • The 4/3 design improves flexibility and warmth
  • The glide skin neck creates a watertight barrier to prevent flushing
  • The firewall system helps keep you warmer in cold conditions
  • The fluid seams increase the suit’s strength and durability
  • The lumbar system is seamless for added stretch and durability


  • The suit may be a little bit challenging for some people to put on
  • It is possible to receive a damaged suit out of the box


  • Even though it may be difficult for some people to put it on, the Men’s Heat from O’Neill is a great wetsuit with ideal surface water sports features.

Things to Look for in 4/3 Wetsuits 

Here is what you should be looking for in 4/3 wetsuits.

Size and Fit 

A wetsuit works by trapping and warming a fragile layer of water against your skin. So, it must fit correctly. Suits that fit loosely will take on too much water.

You must choose a 4/3 wetsuit size that fits snugly, and there’s no bunching in the legs or arms.

But the wetsuit should not be too tight to the extent that it restricts your breathing and movements.

We recommend using your height and weight to determine the ideal size on the manufacturer’s sizing chart, which is usually provided on the product page.


The performance and durability of a 4/3 wetsuit depend mostly on the construction. In this case, we are talking about the seams and seals in the suit.

The most popular types of constructions are flatlock stitching, blind stitching and gluing, blindstitching, gluing, and taping. The most durable design is the third one, blindstitching, gluing, and taping.


Never choose a wetsuit that feels like a rubber straight jacket. Instead, go for a 4/3 wetsuit that is much more elastic. Preferably, one that is made with one hundred percent super-stretch neoprene.

Final Thoughts 

For this roundup, the winner is Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 4/3 Wetsuit.

This is an incredible all-around wetsuit that provides the features of a high-end wetsuit at an economical price point. It is a superior choice for both beginners and experts.

With this model, you get a good combination of warmth in the core area and flexibility in the arms and lower legs.

The E5 neoprene design, E5 flash lining, and GBS construction guarantee premium performance and durability.


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